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Achieving Sustainable Community-Based Tourism in Rural Myanmar: The Case of River Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin Tourism

REFERENCES Allendorf, Teri D., Myint Aung and Melissa Songer, “Using Residents’ Perceptions to Improve Park-People Relationships in Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary, Myanmar,” Journal of Environmental Management, Vol.99 (2012), pp.36-43. Alves, L.C.P.S., Artur Andriolo, Mark Orams and Alexander F. Azevedo, “The Growth of ‘Botos Feeding Tourism,’ a New Tourism Industry Based on the Boto (Amazon River Dolphin Inia Geoffrensis) in the Amazonas State,” Sitientibus Série Ciêncas Biológicas, Vol.11 (2011), pp.8-15. Arnstein, S.R., “A Ladder of Citizen

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Shadow Economy in Tourism: Some Conceptual Considerations from Croatia

References Asea, P.K. (1996). The Informal Sector: Baby or Bath Water? Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy, 45, 163-171. DOI: 10.1016/S0167-2231(96)00022-X Badariah, H.D., Habibullah, M.S. & Baharom, A.H. (2015). Does the Shadow Economy Matter for Tourism? International Evidence. Taylor’s Business Review, 5(1), 1-9. URL: Bajada, C. (1999). Estimates of the underground economy in Australia. Economic Record, 75(4), 369-384. DOI: 10

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Tourism industry in the new member states. Key countries and destinations

References Attila, A.T. (2016), “The Impact of the Hotel Industry on the Competitiveness of Tourism Destinations in Hungary”, Journal of Competitiveness, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 85 – 104. Bâc, D.P. (2015), “Endogenous Challenges for the Tourism Industry”, Quaestus Multidisciplinar Research Journal, No. 6/April 2015, pp. 231-239. Bodosca, S.L. (2016). “Priorities and strategies of sustainable development in tourism” in: Proceedings of the 10 th International Conference on Business Excellence, Bucharest, Academy of Economic Studies, pp. 207

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Motivational factors for educational tourism: marketing insights

References Abubakar, A. M., Shneikat, B.H.T. and Oday, A. (2014), “Motivational factors for educational tourism: A case study in Northern Cyprus”, Tourism Management Perspective s, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 58–62. . Adam, I. (2015), “Backpackers’ risk perceptions and risk reduction strategies in Ghana”, Tourism Management , Vol. 49, No. 1, pp. 99-108. Akareem, H. S. and Hossain, S. S. (2012), “Perception of education quality in private universities of

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Can Evaluation Trigger Change? The Case of the Interim Evaluation of the Croatian Tourism Development Strategy

REFERENCES Barca, F. (2006): European Union Evaluation between Myth and Reality: Reflections on the Italian Experience, Regional Studies, Routledge, Newcastle upon Tyne, Vol. 40. No.2: 273-276. Basle, M. (2006): Strengths and Weaknesses of European Union Policy Evaluation Methods: Ex-post Evaluation of Objective 2, 1994-99, Regional Studies, Routledge, Newcastle upon Tyne, Vol. 40. No. 2: 225-235. Cooper, C., Fletcher, J., Fyall, A., Gilbert, D., & Wanhill, S. (2008). Tourism: Principles and Practice (4th Edition). Pearson Education, Harlow, 704

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Clusters of Tourism Consumers in Romania

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The Impact of Destination Image on Tourists’ Satisfaction and Loyalty in the Context of Domestic Tourism

References [1] Aaker, D. (1991). Managing brand equity: capitalizing on the value of a brand name, New York: The Free Press. [2] Aaker, D. (1996). Measuring Brand Equity Across Products and Markets, California Management Review, 38(3), pp. 102-120. [3] Al Muala, A. (2017). The Impact Of Destination Image On Tourist Destination Loyalty In Jordan Tourism: The Mediating Effect Of Perceived Trust, EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review, 5(2), pp. 117-124. [4] Almeyda-Ibanez, M

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Introduction of Innovations in the Tourism Industry: Experience of Ukraine

-cultural service and tourism: a tutorial / M.A. Izotova, Y.A. Matyukhina. - M.: The Soviet sport, 2010. 4. Kleymonov A.M.Innovative processes in the development of the tourism / A.M. Kleymonov, B.I. Sergeev // Culture of the Black Sea people. - 2004. - №52, Volume 2. - P.62-66. 5. MalakhovaN.N. Innovationinthetourismandservice / N.N. Malakhova, D.S. Ushakov. - M.: ICC "MarT"; Rostovn/D: PublishingCenter "MarT", 2008. 6. Molchanova V.A. Innovation in tourism: definition, characteristics, classification / V.A. Molchanova // Mater

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Economic Growth and Inequality with Tourism in an Integrated Walrasian-General Equilibrium and Neoclassical-Growth Theory

Francisco: Holden-Day, Inc. Barro, R.J. and X. Sala-i-Martin (1995) Economic Growth. New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc. Bewley, T. (1982) An Integration of Equilibrium Theory and Turnpike Theory. Journal of Mathematical Economics 10, 233-67. Burmeister, E. and Dobell, A.R. (1970) Mathematical Theories of Economic Growth. London: Collier Macmillan Publishers. Chao, C.C., Hazari, B.R., Laffargue, Y.P., and Yu, E. S.H. (2009) A Dynamic Model of Tourism, Employment, and Welfare: The Case of Hong Kong. Pacific Economic

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Employment, Capital and Seasonality in Selected Mediterranean Countries

References Baum, T., Lundtorp, S. (2011). Seasonality in tourism. Advances in Tourism Research Series. Pergamon, An Imprint of Elsevier Science, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 IGB, UK, 3-11. available at: (4.12.2016.) Butler, R.W. (1994). Seasonality in tourism: issues and problems. In: AV.Seaton (Ed.) Tourism: the State of the Art (pp. 332-339). Chichester: John Wiley and Sons. Butler, R.W. (2001). Seasonality in tourism: issues and implications. In

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