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Carlos Jorge Lenczewski Martins

Consumer Contracts. Retrieved from (25-03-2017). Robinson, G. (2009, September 22). Exchanges Warn G20 of Dangers in ‘Dark Pools’, FT. Retrieved from (31-03-2017). SEC, (2017). Rule 613 Info, SEC. Retrieved from (17-03-2017). SIDLEY, (2016). SEC Proposes Rules to Enhance

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Angelica-Nicoleta Neculăesei Onea

R eferences 1. Allport, Gordon (1979/1954), The Nature of Prejudice:25th Anniversary Edition, Cambridge, Perseus Books. 2. Avigdor, Rosette, 1953, Étude expérimentale de la genèse des stéréotypes. Cahiers internationaux de sociologie , 14 , 154-168, 3. [Accessed 15.03.2017]. 4. Bosche, Marc (1991), La problématique du management interculturel (thése de doctorat), Paris: Université de Paris IX Dauphine. 5. Bosche, Marc (1993 a), Le management interculturel, Paris

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Agata Gniadkowska-Szymańska

, Bid-ask Spread, Residual, Risk and Size on Stock Returns. Journal of Finance , No. 44. Bekaert, G., Harvey, C., Lundblad, C. (2007). Liquidity and Expected Returns: Lessons from Emerging Markets. Review of Financial Studies, 20 (6), 1783-1831. Bertsimas, D., Lo, A. (1998). Optimal Control of Execution Costs. Journal of Financial Markets , vol. 1, issue 1, 1-50. Brennan, M.J., Subrahmanyam, A. (1996). Market Microstructure and Asset Pricing: On the Compensation for Illiquidity in Stock Returns. Journal of Financial Economics 41 , 441

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Sotirios K. Bellos

’, International Review of Applied Economics, 26(3), pp 303-328, DOI: 10.1080/02692171.2011.587110 Benelli, R., 2003. “Do IMF-supported Programs boost Private Capital Inflows? The role of Program Size and Policy Adjustment”, IMF Working Paper, WP/03/231 Biglaiser, G., DeRouen, K., Jr., 2010. “The Effects of IMF Programs on US Foreign Direct Investment in the World”, The Review of International Organizations, 5(1), pp 73-95 Bird, G., 2002. “The completion Rate of IMF programs: What we Know, Don’t Know and need to Know”, World

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Magdalena Jasiniak

, vol 1 .(79), 585-593. Brennan, M, Copeland, T.E. (1988). Stock Splits, Stock Prices, and Transaction Costs, Journal of Financial Economics, 22 , 83-101. Christie, W.G, Schultz, P.H. (1994). Why do Nasdaq Market Makers Avoid Odd – Eight Quotes?, The Journal of Finance, 49 (5), 1813 – 1840. Falkowski, A., Tyszka, T. (2006). Psychologia zachowań konsumenckich. Gdańsk: GWP. Fama, E.F. (1970). Efficient Capital Markets: A Review of Theory and Empirical Work. The Journal of Finance, 25 (2), 383-417. Fernando, C., Krishnamurthy, S

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Katarzyna Wierzbicka

(38). Freedman, D.M., Nutting, M.R. (2015). Equity Crowdfunding for Investors: A Guide to Risks, Returns, Regulations, Funding Portals, Due Diligence and Deal Terms. John Wiley & Son. Gadomski, W. (2017). Crowdfunding w Europie pozostanie nieregulowany. Retrieved from: , data pobrania 25.11.2017. Komunikat Komisji do Parlamentu Europejskiego, Rady, Europejskiego Komitetu Ekonomiczno-Społecznego i Komitetu Regionów z dnia 27.03.2014 r. pt. ,,Uwolnienie

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Yilmaz Bayar

R eferences 1. Allianz (2014), 2014 Pension Sustainability Index , [Accessed 03.05.2015] 2. Aras, G., Müslümov, A. (2005), “Institutional Investors and Stock Market Development: A Causality Study”, ISE Review , Vol.29, pp.1–14. 3. Barna, F., Mura, P.O. (2010), “Capital Market Development and Economic Growth: The Case Of Romania”, Annals of the University of Petrosani-Economics , Vol.10, No.2, pp.31-42. 4. Ben-David, D., Lumsdaine, R.L., Papell, D

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Mondiu T. Jaiyesimi, Tokunbo S. Osinubi and Lloyd Amaghionyeodiwe

Harmonised Input‐Output and Bilateral Trade Database” , OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Papers, No. 2009/03, OECD Publishing, Paris, 32. Narayan P.K., Smyth R. and Prasad A. (2007) “Electricity Consumption in G7 Countries: A panel cointegration analysis of residential demand elasticities” Energy Policy, Vol.35, No. 10, pp 4485-4494. 33. Narayan, P.K. and Prasad, A. (2008) “Electricity Consumption-Real GDP Causality Nexus: Evidence from a bootstrapped causality test for 30 OECD countries

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Shimon Elbaz and Adriana Zaiț

R eferences 1. Abrahamse, W., Steg, L., Vlek., C., and Rothengatter, T. (2005). A review of intervention studies aimed at household energy conservation. Journal of Environment Psychology , 25, pp. 273-291. 2. Bartram, L., Rodgers, J., and Muise, K. (2010) Chasing the Megawatt: Visualization for Sustainable Living. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications , 30 (3), 8-12. 3. Bc Hydro (2008). Residential Inclining Block Application. February 2008 4. Benders, RMJ, Kok, R, Moll, HC, Wiersma, G, and Noorman, HC (2006) New approaches for

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Vlado Vujanić and Dragan Gligorić

Database, April 2016. [Zvanični podaci]. Dostupno na veb sajtu Međunarodnog monetarnog fonda: ˃ 2016/01 ˃ weodata 23. Reinhart, C. M. and Rogoff, K. S. (2002). The Modern Historu of Exchange Rate Arrangements: a Reinterpretation. NBER, Working Paper 8963. 24. Rogoff, K., Husain, A. M., Mody, A., Brooks, R. and Oomes, N. (2003). Evolution and Performances of Exchange Rate Regimes. International Monetary Fund, WP/03/243. 25. Sosvilla-Riveroa, S. and Ramos-Herreraa, M. C. (2014). Exchange-rate regimes and