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Two–Stage Instrumental Variables Identification of Polynomial Wiener Systems with Invertible Nonlinearities

.1016/0005-1098(82)90022-X. Bottegal, G., Castro-Garcia, R. and Suykens, J. (2017). On the identification of Wiener systems with polynomial nonlinearity, 2017 IEEE 56th Annual Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Melbourne, Australia , DOI: 10.1109/CDC.2017.8264635. Boyd, S. and Chua, L.O. (1985). Fading memory and the problem of approximating nonlinear operators with Volterra series, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems 32 (11): 1150–1161, DOI: 10.1109/TCS.1985.1085649. Brouri, A. and Slassi, S. (2015). Frequency identification approach for Wiener systems

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Survival analysis on data streams: Analyzing temporal events in dynamically changing environments

References Aggarwal, C.C., Han, J., Wang, J. and Yu, P.S. (2003). A framework for clustering evolving data streams, Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, Berlin, Germany, pp. 81-92. Allan, J., Papka, R. and Lavrenko, V. (1998). On-line new event detection and tracking, Proceedings of the 21st Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR 1998), Melbourne, Australia , pp. 37-45. Amati, G., Amodeo, G. and Gaibisso, C

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Defining the semantics of rule-based Web applications through model-driven development

-driven engineering, Computer   39 (2): 25-31. Schreiber, G., Akkermans, H., Anjewierden, A., de Hoog, R., Shadbolt, N., de Velde, W. V. and Wielinga, B. (2000). Knowledge Engineering and Management: The Common-KADS Methodology , MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. Wagner, G. (2002). How to design a general rule markup language?, in R. Tolksdorf and R. Eckstein (Eds.) XML Technologien für das Semantic Web—XSW 2002, Proceedings zum Workshop, 24-25 Juni 2002, Berlin , Lecture Notes in Informatics, Vol. 14, GI, Bonn, pp. 19

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Regression Function and Noise Variance Tracking Methods for Data Streams with Concept Drift

-20. Diggle, P.J. and Verbyla, A.P. (1998). Nonparametric estimation of covariance structure in longitudinal data, Biometrics 54(2): 401-415. Ditzler, G., Roveri, M., Alippi, C. and Polikar, R. (2015). Learning in nonstationary environments: A survey, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine 10(4): 12-25. Domingos, P. and Hulten, G. (2000). Mining high-speed data streams, Proceedings of the 6th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Boston, MA, USA, pp. 71-80. Duda, P., Jaworski, M. and

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Block-Based Physical Modeling with Applications in Musical Acoustics

synthesis strategies for object-based dynamical physical models in musical acoustics, Proceedings of the Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-03) , London, UK, pp. DAFX-1-DAFX-6. Sarti A. and Sanctis G. D. (2006). Memory extraction from dynamic scattering junctions in wave digital structures, Signal Processing Letters 13 (12): 729-732. Smith J. O. (2007). Physical audio signal processing: For virtual musical instruments and digital audio effects, Technical report, Stanford University Center for Computer Research

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A New Efficient Adaptive Control of Torsional Vibrations Induced by Switched Nonlinear Disturbances

.jsv.2017.01.046. Christoforou, A.P. and Yigit, A.S. (2003). Fully coupled vibrations of actively controlled drillstrings, Journal of Sound and Vibration 267 (5): 1029–1045, DOI: 10.1016/S0022-460X(03)00359-6. Davis, J.E., Smyth, G.F., Bolivar, N. and Pastusek, P.E. (2012). Eliminating stick-slip by managing bit depth of cut and minimizing variable torque in the drillstring, IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition, San Diego, CA, USA , pp. 402–410, DOI: 10.2118/151133-MS. Farrar, D.E. and Glauber, R.R. (1967). Multicollinearity in regression

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The role of parameter constraints in EE and OE methods for optimal identification of continuous LTI models

-problem and its application to optimal identification of continuous systems, Proceedings of the European Control Conference ECC99, Karlsruhe, Germany , F0256. Byrski, W. and Fuksa, S. (2000). Optimal identification of continuous systems and a new fast algorithm for on line mode, Proceedings of the International Conference on System Identification, SYSID2000, Santa Barbara, CA, USA , PM 2-5. Byrski, W. and Fuksa, S. (2001). Stability analysis of CLTI state feedback system with simultaneous state and parameter

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Hybrid Switching Controller Design for the Maneuvering and Transit of a Training Ship

for thruster-assisted position mooring, Control Enginering Practice 17 (9): 985–994, DOI: 10.1016/j.conengprac.2009.03.001. Nomoto, K., Taguchi, T., Honda, K. and Hirano, S. (1957). On the steering qualities of ships: Technical Report, International Shipbuilding Progress 4 (35): 354–370. Pomirski, J., Rak, A. and Gierusz, W. (2012). Control system for trials on material ship model, Polish Maritime Research 19 (S1): 25–30. Pritchett, A.R., Lee, S.M. and Goldsman, D. (2001). Hybrid

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An application framework to systematically develop complex learning resources based on collaborative knowledge engineering

(2-3): 111-134. Brase, J. (2005). Usage of Metadata, Ph.D. thesis, Universit¨at Hannover, Hannover. Brooke, J. (1996). SUS: A quick and dirty usability scale, in P.W. Jordan, B. Weerdmeester, A. Thomas and I.L. Mclelland (Eds.), Usability Evaluation in Industry, Taylor and Francis, London. Caballé, S., Jiménez, D.G., Dunwell, I., Pierri, A. and Daradoumis, T. (2012). CC-LO: Embedding interactivity, challenge and empowerment into collaborative learning sessions, Journal of Universal Computer Science 18(1): 25

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A comparison of hole-filling methods in 3D

References Amenta, N., Bern, M. and Kamvysselis, M. (1998). A new Voronoi-based surface reconstruction algorithm, Proceedings of the 25th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH’98), Orlando, FL, USA, pp. 415-421. Attene, M., Campen, M. and Kobbelt, L. (2013). Polygon mesh repairing: An application perspective, ACM Computing Surveys 45(2): 15:1-15:33. Bajaj, C., Bernardini, F. and Xu, G. (1995). Automatic reconstruction of surfaces and scalar fields from 3D scans, Proceedings

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