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The Journal of Instytut Chemii i Techniki Jadrowej
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Preliminary PM2.5 and PM10 fractions source apportionment complemented by statistical accuracy determination

References 1. Thurston, G. D., & Spengler, J. D. (1985). A quantitative assessment of source contributions to inhalable particulate matter pollution in Metropolitan Boston. Atmos. Environ ., 19 , 9–25. 2. Thurston, G. D., & Spengler, J. D. (1985). A multivariate assessment of meteorological influences on inhalable particle source impacts. J. Clim. Appl. Meteorol. , 24 , 1245–1256. 3. Song, Y., Xie, S., Zhang, Y., Zeng, L., Salmon, L. G., & Zheng, M. (2006). Source apportionment of PM2.5 in Beijing using Principal Component Analysis

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A study of cerium extraction by TBP and TODGA using a rotating diffusion cell

processes for advanced fuel cycles. In ATALANTE 2008, May 19-22. Montpellier. 4. Albery, W. J., Burke, J. F., Leffl er, E. B., & Hadgraft, J. (1976). Interfacial transfer studied with a rotating diffusion cell. J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. 1, 72, 1618-1626. DOI: 10.1039/f19767201618. 5. Modolo, G., Asp, H., Schreinemachers, C., & Vijgen, H. (2007). Development of a TODGA based process for partitioning of actinides from a PUREX raffinate Part I: Batch extraction optimization studies and stability tests. Solvent Extr. Ion Exch., 25, 703

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Kinetic modelling of NO heterogeneous radiation-catalytic oxidation on the TiO2 surface in humid air under the electron beam irradiation

References 1. Chmielewski, A. G., Licki, J., Pawelec, A., Tymiński, B., & Zimek, Z. (2004). Operational experience of the industrial plant for electron beam fl ue gas treatment. Radiat. Phys. Chem., 71(1/2), 441-444. DOI: 10.1016/j.radphyschem.2004.03.020. 2. Sun, Y., Zwolińska, E., & Chmielewski, A. G. (2016). Abatement technologies for high concentrations of NOx and SO2 removal from exhaust gases: A review. Crit. Rev. Environ. Sci. Technol., 46(2), 119-142. DOI: 10.1080/10643389.2015.1063334. 3. Minachev, X. M

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Structure and Mössbauer spectroscopy studies of mechanically activated (BiFeO3)1−x-(BaTiO3)x solid solutions

Ochronie Środowiska , 2, 16–19. (in Polish). 9. Goossenes, D. J., Weekes, C. J., Avdeev, M., & Hutchison, W. D. (2013). Crystal and magnetic structure of (1-x)BiFeO 3 -xSrTiO 3 (x=0.2, 0.3, 0.4, and 0.8). J. Solid State Chem ., 207 , 111–116. DOI: 10.1016/j.jssc2013.09.024. 10. Rachinger, W. A. (1948). A correction for the α 1 α 2 doublet in the measurement of widths of X-ray diffraction lines. J. Sci. Instrum ., 25 , 254–260. DOI: 10.1088/0950-7671/25/7/125. 11. Kowal, K., Jartych, E., Guzdek, P., Stoch, P., Wodecka-Duś, B., Lisińska-Czekaj, A., & Czekaj, D

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The role and position of iron in 0.8CaZrO3-0.2CaFe2O4

CaZrO 3 . J. Eur. Ceram. Soc ., 32 (3), 665–670. DOI: 10.1016/j.jeurceramsoc.2011.10.011. 4. Prasanth, C. S., Padma Kumar, H., Pazhani, R., Solomon, S., & Thomas, J. K. (2008). Synthesis, characterization and microwave dielectric properties of nanocrystalline CaZrO 3 ceramics. J. Alloy. Compd ., 464 (1/2), 306–309. DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2007.09.098. 5. Pollet, M., Marinel, S., & Desgardin, G. (2004). CaZrO 3 , a Ni-co-sinterable dielectric material for base metal-multilayer ceramic capacitor applications. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc ., 24 (1), 119–127. DOI: 10

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Iron-containing phases in fly ashes from different combustion systems

, K., Gawroński, M., Gzik-Szumiata, M., Javed, A., Morley, N. A., & Gibbs, M. R. J. (2013). Mössbauer study of vacuum annealed Fe 100− x Ga x (10 ≤ x ≤ 35) thin films. Nukleonika , 58 , 25–28. 9. Taneja, S. P. (2004). Mössbauer studies of thermal power plant coal and fly ash. Hyperfine Interact ., 153 , 83–90. 10.1023/B:HYPE.0000024715.55347.fe. 10. Vandenberghe, R. E., de Resende, V. G., & De Grave, E. (2009). Mössbauer effect study of fly and bottom ashes from an electric generating plant. Hyperfine Interact ., 191 , 11–16. DOI: 10.1007/s10751

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Diagnostics of the plasma parameters based on the K X-ray line positions for various 4d and 4f metals

, J. W. (2013). Tungsten L transition line shapes and energy shifts resulting from ionization in warm dense matter. High Energy Density Phys., 9, 354-362. DOI: 10.1016/j.hedp.2013.03.005. 7. Pereira, N. R., Weber, B. V., Phipps, D. G., Schumer, J. W., Seely, J. F., Carroll, J. J., VanHoy, J. R., Słabkowska, K., Polasik, M., Szymańska, E., & Rzadkiewicz, J. (2013). High-resolution (~0.05%) red shift of a ~60 keV Kα line upon ionization. High Energy Density Phys., 9, 500-504. DOI: 10.1016/j.hedp.2013.03.011. 8. Słabkowska, K. (2013

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Application of gamma radiation and physicochemical treatment to improve the bioactive properties of chitosan extracted from shrimp shell

). Preparation and characterization of chitin and chitosan – a review. J. Aquat. Food Prod. Technol. , 4 (2), 27–52. . 8. Tolaimate, A., Desbrieres, J., Rhazi, M., Alague, A., Vincendon, M., & Vottero, P. (2000). On the influence of deacetylation process on the physicochemical characteristics of chitosan from squid chitin. Polymer , 41 , 2463–2469. DOI: 10.1016/S0032-3861(99)00400-0. 9. Liu, N., Chen, X. g., Park, H. J., Liu, C. G., Liu, S. C., Meng, X. H., & Yu, L. J. (2006). Effect of MW and concentration of chitosan

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Radiation activities and application of ionizing radiation on cultural heritage at ENEA Calliope gamma facility (Casaccia R.C., Rome, Italy)

. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. Sect. A-Accel. Spectrom. Dect. Assoc. Equip. , 824 , 678–680. . 6. Baccaro, S. (1996). Radiation-induced effects in ethylene-propylene copolymer with antioxidant. In R. L. Clough & S. W. Shalaby (Eds.), Irradiation of polymers. Fundamental and technological applications (Chapter 25, pp. 323–339). ACS Symp. Series, Vol. 620. DOI: 10.1021/bk-1995-0619. 7. Nikl, M., Bohácek, P., Mihóková, E., Rosa, J., Martini, M., Vedda, A., Fabeni, P., Pazzi, G. P., Laguta, V., Kobayashi, M., Ishii

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