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Thermal Vision as a Method of Detection of Deception: A Review of experiences**

application to polygraph testing [online], Proceedings of the 23rd Annual EMBS International Conference, 25-28.10.2001, Istanbul, Turkey, [accessed on: 03.04.2015], Pavlidis I, Levine J. (2002a), Th ermal Facial Screening for Deception Detection, Proceedings of the Second Joint EMBS/BMES Conference, Houston, TX, USA, 23- -26.12.2002. Pavlidis I, Levine J. (2002b), Th ermal Image Analysis for Polygraph Testing, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 21, No. 6, pp. 56

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Decision-Making in the International Monetary Fund: Implications for Sovereign Equality of States

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Is Social Media Challenging the Authority of the Judiciary? Rethinking the Effectiveness of Anonymised and Super Injunctions in the Age of the Internet

Strange (1849) 41 ER 1171, 1 Mac & G 25 at 47. 104. Practice Guidance: Interim Non-Disclosure Orders (London, Master of the Rolls with effect from 1 August 2011). 105. Privacy and Injunctions (London, House of Lords House of Commons Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions, HL Paper 273, HC 1443, 12 March 2012). 106. Practice Guidance: Committal for Contempt [2013] 1 WLR 1326, dated 3 May 2013. 107. Practice Guidance (Committal Proceedings: Open Court) (No. 2) [2013] 1 WLR 1753, dated 4 June 2013. 108. President’s Circular: Committals

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Lost in Implementation: EU Law Application in Albanian Legal System

_2008_03.PDF;jsessionid=1DCFD39461303F80AFBA785FAC9CEE78?sequence=1 .> accessed on 11 November 2016. 12. Elbasani, A. (2009), “EU Administrative Conditionality and Domestic Downloading: the Limits of Europeanization in Challenging Context” (2009) < .> accessed 18 November 2016. 13. Grabbe, H. (2004a), The Constellations of Europe: How Enlargement will Transform the EU , Centre for European Reform, London. 14. Grabbe, H. (2004b), The EU

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