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Oľga Kyselovičová, Alena Cepková, Alžbeta Staňová, Tomáš Gregor and Dagmar Lörincziová

Health Med., 13 (2), p. 180-184. 16. SHAMUS, E., S.A. RUSSO, C. FIELDS, G. PEAL, S.Q. MARIKLE and R.D. BUTLER, 2008. Exercise and mental health: psychological benefits. Oste. Fam. Phys. News. ACOFP, 8 (5):1, p. 6-8. 17. SCHWARTZ, L. and W. KINDERMANN, 1992. Changes in beta-endorphins levels in response to aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Sport Med. 13, p. 25-36. 18. WEINBERG, R.S. and D. GOULD, 2007. Foundation of Sport and Exercise Psychology . Fourth edition. 607. p.

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Werlayne Stuart Soares Leite

%ADmpicos-deberlim/a-601469 43. PICCARDI, G., 2016. Evitato da Roosevelt, non da Hitler. Un film rivela la verità di Owens . January 2016. [cit. 2017-03-19]. Accessible from: 44. SCRIVENER, P., 2008. Olympic countdown - 64 - Olympic spirit . [cit. 2016-12-02]. Accessible from: 45. SPORTS REFERENCE, n.d. Luz Long . [cit. 2016

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Zerf Mohammed, Boras Fatima Zohar, Benali Gourar, Bengoua Ali and Mokkedes Moulay Idriss

References 1. Almeida, A.M.D., P.R. Santos Silva, A. Pedrinelli & A. J. Hernandez, 2018. Aerobic fitness in professional soccer players after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. PLoS ONE, 3, e0194432. doi: 2. Anjali, N. Shete, Smita S Bute & P.R. Deshmukh, 2014. A Study of VO2max and Body Fat Percentage in Female Athletes. J Clin Diagn Res. 8(12), BC01-BC03. doi: 10.7860/JCDR/2014/10896.5329. 3. Cardoso De Araújo, M., C. Baumgart, C. T. Jansen, J. Freiwald

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Zuzana Sakáčová

Committee. 2007. Consensus statement on “Sexual harassment & abuse in sport” . Lausanne, 8 February 2007 [online]. 2007 [cit. 2015-03-05]. Dostupné z: 17. JOLLY, A. a G. DÉCAMPS, 2006. Les agressions sexuelles en milieu sportif: une enquête exploratoire. In: Science et Motricite , 57 (1), 105 - 121. ISSN 1378-1863. 18. MÁTEL, A., 2009. Naše možnosti pomoci ženám – obetiam domáceho násilia. Skalica

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Peter Kačúr

]. [cit. 2014-03-15]. Available on: 24. WHITE, S. A., M. KAVUSSANU, K. M. TANK & J. M. WINGATE, 2004. Perceived parental beliefs about the causes of success in sport: relationship to athletes’ achievement goals and personal beliefs. In: Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. Vol. 14, pp. 57-66. ISSN 0905-7188. 25. WALLING, M. D., J. L. DUDA & L. CHI, 1993. The Perceived Motivational Climate in Sport

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Zuzana Žuffová and Ludmila Zapletalová

. Teaching teachers to play and teach games . [online]. [cit. 2013-08-13] Dostupné z: 4. DAN OTA, K. and J.N. VICKERS, 1998. The effects of variable practice on the retention and transfer of two volleyball skills in male club-level athletes. In: Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology . 20 , 121. 5. DOBRÝ, L. et al., 2011. Integrovaná praxe ve sportovních hrách. In: Tělesná výchova a sport mládeže . 77 (2), 7-17. 6. GABBET, T. et al., 2009. Game-based training for

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Alžbeta Chovancová and Janka Peráčková

among adolescents. The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. In: Pediatrics. Vol. 115, Issue 2, pp. 340-347. 24. WANG, Y., C. MONTEIRO & B.M. POPKIN, 2002. Trends of obesity an underweight in older children and adolescents in the United States, Brazil, China and Russia. In: Am J Clin Nutr. Vol. 75, Issue 6, pp. 971-977. 25. Figure. [online], [cited 2015-12-04], available on - 26. www