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Iron induced genotoxicity: attenuation by vitamin C and its optimization

References Abalea V, Cillard J, Dubos MP, Sergent O, Cillard P, Morel I. (1999). Repair of iron induced DNA oxidation by the flavonoid myricetin in primary rat hepatocyte cultures. Free Rad Biol Med 26(11-12): 1457-1466. Antunes LM, Takahashi CS. (1998). Eff ects of high doses of vitamins C and E against doxorubicin-induced chromosomal damage in Wistar rat bone marrow cells. Mutat Res 419: 137-143. Benoni G, Cuzzolin L, Zambreri D, Donini M, Del Soldato P, Caramazza I. (1993). Gastrointestinal eff ects of single

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Antioxidant modulation of nevirapine induced hepatotoxicity in rats

). Clinical Pathology. In Latimer KS, Mahaffey EA and Prasse KW (eds.) Duncan and Prasse’s Veterinary Laboratory Medicine. 4 th ed. pp.193–214. Iowa State Press, Ames. Batterham M, Gold J, Naidoo D, Lux O, Sadler S, Bridle S, Ewing M, Oliver C (2001). A preliminary open label dose comparison using an antioxidant regimen to determine the effect on viral load and oxidative stress in men with HIV/AIDS. Eur J Clin Nutr 55 : 107–114. Carol SJ, Claudia GM, Srilakshmi JC (1993). Vitamin C elevates red blood cell glutathione in healthy adults. Am J Clin Nutr 58

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Impact of quercetin on tight junctional proteins and BDNF signaling molecules in hippocampus of PCBs-exposed rats

weights, aroma-tase activity, sex hormone levels, and sweet preference behavior. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 158 (3): 231–43. Harman D. (2006). Free radical theory of aging: an update: increasing the functional life span. Ann N Y Acad Sci 1067 : 10–21. Heo HJ, Lee CY. (2004). Protective effects of quercetin and vitamin C against oxidative stress-induced neurodegeneration. J Agric Food Chem 52 (25): 7514–7. Huang EJ, Reichardt LF. (2003). Trk receptors: roles in neuronal signal transduction. Annu Rev Biochem 72 : 609–42. Kaplan DR, Miller FD

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Sub-chronic oral toxicity assessment (90 days) of ethanolic fraction of leaves of Neurocalyx calycinus (R. Br. ex Benn.) Rob. in rodents: A lesser known ethnomedicinal plant from the Cholanaickan tribal community, India

metabolic rate, and morphology in reproducing mice, mus musculus. Physiol Zool . 69 : 746–769. Sutcu R, Altuntas I, Yildirim B, Karahan N, Demirin H, Delibas N. (2006). The effects of subchronic methidathion toxicity on rat liver: Role of antioxidant vitamins C and E. Cell Biol Toxicol 22 : 221–227. Suvarna KS, Layton C, Bancroft JD. (2012). Bancroft’s theory and practice of histological techniques, 7th ed. Elsevier Science Health Science div, Oxford. Takhtajan A. (2009). Flowering plants, 2nd ed. Springer Science, New York. Teo S, Stirling D

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In vivo analysis of Bisphenol A induced dose-dependent adverse effects in cauda epididymis of mice

, Hu Y, Wu W, Qiu L, Zhang R, Wang Y, Wang S. (2012). Bisphenol A alters n-6 fatty acid composition and decreases antioxidant enzyme levels in rat testes: a LC-QTOF-based metabolomics study. PloS one. 7 (9): e44754. Chitra KC, Rao KR, Mathur PP. (2003). Effect of bisphenol A and co-administration of bisphenol A and vitamin C on epididymis of adult rats: a histological and biochemical study. Asian J Androl 5 (3): 203–208. Chitra KC, Sujatha R, Latchoumycandane C, Mathur PP. (2001). Effect of lin-dane on antioxidant enzymes in epididymis and

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Medicinal plants and natural products can play a significant role in mitigation of mercury toxicity

Dalton’s ascitic lymphoma in mice. Interdiscip Toxicol 8 : 125–130. Lakshmi BV, Sudhakar M, Nireesha G. (2014). Modification of mercury-induced biochemical alterations by Triticum aestivum Linn in rats. Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 58 : 423–436. Lee J, Lee SJ, Lim KT. (2014). Preventive effects of ZPDC glycoprotein (24 kDa) on hepatotoxicity induced by mercury chloride in vitro and in vivo . Cell Biochem Funct 32 : 520–529. Lee JH, Moniruzzaman M, Yun H, Lee S, Park Y, Bai SC. (2016). Dietary vitamin C reduced mercury contents in the

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Review article. Adverse hematological effects of hexavalent chromium: an overview

No. 16065-83-1. In support of Summary Information on the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) Accession No: PB99-137341 Fernandes MAS, Geraldes CFGC, Oliveira CR, Alpoim MC. (2000). Chromateinduced human erythrocytes haemoglobin oxidation and peroxidation: infl uence of vitamin E, vitamin C, salicylate, deferoxamine, and N-ethylmaleimide. Toxicol Lett 114 : 237-243. Fernandes MAS, Mota IM, Silva MTL, Oliveira CR, Geraldes CFGC, Alpoim MC. (1999). Human erythrocytes are protected against chromate induced peroxidation. Ecotoxicol

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The ameliorative effect of ascorbic acid and Ginkgo biloba on learning and memory deficits associated with fluoride exposure

: where are we now? J Neurochem 97(6): 1634-1658. Halliwell B. (1996). Vitamin C: antioxidant or pro-oxidant in vivo? Free Radic Res 25(5): 439-454. Harrison FE, Hosseini AH, Dawes SM, Weaver S, May JM. (2009). Ascorbic acid attenuates scopolamine-induced spatial learning defi cits in the water maze. Behav Brain Res 205(2): 550-558. Harrison FE, Hosseini AH, Mc Donald MP, May JM. (2009). Vitamin C reduces spatial learning defi cits in middle-aged and very old APP/PSEN1 transgenic and wild-type mice. Pharmacol Biochem Behav

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Peripheral blood and bone marrow responses under stress of cypermethrin in albino rats

-195. Aldana L, Tsutsumi V, Craigmill A, Silveira MI, de Mejia EG. (2001). Alpha-tocopherol modulates liver toxicity of the pyrethroid cypermethrin. Toxicol Lett 135: 107-116. Assayed ME, Khalaf AA, Salem HA. (2010). Protective effects of garlic extract and vitamin C against in vivo cypermethrin-induced cytogenetic damage in rat bone-marrow. Mut Res 702: 1-7. Bhushan B, Saxena N, Saxena PN. (2010). Beta-cyfluthrin induced histochemical alterations in the liver of albino rat. Scand J Lab Anim Sci 37(2): 61-66. Bhushan B, Saxena

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Lycopene supplementation prevents reactive oxygen species mediated apoptosis in Sertoli cells of adult albino rats exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls

. (2005a). Impact of polychlorinated biphenyl Aroclor 1254 on testicular antioxidant system in adult rats. Hum Exp Toxicol 24 : 61-66. Murugesan P, Muthusamy T, Balasubramanian K, Arunakaran J. (2005b). Studies on the protective role of vitamin C and E against polychlorinated biphenyl (Aroclor 1254)-induced oxidative damage in Leydig cells. Free Rad Res 39 : 1259-1272. Nehar D, Mauduit C, Boussouar F, Benahmed M. (1998). Interleukin 1a Stimulates Lactate Dehydrogenase A Expression and Lactate production in cultured porcine Sertoli

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