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Nadina Cehan

, Kingsley Amis ‘don’t like it’ . [Online]. Available: [Accessed 2015, March 25]. Orwell, George. 2015. Fifty Orwell Essays . A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook . [Online] Available: [Accessed 2016, October 10]. Safire, William. 1997. The Words of Summer . [Online]. Available: [Accessed 2015, March 25]. Tieken

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Valentina Piacentini, Ana Raquel Simões and Rui Marques Vieira

.” Science Education International , vol. 25, no. 2, 2014, pp. 78-96. . Accessed 11 Feb. 2018. Bunch, George C., et al. “Documenting the Language Demands of Mainstream Content-Area Assessment for English Learners: Participant Structures, Communicative Modes and Genre in Science Performance Assessments.” Language and Education , vol. 24, no. 3, 2010, pp. 185-214, doi: 10.1080/09500780903518986 Canet Pladevall, Roser, and Natalia Evnitskaya. “Rethink, Rewrite, Remake or Learning to Teach Science Through English.” AICLE

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António Lopes

Works Cited Andersen, Hanne, Karen Lund, and Karen Risager. Culture in Language Learning . Aarhus UP, 2006. Bennett, Genna. Using Corpora in the Language Learning Classroom: Corpus Linguistics for Teachers . University of Michigan, 2010. Boas, Franz. A Franz Boas Reader: The Shaping of American Anthropology, 1883-1911 , edited by G. Stocking, U of Chicago P, 1974. Boas, Franz. Race, Language, and Culture . U of Chicago P, 1940. Boulton, Alan. “Beyond Concordancing: Multiple Affordances of Corpora in University Language Degrees