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Protective effects of boron and vitamin E on ethylene glycol-induced renal crystal calcium deposition in rat

damage is mediated via ERK1/2. Toxicol lett 191, 279–288, 2009. Atakan IH, Kaplan M, Seren G, Aktoz T, Gul H, Inci O. Serum, urinary and stone zinc, iron, magnesium and copper levels in idiopathic calcium oxalate stone patients. Int Urol Nephrol 39, 351–356, 2007. Badgujar PC, Pawar NN, Chandratre GA, Telang AG, Sharma A K. Fipronil induced oxidative stress in kidney and brain of mice: Protective effect of vitamin E and vitamin C. Pestic Biochem physiol 118, 10–18, 2015. Brigelius-Flohe R, Traber MG. Vitamin E: function and metabolism. FASEB Journal

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Vitamin E improved redox homeostasis in heart and aorta of hypothyroid rats

, 2998-3007, 2008. Reaven PD, Khouw A, Beltz WF, Parthasarathy S, Witztum JL. Eff ect of dietary antioxidant combinations in humans. Protection of LDL by vitamin E but not by beta-carotene. Arterioscler Th romb Vasc Biol 13, 590-600, 1993. Rietjens IM, Boer sma MG, de Haan L, Spenkelink B, Awad HM, Cnubben NH, van Zanden JJ, Woude Hv, Alink GM, Koeman JH. Th e pro-oxidant chemistry of the natural antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids and fl avonoids. Environ Toxicol Pharmacol 11, 321-333, 2002. Riddles PW

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