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An East‑West Divide in the European Union? The Visegrad Four States in Search of the Historical Self in National Discourses on European Integration

member states and of the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission. Brussels: 25 March 2017. Available at:‑releases/2017/03/25-rome‑declaration/ (10 January 2018). Gallagher, Michael - Laver, Michael - Mair, Peter (2005): Representative Government in Modern Europe. Institutions, Parties, and Government, Boston: McGraw‑Hill. Hansen, Lene (2006): Security as Practice. Discourse Analysis and the Bosnian War, London and New York: Routledge. Judt, Tony

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Economic Crisis and Euroscepticism: A Comparative Study of the Hungarian and Italian Case (1990–2013)

. - Cuperlo, G. (1997): La grande occasione. L’Italia verso le riforme. Mondadori. Milano. D’Alema, M. (1998): La nostra politica europea. Europa Europe 3: 29-33. Dente, B. (2001): Riforme e controriforme amministrative. Il Mulino 6: 1050-1059 Diamanti, I. (1993): L’Europa secondo la Lega. Limes 4: 161-175. Dini, L. (2000): Le regole dell’avanguardia. Europa Europe 4-5: 159-161. Dipartimento Politiche Comunitarie (2006): Emma Bonino http

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The Deconsolidation of Democracy in East‑Central Europe: The New World Order and the EU’s Geopolitical Crisis

External Europeanization in the Wider Europe. Journal of Comparative Politics 9 (1): 36-58. Ágh, Attila (2016c): Core-Periphery divides in the EU transformation crisis: The regional challenge of the Visegrad Four. Security Dimensions of Central and Eastern Europe, Yearbook of the Institute of East-Central Europe (Warsaw), 14 (1): 11-25. Balfour, Rosa - Stratulat, Corina (2012): The enlargement of the European Union, EPC Discussion Paper, 10 December, (12 December 2016

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Is Russian Military Back on It’s Feet

Kulikov V. 2013. ‘Goden pro zapas’, Rossiiskaia gazeta, 27.08.2013 Military Russia.Ru. 2012. ‘Unifitsirovannye boevye platformy’ 25.03.2012 Mukhin V. 2014. ‘Shoigu podgotovil dlia studenov ‘dorozhnuiu kartu”, Nezavisimaia gazeta, 16.01.2014 NG-NVO. 2011. 'DOSAAF podgotovit armii 110 tvsiach spetsmalistov’ 29.09.2011 Nikitina E., 2013. ‘Pavel Popov proclolzhaet kurirovat' sozdanie tsentra upravleniia oboronoi’, Izvestiia (Moskovskii vypusk), 11.11.2013 Novoe Telegrafnoe Agents tvo Privolzh

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Russia’s Hybrid War in Theory and Practice

.07.2015). Chekinov S. G.,Bogdanov S. A.. 2013. The Nature and Content of a New-Generation War, MilitaryThought, No. 4 (accessed on 03.07.2015). Cierniak, Jagoda. 2012. Subwersja Czyli Sztuka Inteligentnego Oporu. (accessed on 03.07.2015) Dave, Johnson. 2015. “Russia'sApproach to Conflict - Implications for NATO'sDeterrence and Defence’, Research Paper No. 111. http

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Beyond Assimilation and Integration: The Shift to ‘National’ and ‘Transnational’ Inclusion

.), Acculturation: Theory Models and Findings. Boulder: Westview, 9-25. 1990. Psychology of Acculturation. In: Berman, J. (ed.), Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, 1989: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Current Theory and Research in Motivation. University of Nebraska Press: Nebraska, 201-234. 1997. Immigration, Acculturation and Adaptation. Applied Psychology: An International Review 46: 5-34. 2005. Acculturation: Living in Two Successful Cultures. International Journal of Intercultural Relations 29(6): 697

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Estonia And UNIFIL: The Benefits to a Small State of UN Peacekeeping

. [16] International Peace Institute, 2017. IPI Peacekeeping Database [online] [Accessed 31 August 2017]. [17] Koops, J. and Tercovich, G., 2016. A European return to United Nations peacekeeping? Opportunities, challenges and ways ahead. International Peacekeeping 23(5), pp. 597-609. [18] Lawrence, T., 2017. Peacekeeping Contributor Profile: Estonia [online] [Accessed 15 September 2017]. [19

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Ukraine‘s deterrence failure: Lessons for the Baltic States

. 2016]. Bulakh, A. (2016). Defining Ukraine’s National Resilience in Light of Non-linear Threats: Where to Start? [online] International Centre for Defence and Security, Available at: [Accessed 25 Dec. 2016]. Cianetti, L. (2014). Granting Local Voting Rights to Non-Citizens in Estonia and Latvia: The Conundrum of Minority Representation in Two Divided Democracies. Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe, Vol. 13 (Issue 1

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Changes in Security Policy and Perceptions of the Baltic States 2014 – 2016

November 2016). CNN Video (2015) ‘Lithuania President decries naive approach to Putin’, 1st March [Online]. Available at (Accessed 4 December 2015). Darczewska, J. (2014) The anatomy of Russian information warfare. The Crimean operation, a case study, Warsaw, The Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW) [Online]. Available at

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Reconciling after Transitional Justice: When Prosecutions are not Enough, the Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

reconciliation. Contemporary Justice Review, 11 (4), 331-350. doi:10.1080/10282580802482603. Clark, J. N. 2012, January 23. The ICTY and the Challenges of Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslavia. Retrieved from . Fischer, M. 2011. Transitional Justice and Reconciliation: Theory and Practice. In Advancing conflict transformation: The Berghof handbook II. Michigan: Barbara Budrich. Foden, G. 2018, August 06. Center for Nonviolent Action: Fighting a War of

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