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Research in Language

The Journal of University of Lodz

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Ad verba Liberorum

Journal of Linguistics & Pedagogy & Psychology The Journal of Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy

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Agnes Kim and Ludwig M. Breuer

Questions (FAQ). Accessible at: , retrieved 2017-03-17. [24] Library of Congress (2017). Development of ISO 639-2. Accessible at: , retrieved 2017-03-17. [25] ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee (2000): Working principles for ISO 639 maintenance (ISO 639/JAC N3R). Accessible at: , retrieved 2017-03-28. [26] Kloss, H. (1978). Die Entwicklung neuer germanischer Kultursprachen seit 1800 . Pädagogischer

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Anna Řehořková

al. (eds.) Slovník spisovné češtiny pro školu a veřejnost: s Dodatkem Ministerstva školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy České republiky . Academia, Praha. [15] Milička, J. (2013). Bootstrapper [software]. Accessible at: . [16] Nekula, M. (2017). Částice. In Karlík, P., Nekula, M., and Pleskalová, J., editors, Nový encyklopedický slovník češtiny . Accessible at:ČÁSTICE , retrieved 2017-03-25. [17] Oxford English Dictionary. Accessible at: , retrieved 2017-03

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Jana Nová and Hana Mžourková

–668, Institute for Specialised Communication and Multilingualism, Bolzano, Italy. Accessible at: , retrieved 2017-03-21. [21] Panocová, R. (2016). A Descriptive Approach to Medical English Vocabulary. In Margalitadze, T. and Meladze, G., editors, Proceedings of the XVII EURALEX International Congress: Lexicography and Linguistic Diversity , pages 529–540, Ivane Javakhisvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi. Accessible at: http

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Kamil Kaźmierski, Ewelina Wojtkowiak and Andreas Baumann

References Avery, P. and S. Ehrlich. 1992. Teaching American English pronunciation. (Oxford handbooks for language teachers). Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press. Batliner, A., Kompe, R., Kiesling, A., Mast, M., Niemann, H. and E. Noth. 1998. M ˆ Syntax + Prosody: A syntactic±prosodiclabelling scheme for large spontaneous speech databases. Speech Communication 25, 193-222. Booth, G. D., Niccolucci, M. J. and E. G. Schuster. 1994. Identifying proxy sets in multiple linear regression: an aid to better coeffi

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Jana Sokolová

:// [cit. 09. 06. 2016]. CRYSTAL, David: The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2003. 505 s. ČERMÁK, František: Jazyk a jazykověda. Přehled a slovníky. Praha: Pražská imaginace 1997. 460 s. ČERMÁK, František: Lexikon a sémantika. Praha: Vydavatelství Lidové noviny 2010. 357 s. DER-HOUSSIKIAN, Haig: Reduplication in colloquial western Armenian. In: Lacus Forum 25, 1999. Dostupné na: [cit. 24. 03. 2016]. DOLNÍK, Juraj: Lexikológia

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Ulla Kriebernegg

: A Feminist Reading”. English Studies . 84.1 (Feb. 2003): 57-79. Web. 25. Sep. 2008. < =P&P=AN&K=9765200&S=R&D=aph&EbscoContent=dGJyMNLe80SeqLM40d vuOLCmrlCeprJSs6q4S7aWxWXS&ContentCustomer=dGJyMPGot0i0ra9LuePfg eyx44Dt6fIA>. Parker, Emma. “From House to Home: A Kristevan Reading of Michele Roberts’s Daughters of the House”. Critique . 41.2.Winter (2000): 153-173. Web. 25. Sept. 2008. <http

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Joshua Williams and Sharlene D. Newman

& Cognition , 25 (1), 47-56. Morford, J. P., & Carlson, M. L. (2011). Sign perception and recognition in non-native signers of ASL. Language Learning and Development , 7 (2), 149-168. Newport, E. L., & Meier, R. P. (1985). The acquisition of American Sign Language . Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Peirce, J. W. (2007). PsychoPy—psychophysics software in Python. Journal of neuroscience methods , 162 (1), 8-13. Pichler, C. D. (2011). Sources of handshape error in first-time signers of ASL. In G. Mathur & D. J. Napoli (Eds.), Deaf around the

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Šárka Šimáčková and Václav Jonáš Podlipský

(4). 437-470. Flege, James E., Elaina M. Frieda and Takeshi Nozawa. 1997. Amount of native-language (L1) use affects the pronunciation of an L2. Journal of Phonetics 25(2). 169-186. Flege, James E., Naoyuki Takagi and Virginia Mann. 1995. Japanese adults can learn to produce English /r/ and /l/accurately. Language and Speech 38(1). 25-55. Gimson, Alfred. C. 1966. An Introduction to the Pronunciation of English . London: Arnold. Guion, Susan G., James E. Flege and Jonathan D. Loftin. 2000. The effect of L1 use on pronunciation in Quichua