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Cross-border Shopping Tourism: A Switzerland-Germany Case Study

-border shopping. Journal of Public Economics, 91(1–2), 141–157 [4] Banfi, S., Filippini, M., & Hunt, L. (2005). Fuel tourism in border regions: The case of Switzerland. Energy Economics, 27(5), 689–707 [5] Becker, G. (2015, March 4). Meine Schokolade kommt aus der Schweiz. Südkurier, pp. 21 [6] Bygvra, S. (2000). Retail trade at European borders. European Retail Digest, 27, 38–40 [7] Bygvrå S. (1998). The road to the single European Market as seen through the Danish retail trade: Cross-border shopping between Denmark and Germany. The International Review

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Motivations and attitudes toward domestic tourism in Saudi Arabia

References [1] Abdul Aziz, Y., Hussin, R.S., Nezakati, H., Yusof, R.N.R. & Hashim, H. (2018). The effects of socio-demographic variables and travel characteristics on motivation of Muslim family tourists in Malaysia. Journal of Islamic Marketing, 9(2), 222–229 [2] Abdul-Muhmin, A. G. (1998). Demographic differences in usage and attitudes toward the Saudi Arabian EFTPoS system. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 16(3), 117–128 [3] Barros, C.P., Butler, R., & Correia, A. (2008). Heterogeneity in destination choice: tourism in Africa. Journal

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Motivations for Tourism Shopping in Department Stores: An Exploratory Research about Tourists’ Profiles Visiting El Corte Inglés Gaia

References [1] Brochado, A., Oliveira, C., Rita, P. & Oliveira, F. (2018). Shopping Centres Beyond Purchasing of Luxury Goods: A Tourism Perspective. Annals of Leisure Research, 22(4), 484–505 [2] Cai, L. A., & Combrink, T. E. (2007). Japanese Female Travelers Ȉ a Unique Outbound Market. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 5(1), 16–24 [3] Casais, B. & Sousa, B. (2019). ‘Portugal, the Best Destination’: The Case Study of a CSR Communication That Changed Mentalities and Increased Business Performance. World Review of Entrepreneurship

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Social Tourism Support in the Czech Republic

References Abacotaxes web portal. Subsidised holidays in Spain. Retrieved from http://www.abacotaxes. com/subsidised-holidays-spain-imserso (13/7/2013). Beskydy cz. Retrieved from <> (20/10/2013). Doublet, M. (2010). Calypso study on Social Tourism, France. National Contact Point. The European Commission web portal. Social Tourism European Exchanges Platform (STEEP) Retrieved from <

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Towards a Theory of Stakeholders’ Perception of Tourism Impacts

References Aas, Ch., Ladkin, A., & Fletcher, J. (2005). Stakeholder Collaboration and Heritage Management. Annals of Tourism Research , 32(1), 28–48. DOI: 10.1016/j.annals.2004.04.005. Alavi, J., & Yasin, M. M. (2000). A Systematic Approach to Tourism Policy. Journal of Business Research , 48(2), 147–157. DOI: 10.1016/S0148–2963(98)00096–4. Andereck, K. L., Valentine, K. M., Knopf, R. C., & Vogt, Ch. A. (2005). Residents‘ Perceptions of Community Tourism Impacts. Annals of Tourism Research , 32(4), 1056–1076. DOI: 10.1016/j.annals.2005

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Spa, Spa Tourism and Wellness Tourism in the Czech Republic

References Attl, P. (2006a). Fenomén jménem wellness (Phenomenon Wellness). Vademecum zdraví , 2(Summer), 64–66. Retrieved from . Attl, P. (2006b). Nové lázně v Česku (New Spa in the Czech Republic). Vademecum zdraví , 2(Autumn), 70–72. Retrieved from . Bailey, T. C., & Gatrell, A. C. (1995). Interactive Spatial Data Analyis. In C. M. Hall (2012), Spatial Analysis: A critical tool for tourism geographies. In J. Wilson (Ed.), The Routledge

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Network Analysis of Cooperation in Tourism Destinations

References Baggio, R. (2008). Network Analysis of a Tourism Destination (Doctoral dissertation). Queensland: University of Queensland. Retrieved from Baggio, R., Scott, N., & Cooper, C. (2010). Network Science. A Review focused on Tourism. Annals of Tourism Research, 37(3), 802 - 827. Beritelli, P. (2011). Tourist Destination governance through local elites - Looking beyond the stakeholder level (Cumulative Postdoctoral Thesis). St. Gallen: University of St

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Spa and Wellness Tourism in Slovakia (A Geographical Analysis)

References Bučeková, I., Nováková, G., & Kusendová, D. (2016). Časovo-priestorová diferencie v zahraničnej návštevnosti Slovenska (Time-space differences in foreign tourists' attendance in Slovakia). Geograficý časopis (Geographical Journal ), 68(4), 333–351. Cákoci, R. (2013). Cestovný ruch na Slovensku (Tourism in Slovakia). In V. Lauko (Ed.), Geografia Slovenskej republiky. Humánna geografia (Geography of Slovak Republic. Human Geography) (pp. 214–253). Bratislava, Slovak Republic: Geografika. Cákoci, R., Kasagranda, A., & Tolmáči, L

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Exploitation of the Virtual Worlds in Tourism and Tourism Education

–31). Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978–3-642–40814–4_3. Blas, N. D., Bucciero, A., Mainetti, L., & Paolini, P. (2012). Multi-User Virtual Environments for Learning: Experience and Technology Design. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies , 5 (4), 349–365. DOI:10.1109/TLT.2012.16. Bogdanovych, A., Esteva, M., Gu, N., Simoff, S. J., Maher, M. L., & Smith, G. (2007). The role of online travel agents in the experience economy. ENTER 2007: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Information Technology and Travel & Tourism . UK: Axon

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Risk management for sustainable tourism

in the S&P 500: Linking Intuitive and Deliberative Thinking. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Interim Report. [11] Lynham, J. Noy, I. and Page, J. (2012). The 1960 Tsunami in Hawaii: Long Term Consequences of Costal Disaster. University of Hawai`i at Mānoa Department of Economics Working Paper Series, No:12-16. [12] Robertson, D., Kean, I. and Moore, S. (2006). Tourism Risk Management: An Authoritative Guide to Managing Crises in Tourism. APEC International Centre for Sustainable Tourism (AICST). [13

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