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Monika Fiedorczuk

. and Stepanov, S. (2007). A Survey of Corporate Governance in Russia, CEFIR, Working Paper No 103, Moscow. Obtained from: (20.03.2014). Mace, M.L. (1971). Directors: Myth and Reality. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Mace, M.L. (1979). Directors: Myth And Reality - Ten Years Later. Rutgers Law Review, 32: 293-307. Malginov, G. (2000). Uchastie gosudarstva v upravlenii korporativnymi strukturami v Rossii. Voprosy ekonomiki, 9: 18-33. Malginov, G

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Gavin Rae

References BBC (2009). Crisis Cost US $10,000 Each, (04.03.2013). (2014) Szczurek: po przekazaniu aktywów z OFE dług publiczny spadł o 9 proc. PKB, (11.12.2014). Cain, J.G. and Surdej, A. (1999). Transitional Politics or Public Choice? Evaluating Stalled Pension reforms in Poland. In: M. Rueschemeyer, L. Cook and M. Orenstein, Left Parties and Social Policy in Postcommunist Europe. Colorado: Westview Press. Central Statistics

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Anna Pikos

References Announcement No. 6 of the Minister of Finance of 6 December 2012 on detailed guidelines for the public sector pertaining to risk planning and management. Armenakis, A.A., Harris, S.G. and Feild, S. (1999). Paradigms in Organizational Change: A Review of Theory and Research in the 1990s. Journal of Management, 25(3): 293-315, Boyne, G.A. (2003). Sources of Public Service Improvement: A Critical Review and Research Agenda. Journal of Public Administration

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Eugene Kaciak and Andrzej K. Kozminski

enhancing organizational innovation: Hypotheses and some preliminary findings. The Leadership Quarterly , 14 , 525–544, Kellerman, B. (2012). The end of leadership . New York: Harper-Collins. Kozminski, A.K. (2015). Bounded Leadership: Empirical Study of Polish Elite. Polish Sociological Review, 4 (192), 425–453. Kyndt, E. and Baert, H. (2015). Entrepreneurial competencies: Assessment and predictive value for entrepreneurship. Journal of Vocational Behavior , 90 , 13–25,

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Katarzyna Tworek, Katarzyna Walecka-Jankowska and Anna Zgrzywa-Ziemak

Industries , 28 (4), 200–212. Shu-Hsien, L. (2003). Knowledge Management technologies and applications – literature review from 1995–2002. Expert Systems with Applications , 25 , 155–164, Soto-Acosta, P., Popa, S. and Martinez-Conesa, I. (2018). Information technology, knowledge management and environmental dynamism as drivers of innovation ambidexterity: a study in SMEs. Journal of Knowledge Management , 22 (4), 824–849. Srikantaih, K. and Koenig, M. (2001). Knowledge management for the information

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Tomasz Kupiec

Ewaluacji Programów Rozwoju Społeczno-Gospodarczego” (6th edition). Warszawa. Dunlop, C.A., Maggetti, M., Radaelli, C.M. and Russel, D. (2012). The many uses of regulatory impact assessment: A meta-analysis of EU and UK cases. Regulation & Governance, 6(1): 23-45. Gruening, G. (2001). Origin and theoretical basis of New Public Management. International Public Management Journal, 4(2001): 1-25. Guerin, K. (2003). Encouraging Quality Regulation

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Agata Stasik and Ewa Wilczyńska

. and Berryman, R.G. (2001). Detecting deception:adversarial problem solving in a low base-rate world. Cognitive Science , 25 : 355–392, Kshetri, N. (2015). Success of Crowd-based Online Technology in Fundraising: An Institutional Perspective. Journal of International Management , 21 (2): 100–116, Kuti, M. and Madarász, G. (2014). Crowdfunding. Public Finance Quarterly , 59 (3): 355–366. Lawton, K. and Marom, D. (2010). The Crowdfunding Revolution – Social

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Anna Górska

’s career progress. Social Psychology, 24, Heilman, M.E. and Eagly, A.H. (2008). Gender stereotypes are Alive, Well and Busy Producing Workplace discrimination. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 1. Hofstede, G., Masculine Index in Poland, (25.01.2017). Hofstede, G. (2001). Culture’s Consequences. Sage. Hofstede, G. (2011). Dimensionalizing Cultures: The Hofstede Model in Context, http

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Olga Kolomiiets, Magdalena Krzyżanowska and Grzegorz Mazurek

:// Gallarza, M.G., Saura, I.G. and Holbrook M.B. (2011). The value of value: Further excursions on the meaning and role of customer value. Journal of Consumer Behaviour , 10 : 179–191, Gebauer H., Johnson M. and Enquist, B. (2010). Value co-creation as a determinant of success in public transport services: a study of the Swiss Federal Railway operator (SBB). Managing Service Quality , 20 (6): 511–530, Greenwald, A.G. and Banaji, M

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Jessica Kowalczuk

Quarterly , 8 (2): 25–34. Shaw, T. and Jarvenpaa, S. (1997). Process Models in Information Systems. Information Systems and Qualitative Research . Chapman and Hall, London, U.K., Shih, H.P. (2004). An empirical study on predicting user acceptance of e-shopping on the Web. Information & Management , 41 (3): 351–368, Simon, H.A. (1957). Administrative Behavior . Cambridge University Press. Smith, R. et al. (2013). Cross-Cultural Examination of Online