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Maja Remic, Gašper Žerovnik and Janez Žerovnik

, Shen, V. Y, Schwetman, H. D. (1975), "Analysis of several task-scheduling algorithms for a model of multiprogramming computer systems", Journal of ACM, Vol. 22, No. 4, pp. 522-550. Milnes, A. G. (2002), "Guide to the documentation of 25 year of geoscientific research (1976-2000)", Technical Report, No. 02-18, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., Sweden, Stockholm, March 2002. Yao, A. C. (1980), "New algorithms for bin packing", Journal of the ACM, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp. 207

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Polona Pavlovčič

Measurements, if Certain Values of the Parameters are Applied in the System, Using Fuzzy Logic”, available at: (19 December 2017). 18. Montenbruck, O., Steigenberger, P., Hauschild, A. (2015),”Broadcast versus Precise Ephemerides: a Multi-GNSS Perspective”, GPS Solutions, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 321-333. 19. Navratil, G. (2003), “Precision of Area Calculation”, in Proceedings of ESRI 2003 - 8th European User Conference, Innsbruck, Austria

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Ewa Więcek-Janka, Rafał Mierzwiak and Joanna Kijewska

-Janka, E. (2015). The analysis of successors’ competencies in family enterprises with the use of grey system theory. Grey Systems: Theory and Application, 5(3), 302-312. 28. Sharma, P. (2002, August). Stakeholder mapping technique: Toward the development of a family firm typology. Paper presented at the 62nd meeting of the Academy of Management, Denver, CO. 29. Swagger, G. (1991). Assessing the successor generation in family businesses. Family Business Review, 4, 397-411.

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Eva Lorenčič

term structure of government bond yields. Journal of Econometrics, 130(2), 337-364. 10. Diebold, F. X., Li, C., & Yue, V. Z. (2008). Global yield curve dynamics and interactions: A dynamic Nelson-Siegel approach. Journal of Econometrics, 146(2), 351-363. 11. Diebold, F. X., Rudebusch, G. D., & Aruoba, B. (2006). The macroeconomy and the yield curve: a dynamic latent factor approach. Journal of Econometrics, 131(1-2), 309-338. http

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Vito Bobek, Anita Maček, Sarah Bradler and Tatjana Horvat

Aging and Social Policy , 8 (4), 25–46. Blau, F., & Kahn, L. M. (2000). Gender Differences in Pay. Journal of Economic Perspectives , 14 (1), 75–99. Boglietti, G. (1974). Discrimination against older workers and the promotion of equality of opportunity. International Labour Review, 110 (4), 351–365. Charles, K. K., & Guryan, J. (2007). Prejudice and the economics of discrimination, NBER Working Paper No. 13661. Cheung, H. K., King, E., Lindsey, A., Membere, A

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Aleksandra Vehovar, Damijan Mumel and Lidija Hauptman

. Jackson, B. R., & Milliron, V. C. (1986). Tax Compliance research: Findings, problems and prospects. Journal of Accounting Literature, 5, 125-165. Kastlunger B., Dressler S. G., Kirchler E., Mittone L., Voracek. (2010). Sex differences in tax compliance: Differentiating between demographic sex, gender-role orientation, and prenatal masculinization. Journal of Economic Psychology, 31, 542-552. Korndörfer, M. (2014). Measuring and explaining tax evasion: Improving self-reports using the crosswisse

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Damir Šehović

References 1. Akerlof, G., Dickens, W., Perry, G. (1996), “The Macroeconomics of Low Inflation”, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 1:1996, pp.1-76. 2. Baunsgaard, T., Symansky, S.A. (2009), “Automatic Fiscal Stabilizers: How Can They Be Enhanced Without Increasing the Size of Government”, IMF Staff Position Note No 09/23. International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC, pp. 5-23. 3. Blanchard, O., Dell’Ariccia, G., Mauro, P. (2010), “Rethinking macroeconomic policy”, IMF Staff Position Note, IMF, Washington D

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Tanja Zdolšek Draksler and Karin Širec

impacting the business planning–performance relationship in small firms. Journal of Business Venturing , 25 , 24–40. Brophy, M., in Kiely, T. (2002). Competencies: A new sector. Journal of European Industrial Training , 26 (2), 165-176. Brush, C. G. (2008). Pioneering strategies for entrepreneurial success. Business Horizons , 51 , 21–27. Busenitz, L.W., Barney, J.B. (1997). Differences between entrepreneurs and

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Mira Zore, Majda Bastič and Matjaž Mulej

:// 35. Tabachnick, B. G., & Fidell, L. S. (1989). Using multivariate statistics (2 nd ed.). New York: Harper and Row. 36. Theaker, A. (2012). Consumer public relations. The Public Relations Strategic Toolkit: An Essential Guide to Successful Public Relations Practice, 8 , 313. 37. Treviño, L. K., Brown, M., & Hartman, L. P. (2003). A qualitative investigation of perceived executive ethical leadership: Perceptions from inside and outside the executive suite. Human Relations , 56 (1), 5–37.

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Berislav Žmuk

://[Hyndman].pdf 24. Kovarik, M., & Klimek, P. (2012). The usage of time series control charts for financial process analysis. Journal of Competitiveness, 4 (3), 29–45. 25. Kovarik, M., & Sarga, L. (2014). Implementing control charts to corporate financial management. WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics, 13 , 246–255. 26. Levich, R. M., & Rizzo, R. C. (1998). Alternative tests for time series dependence based on autocorrelation coefficients . Retrieved from 27. Lewellen, J