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Being a Small State: Discussion on the Role of Size

2015. Available at: < > (accessed 15 April 2016). Sabet-Parry, R., 2014. Lithuania President calls Russia ‘Terrorist State’. Baltic Times [online] 20 November 2014. Available at: < > (accessed 05 March 2016). Shapiro, J. and Thoburn, H., 2015. The Russian threat to Lithuania: An interview with Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius. Brookings, [online] 25 February 2015. Available at: <

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Historical Narratives of Sinophobia – Are these echoed in contemporary Australian debates about Chineseness?

transportation was abolished because pastoralists required these ‘coolies’ to labour. Few Chinese migrants arrived independently until the Gold Rush period. In Victoria, where the richest gold reserves were found, the number of Chinese migrants peaked in 1857, when 25,421 people were recorded as entering, of whom only three were women. The 1925 Year Book describes the various efforts made by each colony to restrict Chinese migration. These culminated in uniform legislation introduced in 1881 and strengthened in 1888, which reduced the number of arrivals. Four reasons are given

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Religion and culture in Europe: law, policies and realities

religion, is evidenced in the recent example of the “burkini” in France. This modest body-covering swimwear, originally developed in Australia, and understood by some Muslims to be “Shariah compliant” is favoured by some Muslim women and others ( Glassman, 2016 ; Liphshiz, 2016 ; Covertogs, 2016 ). The choice to don the burkini by Muslim women is widely reported as being religiously motivated. More than 25 mayors of southern French towns and cities issued bans on the burkini during the 2016 summer of Northern Hemisphere. Religion in the EU is governed by the European

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Small New Member States in the EU Foreign Policy: Toward ‘Small State Smart Strategy’?

. Queen’s papers on Europeanization <,38412,en.pdf > [Accessed 11 May 2013]. Copsey, N. and Pomorska, K. 2010. Poland’s power and influence in the European Union: The case of its eastern policy. Comparative European Politics , 8(1), pp. 304–326. Dür, A. and Mateo, J. 2010. Choosing a bargaining strategy in EU negotiations: power, preferences, and culture. Journal of European Public Policy , 17(5), pp. 680–693. Edwards, G. 2006

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Europeanization and development: using open regime theory to assess Lithuania’s post-EU accession

survey, 2014. Lithuania in the EU: transformation or imitation? Vilnius University. Lippert, B., Umbach, G. and Wessels, W., 2001. Europeanization of CEE executives: EU membership negotiations as a shaping power. Journal of European Public Policy, 8(6), pp.980-1012. Lyberaki, A. and Paraskevolous, C. J., 2002. Social capital measurement in Greece. OECD-ONS International Conference on Social Capital Measurement. U.K.: London, September 25-27. Available at: <> [Accessed November 2014

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Increasing Eupopulism as a megatrend in east central Europe: from facade democracies to velvet dictatorships

: Lexington Books. Casal Bértoa, F., 2012. Party systems and cleavage structures revisited: A sociological explanation of party system institutionalization in East Central Europe. Party Politics, 20(1), pp. 16-36. Chwalisz, C., 2015. The Populist Signal: Why Politics and Democracy Need to Change. Policy Network, London: Rowman and Littlefield. Darvas, Z. 2014. The convergence dream 25 years on. Bruegel. Available at: <> [Accessed on 11 March

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