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Uneven Distribution Possibilities of Creative Capital Development in Rural Aareas (Case Study of the Podkarpackie Communes, Poland)

References Andersen, V. K., Bugge, M. M., Hansen, K. H., Isaksen, A. and M. Raunio 2010 ‘One Size Fits All? Applying the Creative Class Thesis onto a Nordic Context’ European Planning Studies 18(10): 1591–1609. Bjorn, A. and K. H. Hogni 2009 ‘Knowledge Bases, Talents, and Contexts: On the Usefulness of the Creative Class Approach in Sweden’ Economic Geography 85(4): 425–442, doi: 10.1111/j.1944-8287.2009.01051.x [8.03.2016]. Boren, T. and C. Young 2013 ‘Getting Creative with the ‘Creative City’? Towards New Perspectives on Creativity’ Urban

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Community School Model: Is It an Alternative for School Closures in Rural Territories?

consequences for the local society?’ Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research 50(4): 429–39. Geske, A., Grīnfelds, A., Kangro, A., Kiseļova, R. and L. Mihno 2015 Quality of education. International comparison. Latvia in OECD Programme for International Student Assessment. Riga: University of Latvia. Hammer, P. C., Hughes, G., McClure, C., Reeves, C. and D. Salgado 2005 Rural teacher recruitment and retention practices: A review of the research literature, national survey of rural superintendents, and case studies of programs in Virginia. Charleston, WV

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How Does Place Matter to Highly Skilled Migrants?
Work/non-work experiences of international physicians in Norway and Sweden

References Ackers, L 2004, ‘Managing relationships in peripatetic careers: scientific mobility in the European Union’, Women’s Studies International Forum , vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 189–201, DOI:10.1016/j.wsif.2004.03.001. Agnew, JA 1987, Place and politics: the geographical mediation of state and society , Allen and Unwin, London. Agnew, J 2011, ‘Space and place’, in Handbook of geographical knowledge , eds J Agnew & D Livingstone, Sage, London, pp. 316-330. Andersson, H 2010, Interkulturell kommunikation på ett svenskt sjukhus

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“As a Native Person,Why Should I Adapt?”:
A Multimethod Approach to Majority Finns’ Attitudes Towards Multiculturalism

wake of the European refugee crisis–a longitudinal study of the Finnish political elite’s attitudes towards refugees and the environment , Preprint, viewed 18 November 2019, DOI: 10.31234/ Maio, GR & Haddock, G 2014, The psychology of attitudes & attitude change , Sage, London. Malik, K 2013, Multiculturalism and its discontents: rethinking diversity after 9/11 , Seagull Books, London. Mason, J 2006, ‘Mixing methods in a qualitatively driven way’, Qualitative Research , vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 9-25, DOI:10

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Studies of Changing Societies
The Journal of Olga Guzhva
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Stoltenbergutvalgets rapport - en drøfting

References Aftenposten 02.12.2008. Nødvendig nytenkning Aftenposten 03.12.2008. Gratis heroin møter motstand Andersen, D. & Järvinen, M. (2007): Harm reduction - ideals and paradoxes. Nordisk alkohol- & narkotikatidskrift 24 (3): 235-252 Dagbladet 01.12.2008. Vurderer statlig heroinutdeling Dagbladet 02012.2008. Tror heroin kan redde liv. Heroin på resept Dalsbø, T. K. & Steiro, A. K. & Hammerstrøm, K. T

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Cultural and Regional Characterictics of Poverty Segregations
Based on the Examples of Hungarian Peripheral Regions

interpretation of social inequalities.) Space and Society 18 3 25 42 Torres, H. G., Marques, E., Ferreira, M. P. and Bitar, S., 2002. Poverty and Space: Patterns of Segregation in São Paulo. Austin, 2002, 1-25. Torres H. G. Marques E. Ferreira M. P. Bitar S. 2002 Poverty and Space: Patterns of Segregation in São Paulo Austin 2002 1 25 Vincze, E. and Rat, C., 2013. Spatialisation and Racialisation of Social Exclusion. The Social and Cultural Formation of ‘Gypsy Ghettos’ in Romania in a European Context

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Geopolitics of the High North and its consequences

_rLp6M7NFbbBSD1XRPyUSHQqqp0PADu9DXlEy2OwiKPv84DK_P_y&sig=AHIEtbSnFSDCqPaanUd1a-NtU5G_8dtMOw . KETELS, C. 2008. Global Pressure – Nordic Solutions? The Nordic Globalization Barometer 2008. Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers. KRONIKA MONTREALSKA. 2012. Retrieved from KUBIAK, K. 2013. Arktyka. Między dziedzictwem zimnej wojny a współczesnością . In: Bellona no. 2/2013(673) , Warszawa, pp. 51-75. LAPOUGE, G. 2010. Bogactwa w lodowym skarbcu, kto je dostanie

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Politics in the Balkan countryside: case study in Serbia

and Switzerland’, European sociological review, Vol. 25 (3): 271-286. Hopkin, J., 2012. Paying for party response. How Political Parties Respond to Voters, p. 176. Einhorn, B., 1993. Cinderella Goes to Market: Citizenship, Gender, and Women’s Movements in East Central Europe. New York: Verso. Kendall, C., Nannicini, T., Trebbi, F., 2013. How do voters respond to information? Evidence from a randomized campaign. No. w18986. National Bureau of Economic Research. Kligman, G., 1996. Women and the

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(In)efficiency of EU Common Foreign and Security Policy: Ukraine, Brexit, Trump and beyond

-369. ROSÉN, G. 2015. EU Confidential: The European Parliament’s Involvement in EU Security and Defence Policy, Journal of Common Market Studies, 53 (2): 383-398. SAVORSKAYA, E. 2015. The Concept of the European Union’s Normative Power, Baltijskij Region, 4 (26): 66-76. SCHAKE, K. 2016. Post-Brexit Defense Policy, Foreign Policy, 25. 6. 2016. Retrieved from April 4, 2017. . SMITH, M. 2013. Foreign policy and development in the post-Lisbon European Union, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 26

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