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Problems of an Aerodynamic Interference between Helicopter Rotor Slipstream and an Elevated Heliport

Aircraft, Vol. 42, No. 2, pp. 448-461, 2005. [23] Paquet, J. B., Bourez, J. P., Morgand, S., Formulation of Aerodynamic Forces on Helicopters in Non Uniform Flow with Scale Model Tests: Ground Effects , in 49th International Symposium of Applied Aerodynamics, 2014. [24] Nathan, N. D., Green, R., Measurements of a rotor flow in ground effect and visualization of the brown-out phenomenon , in 64th Annual Forum of the American Helicopter Society, Montreal, Quebec, 2008. [25] Johnson, B., Leishman, J. G., Sydney, A., Investigation of Sediment Entrainment

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Development of an on-Line Damage Detection, Discrimination and Tracking System for the Spin Rig Facility

Seeded-Fault Testing , IEEE Paper 0-7803-7651-X/03, 2003. [23] Sonnichsen, E., Real-time detection of developing cracks in jet engine rotors , Aerospace Conference Proceedings, 2000 IEEE, pp. 173-183. 2000. [24] Tappert, P., et al., Autonomous PHM with Blade-Tip Sensors: Algorithms and Seeded Fault Experience , IEEE Conference, pp. 7-3287-7-3295. 2001. [25] Tappert, P., Losh, D., Mercadal, M., Analyze Blade Vibration User’s Manual , Hood Technology Corporation 2007. [26] Tappert, P., The Last Few Minutes Prior to a Fatigue Blade Failure in

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