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The Influence of Different Levels of Data Detail on Land use Change Analyses: A Case Study of Franciscan Cadastre for a Part of the Pannonian Hills, Slovenia

of Brazil: ecology and natural history of a neo-tropical savannah , New York: Columbia University Press. [14] Lisec, A. & Navratil, G. (2014). The Austrian land cadastre: from the earliest beginnings to the modern land information system. Geodetski vestnik 58(3), 482–516. DOI: 10.15292/geodetski-vestnik.2014.03.482-516. [15] Kokole, V. (1969). Urbanizacija podeželja v Sloveniji. Geografski vestnik 41, 3–23. [16] Larson, J., Findeis, J. & Smith, S. (2001). Agricultural adaptation to urbanization in southeastern Pennsylvania. Agricultural and

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Potential methane production and oxidation along the soil chronosequence of the Rotmoos glacier forefield

): Activities of dehydrogenase (DH) were determined by incubating 2.5 g of each soil sample with 2.5 mL of triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) in the dark for 16 h. Blank samples were incubated with 0.1M Tris buffer. The produced triphenylformazan (TPF) was extracted with 12.5 mL of acetone for 2 h. After filtration, the extracts were 1:2 diluted and measured colorimetrically at 546 nm within 1 h (see Section 2.6 ). For the determination of the ammonification (AM) activity, 5 g of each soil was saturated with 15 mL of distilled water for 7 days. Blank samples were stored at

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Effects of the European Common Agricultural Policy on Preserving Biodiversity: Farmland Birds in Slovenia

Academic references [1] Baltagi, B. H., Song, S. H., & Koh, W. (2003). Testing panel data regression models with spatial error correlation. Journal of Econometrics 117, 123–150. DOI: 10.1016/S0304-4076(03)00120-9. [2] Batáry, P., Dicks, L. V., Kleijn, D. & Sutherland, W. J. (2015). The role of agri-environment schemes in conservation and environmental management. Conservation Biology 29(4), 1006–1016. DOI: 10.1111/cobi.12536. [3] Benayas, J. R., Martins, A., Nicolau, J. M. & Schulz, J. J. (2007). Abandonment of agricultural land: an overview

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Family Policy in the Strategic Planning of Rural Municipalities in the Czech Republic

. (2004). Fungující společnost: vybrané eseje o společenství, společnosti a politickém systému. Praha: Management Press. [8] Esping-Andersen, G. (2009). The Incomplete Revolution: Adapting Welfare States to Women’s New Roles. Cambridge: Polity Press. [9] Frejka, T. & Basten, S. G. (2016). Fertility and Family Policies in Central and Eastern Europe after 1990. Comparative Population Studies 41(1), 3–56. DOI: 10.12765/CPoS-2016-03en. [10] Granovetter, M. (1985). Economic Action and Social Structure: the Problem of Embeddedness. The American

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Development Directions and Opportunities of Market Places in the Balaton Region Especially Concerning Local Producers’ Markets

Academic references [1] Andrásfalvy, B. (2006). Vásár, búcsúvásár, sokadalom. In: Nagy, J. T. & Szabó, G., eds., Vásárok világa (pp. 7–21). Szekszárd: Tolna Megyei Egyed Antal Honismereti Egyesület, Babits Mihály Művelődési Ház és Művészetek Háza. [2] Berki, M. – Csapó, J. (2008). The Geographical Basis for the Development of Thematic Routes. In: Lóczy, D., Tóth, J., Trócsányi, A.: Progress in geography in the European Capital of culture 2010. Pécs: Institute of Geography, University of Pécs. [3] Csíkné Mácsai, É. (2014). Közvetlen

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First evidence of retained sexual capacity and survival in the pyrethroid resistant Sitobion avenae (F.) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) SA3 super-clone following exposure to a pyrethroid at current field-rate

markers ‘Aphids as Crop Pests’ Van Emden H.F. Harrington R. CAB International Oxfordshire, UK 31 67 Malloch, G., Foster, S. and Williamson, M. 2016. ‘Monitoring pyrethroid resistance (kdr) and genetic diversity in UK populations of the grain aphid, Sitobion avenae during 2015’. AHDB-Potatoes Agriculture ̦ Horticulture Development Board, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, UK, CV8 2TL. Available online [Accessed 14 July 2018], 25

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Sysmä Community Currency: An Analysis of its Success from the Perspectives of Purposes, Stakeholders and Promotion

(1), 25–35. DOI: 10.1007/s13132-011-0049-4. [70] Libery, B. & Kneafsey, M. (1998). Product and Place: Promoting Quality Products and Services in the Lagging Rural Regions of the European Union. European Urban and Regional Studies 5(4), 329–341. DOI: 10.1177/096977649800500404. [71] Liebowitz, S. J. & Margolis, S. E. (1999). Path Dependence. In Bouckaert, B. & De Geest, G., eds., Encyclopedia of Law and Economics: The History and Methodology of Law and Economics (pp. 981–998). Northampton MA: Edward Elgar. [72] Lietaer, B. (2001). The Future of

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The agricultural impact of the 2015–2016 floods in Ireland as mapped through Sentinel 1 satellite imagery

. Ordinary least squares linear regression was used to predict flood extent based on river gauge data. A significant relationship was found ( P = 0.007), with an adjusted R 2 of 0.56 ( Figure 11 ). At two locations, flood maxima were within 25 cm of the measured river heights. The largest difference was at the Athlone station, where flood levels were overestimated by 9.70 m. A Grubbs outlier test conducted using the “outliers” package in R (v.0.41) identified Athlone as a probable outlier ( G = 2.09, U = 0.45, P = 0.075). Removing this station from the linear model

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Use of Ecological Niche Models of Plant Species to Optimize Placement of Apiaries

. (2005). Interpretation of models of fundamental ecological niches and species distributional areas. Biodiversity Informatics , 2 , 1-10. Turc, L. (1954). Le bilan d’eau des sols: relations entre les precipitation l’évaporation et l’écoulemen. Annales Agronomiques , 5 , 491-596. Verde, M. M. (2014). Apiculture and food safety. Cuban Journal of Apicultural Science , 48 , 25-31. Villanueva-Gutierrez, R,. Moguel-Ordónez, Y.B., Echazarreta-González, C. M., & Aranda-López, G. (2009). Monofloral honeys in the

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Effect of nitrogen fertiliser application timing on grain yield and grain protein concentration of spring barley

) Timing (T) Proportion (P) TxP Site Sig. 1 Sowing Emerge Sig. 1 0.2 0.4 0.6 Sig. 1 1 ns 7.52 7.53 ns 7.61 7.49 7.48 ns 2 * 7.74 a 7.57 b ns 7.65 7.68 7.63 ns 3 *** 9.27 a 8.81 b ns 9.03 9.05 9.05 ns 4 *** 9.38 a 8.88 b ns 9.00 9.25 9.15 ns 5 ns 10.00 10.10 ns 10.05 10.12 9.97 ns 6 ns 8.72 8.54 ns 8.50 8.62 8.77 ns 7 * 9.89 b 10.23 a ns 10.04 9.96 10.17 ns 8 ns 10.59 10.86 ns 10

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