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The Reception of Galician Performances and (Re)translations of Shakespeare

W orks C ited Alonso, Eduardo. “Some Galician Stagings Based on Shakespeare’s Plays.” Shakespeare and Spain . Ed. José Manuel González and Holger Klein. Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2002. 342-359. Alonso, Eduardo. “Eduardo Alonso”. Asociación de Directores de Escena de España. 10 June 2015. < .> Anon. A Nosa Terra . No. 88, 2 May 1918. Anon. A Nosa Terra. No. 87, 25 April 1919. Anon. “Conservatorio Nazonal do Arte Gallego.” A Nosa Terra . No. 79, 5 February 1919

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The Loss of Grammatical Gender and Case Features Between Old and Early Middle English: Its Impact on Simple Demonstratives and Topic Shift

manuscript: University of Göttingen. Taylor, Ann & Susan Pintzuk. 2014. Testing the theory: Information structure in Old English. In Kristin Bech & Kristine G. Eide (eds.), Information structure and syntactic change in Germanic and Romance languages , 53–78. Amsterdam & Philadelphia, PA: John Benjamins. DOI: 10.1075/la.213.03tay Toman, Jindrich. 1994. Case as a functional projection: A note on an issue in parametrization. In Jindrich Toman (ed.), Annual Workshop on Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics: The Ann Arbor meeting. Functional categories in Slavic

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