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Anthony M. Ugbenyen, John J. Simonis and Albertus K. Basson

.E., Maldonado, L.A., Masson, D.G., Ward, A.C., Goodfellow, M., and Bull, A., 2003. Statistical approaches for estimating actinobacterial diversity in marine sediments. Appl. Environ. Microbiol ., 69 , 6189-6200. Stephen, F.A., Thomas, L.M., Alejandro, A.S., Jinghui, Z., Zheng, Z., Webb, M., and David, J.L., 1997. Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database searchprograms. Nucleic Acids Res ., 25 , 3389-3402. Tyagi, R.D., Surampalli, R.Y., Zhang, T.C., Kao, C.M., Lohani, B.N., 2009. Sustainable Sludge Management: Production of Added

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Modinah A.O. Abdul Raheem, Faoziyat A. Sulaiman, Halimat A. Abdulrahim, Olatunde Ahmed, Kamil O. Yusuf, Abdulrahman A. Mukadam, Latifat O. Ganiyu, Lateef A. Kamilu, Khadijat B. Oladepo, Grace O. Alimi, Daniel Afolayan and Taiwo Odeniran

by Kenneth Helrich, fifteenth edition, suite 400 2200 wilson boulevard Arlington, Virginia 22201 USA Asquith, T.N., Butler, L.G., 1986. Interaction of condensed Tannins with selected proteins. Phytochem, 25 (7), 591-1593. Bania, T.C., Chu, J., Bailes, D. and O’Neill, M., 2004. Jimson weed extract as a protective agent in severe organophosphate toxicity. Acad. Emerg. Med ., 11 (4), 335-338. Barile, E., Bonanomi,G., Antignani, V., Zolfaghari, B.,Ebrahim, S., Scala, F. and Lanzotti, V., 2007. Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial assessment of

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Anna Imola Henning

of Landscape Character Assessment. Scottish Natural Commissioned Report F03 AA307. Website of Scottish Natural Heritage: [8] Kollányi, L. (2012), A TÉKA projekt eredményei. V. Magyar Tájökológiai Konferencia, Sopron 2012.08.25-27. Website:

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Katarzyna Janda and Agata Markowska-Szczupak

. , 69(1), 61.66. DOI: 10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2004.07.010. Cassells, J.A., Caddick, L.P., Green, J.R. & Reuss R. (2003). Isotherms for Australian canola varieties. Proceedings of the Australian Postharvest Technical Conference (pp. 59.63). Canberra, 25.27 June 2003. Canberra: CSIRO Stored Grain Research Laboratory. Daun, J.K., Cooke, L.A. & Clear R.M. (1986). Quality, morphology and storability of canola and rapeseed harvested after overwintering in Northern Alberta. JAOCS , 63, 1333.1340. DOI: 10.1007/BF02679596. Del Fratte, G. & Caretta G. (1990). Fungi isolated

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Wolfgang Sulzer, Josef Gspurning, Martin Magnes, Richard Pink, Marc Muick and Philipp Sengl

:// Bock, M., Xogis, P. Mitchley, J., Rossner, G. & Wissen M. (2005). Object-oriented methods for habitat mapping at multiple scales - Case studies from Northern Germany and Wye Downs, UK. J. Nat. Conserv., 13, 75-89. doi: 10.1016/j. jnc.2004.12.002. Derekenaris, G., Garofalakis, J., Makris, C., Prentzas, J., Sioutas, S. & Tsakalidis A. (2001). Integrating GIS, GPS and GSM technologies for the effective management of ambulances. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 25, 267−278. Ehlers, M. (2000). Integrated GIS-from data integration

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Daniela Kellerová and Rastislav Janík

-007-9723-1. Cox, R.M. (2003). The use of passive sampling to monitor forest exposure to O3, NO2, SO2: a review and some case studies. Environ. Pollut., 126, 301−311. DO I: 10.1016/S0269-7491(03)00243-4. De Vries, W., Reinds, G.J., Posch, M., Sanz, M.J., Krause, G.H.M., Catalayud, V., Renaud, J.P., Dupouey, J.L., Sterba, H., Vel, E.M., Dobbertin, M., Gundersen, P. & Voogd J.C.H. (2003). Intensive monitoring of forest ecosystems in Europe. Brussels: UNECE, FIMC I. Dubová, M. & Bublinec E. (2006). Evaluation of sulphur and nitrate

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Anna Majchrowska

.landurbplan.2003.10.006. Keenleyside, C. & Tucker G.M. (2010). Farmland Abandonment in the EU: an Assessment of Trends and Prospects. Report prepared for WWF. London: Institute for European Environmental Policy. Park Krajobrazowy Wzniesień Łodzkich (2003). Załącznik nr 1 do rozporządzenia nr 5/03 Wojewody Łodzkiego z dnia 31 lipca 2003. Synteza planu ochrony., Accessed 28th October 2012. Pointereau, P., Coulon, F., Girard, P., Lambotte, M., Stuczynski, T., Sanchez Ortega, V., Del Rio

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Zuzana Sarvašová, Klára Báliková, Zuzana Dobšinská, Martina Štěrbová and Jaroslav Šálka

References Bösch, M., Elsasser, P., Franz, K., Schneider, H., Lorenz, M., Moning, C., Olschewski, R., Roedl, A., Schröppel, B. & Weller P. (2018). Forest Ecosystem Services in rural areas of Germany - insights from the national TEEB study. Ecosystem Services, 31(Part A), 77−83. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoser.2018.03.014. Bujnovský, R. (2015). Evaluation of the ecosystem services of inland waters in the Slovak Republic - to date findings. Ekológia (Bratislava) , 34(1), 19−25. DOI: 10.1515/eko-2015-0003. Collins, S. & Larry B. (2008). Caring for our

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Ágnes Keresztesi, Réka Boga, Zsolt Bodor, Katalin Bodor, Szende Tonk, György Deák and Ion-Andrei Nita

, 3959–3969. doi:10.1007/s11356-016-8093-z Charlson, R.J., Rodhe, H., 1982. Factors controlling the acidity of natural rainwater. Nature 295, 683–685. doi:10.1038/295683a0 Chate, D.M., Rao, P.S.P., Naik, M.S., Momin, G.A., Safai, P.D., Ali, K., 2003. Scavenging of aerosols and their chemical species by rain. Atmos. Environ. 37, 2477–2484. doi:10.1016/S1352-2310(03)00162-6 Chu, S.H., 2004. PM2.5 episodes as observed in the speciation trends network. Atmos. Environ. 38, 5237–5246. doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2004.01.055 Ciężka, M., Modelska, M

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Pavel Ondr, Jiří Pečenka, Jakub Polenský and Jiří Ciml

.D. & Lichtenstein M. (2004). Urbanization on the US landscape: looking ahead in the 21st century. Landsc. Urban Plann., 69, 219−234. DOI : 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2003.07.004. Antrop, M. (2000). Changing patterns in the urbanized countryside of Western Europe. Landsc. Ecol., 15, 257−270. DOI : 10.1023/A:1008151109252. Antrop, M. (2004). Landscape change and the urbanization process in Europe. Landsc. Urban Plann., 67, 9−26. DOI : 10.1016/S0169-2046(03)00026-4. Arnold, J.G., Srinivasan, R., Muttiah, R.S. & Williams, J.R. (1998). Large