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Creativity and Rural Tourism

Uncertainty in Rural America Rural Realities , 3(2), pp. 1-15. Morgan, J. Q., Lambe, W., Freyer, A. (2009b). Homegrown Responses to Economic Uncertainty in Rural America Rural Realities , 3(2), pp. 1-15. Ohridska-Olson, R., Ivanov, S. (2010a). Creative Tourism Business Model and its Application in Bulgaria. [online] [Cited 2012-05-21] Available from Internet Ohridska-Olson, R., Ivanov, S. (2010b). Creative Tourism Business Model and its Application in Bulgaria

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Cultural tourism: new opportunities for diversifying the tourism industry in Botswana

References Boissevain, J., 2006: Coping with mass cultural tourism: structure and strategies. In: Gazeto Internacia de Antropologio, Vol. 1, pp. 2-12. BTDP (Botswana Tourism Development Program), 1999: Botswana’s market position and development potential: Results of the tour operator survey. Gaborone, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Tourism. BTDP (Botswana Tourism Development Program), 2000: Botswana tourism master plan. Final draft. Gaborone, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of

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Heritage proximity, attitudes to tourism impacts and residents’ support for heritage tourism in Kaole Site, Tanzania

References Andereck, K.L., Valentine, K.M., Knopf, R.C. and Vogt, C.A. , 2005: Residents’ Perceptions of Community Tourism Impacts. In: Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 32, No. 4, pp. 1056-1076. Andereck, K.L. and Nyaupane, G.P., 2011: Exploring the Nature of Tourism and Quality of Life Perceptions Among Residents. In: Journal of Travel Research , Vol. 50, pp. 248-260. Andriotis, K.L., 2005: Community Groups’ Perceptions of and Preferences for Tourism Development: Evidence from Crete. In: Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research , Vol

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Individual Aspects in Professional Training of Tourism Specialists in the UK

REFERENCES 1. Airey, D. (2006a). Chapter 2. Growth and development. D. Airey & J. Tribe (Eds.), An International Handbook of Tourism Education (pp. 13–24). Amsterdam: Elsevier. 2. Airey, D. (2006b). Chapter 19. United Kingdom. D. Airey & J. Tribe (Eds.), An International Handbook of Tourism Education (pp. 271–282). Amsterdam: Elsevier. 3. Airey, D., & Tribe, J. (2000). Education for hospitality. In C. Lashley & A. Morrison (Eds.), In Search for Hospitality: Theoretical Perspectives and Debates (pp. 192–276). Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann

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Rethinking slum tourism: tourism in South Africa’s rural slumlands

References Allie-Nieftagodien, S., 2013: Pro-Poor Tourism in Alexandra Since 1994: A Case Study of St Michaels Church and SA Jewel. MA Research Report, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Basu, K., 2012: Slum Tourism: For the Poor, By the Poor. In Frenzel, F., Koens, K. and Steinbrink, M., editors, Slum Tourism: Poverty, Power and Ethics, London, Routledge, 66-82. Bialostocka, O., 2013: Liberation Heritage Route: Reminiscent of a Painful Past or a Road to the Future?. Pretoria: Africa Institute Policy

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Residents’ Attitudes and Perception towards Tourism Development: A Case Study of Rural Tourism in Dragacevo, Serbia

References Baum, S., 2012. ‘The Tourist potential of Rural area in Poland’. Eastern European Countryside 17 (1), pp. 107-137. Brougham, J., Butler, R., 1981. ‘A segmentation analysis of resident attitudes to the social impact of tourism’, Annals of Tourism Research 7, pp. 569-590. Gursoy, D., Chi, C.G. and Dyer, P., 2009. ‘An examination of locals’ attitudes’. Annals of Tourism Research 36, pp. 723-726. Gursoy, D., C. Jurowski, and M. Uysal, 2002. ‘Resident Attitudes: A Structural Modeling

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Battlefields Tourism: The status of heritage tourism in Dundee, South Africa

References Abaqulusi Local Municipality., 2014: Draft IDP 2013/14. Available at: DoA: 10 July 2014. Anonymous, 2013a: Interview, Accommodation Owner in Dundee. Anonymous, 2013b: Interview, Accommodation Owner in the Rorke’s Drift area. Anonymous, 2014a: Interview, Tourist Guide & owner of a bed and breakfast in Dundee. Anonymous, 2014b: Interview, Tourism Officer in the Endumeni Local Municipality

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Tourism in Poland following EU entry

References Akerhielm, P., Dev, C.S. and Noden, M.A ., 2003: Brand Europe: European Integration and Tourism Development. In: Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, Vol. 44. No. 5&6, pp. 88-93. DOI: 10.1016/ S0010-8804(03)90112-1 Bartoszewicz, W. and Skalska, T ., 2004: Zagraniczna turystyka przyjazdowa do Polski w 2003 roku (For eign tourist arrivals in Poland in 2003 - in Polish), Warszawa: Instytut Turystyki. Bartoszewicz, W. and Skalska, T ., 2011: Zagraniczna turystyka przyjazdowa do

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The Foreign Languages Factor in the Development of Tourism in Nigeria

Publications (Nigeria) Limited. 10 – 30. Bamiro, E. O. (1991). “Nigerian Englishes in Nigerian English Literature.” World Englishes 10.1. 7 – 19. Brann, C. M. B. (1981). “A Socio-Linguistic Typology of Language Contact in Nigeria: The Role of Translation” Babel 27.1. 9 – 12. Chakraborty, A. and Chakravarti, B. A. (2008). Global Tourism . New Delhi: A. P. H. Publishing Corporation. Cooper, C., Fletcher, J., Fyall, A., Gilbert, D. and Wanhill, S. (2008). Tourism Principles and Practice . (4 th Edition) Prentice Hall. Crystal, D. (1972

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Restructuring the geography of domestic tourism in South Africa

References Alipour, H., Kilic, H. and Zamani, N., 2013: The Untapped Potential of Sustainable Domestic Tourism in Iran. In: Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research , Vol. 24 (3), pp. 468-483. Anon., 2014a: NDT Taking Steps to Encourage South Africans To Travel Within Their Own Country. In: Bojanala , Vol. 3 (Oct-Dec), pp. 2-3. Anon., 2014b: Gogos From Rural Areas Given a Taste of Domestic Tourism. In: Bojanala , Vol. 3 (Oct-Dec), p. 8. Archer, B., 1978: Domestic Tourism as a Development Factor. In

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