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Germany’s stance on the idea of the constructionof a federal European Union

:// [18.05.2014]. Antoszewski A., Federacja , [in:] Leksykon politologii , AntoszewskiA., Herbut R. (ed.), ATLA 2, Wrocław 2000, p. 132–133. Ash T.G., Czas na Niemcy w Europie , translated by Kowalski S., „Gazeta Wyborcza”, 21.05.2014, no 116. Bernd Lucke begeistert in Brandenburg a.d. Havel , „AfD Pressemitteilung”, 15.05.2014, [20.05.2014]. CDU macht Weg frei für Vereinigte Staaten von Europa , „”, 07.04.2014, http

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Poland towards the German leadership in the European Union

, „Gazeta Wyborcza”, 17.03.2011. [Sikorski: Politics is not poetry or journalism]. J. Pawlicki, Ukraina i Gruzja poczekają przed drzwiami NATO, „Gazeta Wyborcza” [Ukraine and Georgia will wait outside the door of NATO], 06.03.2008. B. Płonka, Polityka Unii Europejskiej wobec Europy Środkowej, Krakow 2003 [European Union policy towards Central Europe] G. Povolockij, Rossijsko francuzskoje vojennoje sotrudniczestvo: “Mistral” napolnil parusa doverija, „Meżdunarodnaja żizn’”, 5.01.2011, (int.) [Russian-French war aff air

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Being a Small State: Discussion on the Role of Size

2015. Available at: < > (accessed 15 April 2016). Sabet-Parry, R., 2014. Lithuania President calls Russia ‘Terrorist State’. Baltic Times [online] 20 November 2014. Available at: < > (accessed 05 March 2016). Shapiro, J. and Thoburn, H., 2015. The Russian threat to Lithuania: An interview with Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius. Brookings, [online] 25 February 2015. Available at: <

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Small New Member States in the EU Foreign Policy: Toward ‘Small State Smart Strategy’?

. Queen’s papers on Europeanization <,38412,en.pdf > [Accessed 11 May 2013]. Copsey, N. and Pomorska, K. 2010. Poland’s power and influence in the European Union: The case of its eastern policy. Comparative European Politics , 8(1), pp. 304–326. Dür, A. and Mateo, J. 2010. Choosing a bargaining strategy in EU negotiations: power, preferences, and culture. Journal of European Public Policy , 17(5), pp. 680–693. Edwards, G. 2006

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Europeanization and development: using open regime theory to assess Lithuania’s post-EU accession

survey, 2014. Lithuania in the EU: transformation or imitation? Vilnius University. Lippert, B., Umbach, G. and Wessels, W., 2001. Europeanization of CEE executives: EU membership negotiations as a shaping power. Journal of European Public Policy, 8(6), pp.980-1012. Lyberaki, A. and Paraskevolous, C. J., 2002. Social capital measurement in Greece. OECD-ONS International Conference on Social Capital Measurement. U.K.: London, September 25-27. Available at: <> [Accessed November 2014

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Increasing Eupopulism as a megatrend in east central Europe: from facade democracies to velvet dictatorships

: Lexington Books. Casal Bértoa, F., 2012. Party systems and cleavage structures revisited: A sociological explanation of party system institutionalization in East Central Europe. Party Politics, 20(1), pp. 16-36. Chwalisz, C., 2015. The Populist Signal: Why Politics and Democracy Need to Change. Policy Network, London: Rowman and Littlefield. Darvas, Z. 2014. The convergence dream 25 years on. Bruegel. Available at: <> [Accessed on 11 March

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