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Alex Ansong

. (2003). Multilateral Institutions: A Critical Introduction, Pluto Press, London. 5. Boughton, J.M. (2003). Who’s in Charge? Ownership and Conditionality in IMFSupported Programs, IMF Working Paper, WP/03/191. 6. Broad, R. (2004). The Washington Consensus Meets the Global Backlash: Shifting Debates and Policies, Globalizations, 1(2), pp. 129 – 154. 7. Chimni, B.S. (2006). Third World Approaches to International Law: A Manifesto’, International Community Law Review, 8, pp.3–27. 8. David M. Andrews, D.M. (2008). Bretton Woods: System and Order

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Thaddeus Manu and Felipe Romero Moreno

Strange (1849) 41 ER 1171, 1 Mac & G 25 at 47. 104. Practice Guidance: Interim Non-Disclosure Orders (London, Master of the Rolls with effect from 1 August 2011). 105. Privacy and Injunctions (London, House of Lords House of Commons Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions, HL Paper 273, HC 1443, 12 March 2012). 106. Practice Guidance: Committal for Contempt [2013] 1 WLR 1326, dated 3 May 2013. 107. Practice Guidance (Committal Proceedings: Open Court) (No. 2) [2013] 1 WLR 1753, dated 4 June 2013. 108. President’s Circular: Committals

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Bojana Hajdini and Gentjan Skara

_2008_03.PDF;jsessionid=1DCFD39461303F80AFBA785FAC9CEE78?sequence=1 .> accessed on 11 November 2016. 12. Elbasani, A. (2009), “EU Administrative Conditionality and Domestic Downloading: the Limits of Europeanization in Challenging Context” (2009) < .> accessed 18 November 2016. 13. Grabbe, H. (2004a), The Constellations of Europe: How Enlargement will Transform the EU , Centre for European Reform, London. 14. Grabbe, H. (2004b), The EU

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Michael Levens

://www/ Arora, N., & Henderson, T. (2007). Embedded Premium Promotion: Why It Works and How to Make It More Effective. Marketing Science, 26(4), 514-531,584-585. [Accessed 03.04.2017]. Available from Internet: Babin, B., Darden, W. & Griffin, M. (1994). Work and / or Fun: Measuring Hedonic and Utilitarian Shopping Value. Journal of Consumer Research, 20(3), 645-646. Baltussen, W. Wertheim, S., Bunte, F., Tacken, G., Galen, M., Bakker, J

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Martin Kiselicki, Zanina Kirovska, Saso Josimovski and Lidija Pulevska

References Aparicio, A.F. et al., (2012) Analysis and application of gamification. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Interacción Persona-Ordenador - INTERACCION ’12, pp.1–2. Big Fish Games, (2017) [Accessed 10.03.2018]. Available from Internet: Coonradt, C. (2007). The Game of Work: How to Enjoy Work as Much as Play. Gibbs Smith. Design of the World (2012) [Accessed 22.01.2018]. Available from Internet: http

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Wojciech Kaczmarczyk

References Asygnier, R. (2018). Does the change in the company’s name affect the share price? The case study of the Polish capital market, Journal of Economics and Management , (2), 18-29. Babula, E., & Blajer-Gołębiewska, A. (2008). Wpływ informacji na zachowania podmiotów na rynkach akcji. In G. Maniak ed. 2008. Problemy ekonomii i polityki gospodarczej , Szczecin: Wydawnictwo Katedry Mikroekonomii Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Biegańska, K., Jasiniak, M., Pastusiak, R., & Pluskota, A. (2016). Efekt zakotwiczenia w transakcjach fuzji i

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Santa Voitkane and Ingrida Jakusonoka

.; Khumawala, S. B.; Kraut, M.; Neely, D. G. (2010). Five dimensions of effectiveness for nonprofit annual reports. Nonprofit Management and Leadership , vol. 21 (2), 209-228. Israel, G.D (1992). Determining Sample Size. Fact Sheet PEOD-6. University of Florida, Florida Cooperative Extension Service [Accessed 25.02.2018]. Available from Internet < > Palmer, P. D. (2013) Exploring attitudes to financial reporting in the Australian not-for-profit sector. Accounting & Finance , vol. 53 (1), 217

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Aleksandra Laucuka

and Twitter . GESIS working papers. [Accessed 21.03.2018] Available from Internet: Lindgren, S. (2017) Digital media & society . London: SAGE. Lupton, D. (2015) Digital Sociology . London and New York: Routledge. Meikle, G. (2016) Social Media . Routledge: New York and London. Mohammad, S. & Kiritchenko, S. (2013) Using Hashtags to Capture Fine Emotion Categories from Tweets. Ottawa: National Research Council. NPR

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Margareta Nadanyiova, Jana Kliestikova and Juraj Kolencik

. In Journal of Business Research , (65), 648-657. Huang, K. (2015). A New Era of Sensory Marketing. Global Marketing an Inspur Systems. [Accessed15.03.2018]. Available from Internet: Hulten, B., Broweus, N. & Van Dijk, M. (2009). Sensory Marketing. United Kingdom: Palgrave Macmillan UK. Kardes, F., Cronley, M. & Cline, C. (2010). Consumer Behavior . United Kingdom: Cengage Learning. Keller, K. L. (2007). Strategic Brand Management . 1 st edition, Praha: Grada Publishing. Kotler, P. (2011

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Rafał Rydzewski

, P., Ahlemann, F. (2017). Digitalization: opportunity and challenge for the business and information systems engineering community. Business & Information Systems Engineering , 59 (4), 301–308. Lei, H., Ganjeizadeh, F., Jayachandran, P. K., & Ozcan, P. (2017). A statistical analysis of the effects of Scrum and Kanban on software development projects. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing , 43 , 59–67. [Accessed 31.03.2015]. Available from Internet: Malkiel, B. G. (2003). The efficient