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Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research

The Journal of Polish Neural Network Society, the University of Social Sciences in Lodz & Czestochowa University of Technology

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S. Cafiso, M. Kieć, M. Milazzo, G. Pappalardo and F. Trovato

Safety Inspections on Two – Lane Rural Roads Project TREN – 03 – ST – S07.31286 – Aracne Editrice. ISBN 978-88-548-1429-5. Gennaio 2008. 4. S. Cafiso, G. La Cava, A. Montella, Safety Index for Evaluation of Two Rural Highways, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, issue number 2019, 136–145, 2007 5. European Commission, Transport, Road Safety. Road Safety evolution in the EU Accessed November 14, 2014 6. Ministero delle Infrastrutture

Open access

K.V.S.Gopala Krishna Sastry, A. Ravitheja and T.Chandra Sekhara Reddy

, “Experimental Study on Durability of Concrete Containing Slag and Foundry sand”. International Journal of Scientific Research & Development, Vol. 3, (03),2015. 7. C.G.Konapure and D.J.Ghanate, “Effect of Industrial Waste Foundry Sand as Fine Aggregate on Concrete”. International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology, 5(4),2015. 8. N. Gurumoorthy, K. Arunachalam, “The micro and mechanical behaviour of Treated Used Foundry Sand concrete”, Construction and Building Materials, Volume 123;184-190,2016. 9. Pranita Bhandari, Dr

Open access

Keiko Ono, Yoshiko Hanada, Masahito Kumano and Masahiro Kimura

, T. Uno, S. ichi Nakano, in Proc. of the 6th Intl. Conf. on Discovery Science (Springer-Verlag, 2003), pp. 47–61 [24] C. Fillon, A. Bartoli, in Proceedings of the 9th European conference on Genetic Programming EuroGP’ 06 (2006), pp. 13–23 [25] S. Luke, G.C. Balan, L. Panait, in Proceedings of the 2003 international conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation GECCO’03: Part II (2003), pp. 1729–1739 [26] K. Yanai, H. Iba, in Proceedings of the 2003 Congress on Evolutionary Computation CEC’03, vol. 3 (2003), vol. 3, pp. 1618–1625 [27] W

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K.K. Adewole and S.J. Bull

A mit M., 2009. Recent fracture and fatigue research in steel structures, National Council of Structural Engineers Associations(NCSEA). , assessed 02/03/2012. 8. S imulia , 2007. Abaqus documentation, Abaqus Incorporated, Dassault Systemes. 9. H ooputra H., G ese H., D ell , H., and W erner H., 2004. A Comprehensive Failure Model for Crashworthiness Simulation of Aluminium Extrusions. International Journal of Crashworthiness, Vol. 9, no.5, Pages 449–464. 10. A dewole K. K., B ull S. J

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Gaofa He, Jie Meng, Renbing Tan and Peng Zhong

] Sun, Z., Wang, X., Han, B. (2013). Dielectric property of binary phase composite and its interface investigated by electric force microscope. Acta Physica Sinica , 62 (03), 95-100. (in Chinese) [13] Villeneuvefaure, C., Boudou, L., Makasheva, K., Teyssedre, G. (2017). Methodology for extraction of space charge density profiles at nanoscale from Kelvin probe force microscopy measurements. Nanotechnology , 28 (50), 505701. [14] Boularas, A., Baudoin, F., Villeneuvefaure, C., Clain, S., Teyssedre, G. (2014). Multi-dimensional modelling of electrostatic

Open access

Guido Bologna and Yoichi Hayashi

neural network, in: Hybrid neural systems, Springer, 2000, pp. 240-254 [4] G. Bologna, A study on rule extraction from several combined neural networks, International journal of neural systems 11, 03, 2001, 247-255 [5] G. Bologn, Is it worth generating rules from neural network ensembles?, Journal of Applied Logic 2, 3, 2004, 325-348 [6] A. A. Freitas, Comprehensible classification models: a position paper, ACM SIGKDD explorations newsletter 15, 1, 2014, 1-10 [7] J. Chorowski, J. M. Zurada, Learning

Open access

Tomasz Garbolino

-Wen Liu, Jr-Yang Huang, “IEEE 1500 Compatible Interconnect Test with Maximal Test Concurrency”, in Procs. 18th IEEE Asian Test Symposium - ATS 2009, 2009, Taichung, Taiwan, pp. 269-274. [20] P. Magarshack, P.G. Paulin, “System-on-Chip beyond the Nanometer Wall”, in Procs. 40th IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference - DAC’03, Anaheim, USA, 2003, pp. 419-424. [21] P. Nordholz, D. Treytnar, J. Otterstedt, H. Grabinski, D. Niggemeyer, T.W. Williams, “Signal Integrity Problems in Deep Submicron arising from Interconnects between Cores”, in

Open access

Chun-Yao Lee, Cheng-Chien Kuo, Ryan Liu, I-Hsiang Tseng and Lu-Chen Chang

, M. (2007). A modified probabilistic neural network for partial volume segmentation in brain MR image. IEEE Transactions on Neural Network , 18 (5), 1424-1432. [22] Chen, B., Liu, H., Chia, J., Bao, Z. (2009). Large margin feature weighting method via linear programming. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering , 21 (10), 1475-1488. [23] Middlemiss, M.J., Dick, G. (2003). Weighted feature extraction using genetic algorithms for intrusion detection. In The 2003 Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC ‘03) , 8

Open access

Paweł Kosz

. [20] Cobham Antenna Systems, “VHF/UHF Whip Antenna – OA1-0.03-0.50V/2013”, Technical Data Sheet , 2013. [21] Rohde & Schwarz, “Active Directional Antenna – HE300”, Technical Data Sheet , 2014. [22] Anritsu, “Spectrum Master – User Guide – MS2721B”, Technical Data Sheet , 2008. [23] S. J. Ambroziak, “Measuring research on radio wave propagation – normative requirements (in Polish)”, Telecommunication Review and Telecommunication News , vol. 2-3, pp. 84-89, 2010. [24] ITU-R P.522-5 “Calculation of Free-Space Attenuation”, 1994. [25] R