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, , (11.05.2015). Road Kill Toys , , (11.05.2015). SHELTON A. (2007), Frequency of Violence in Prime Time Dramas: An Issue of Gender, presented at the Eastern Communication Association Convention , Providence R.I. April 25-29. Solewski R. (2013), Śmierć, brak i tożsamość, [in:] Konteksty, vol. 48, no. 3. STONE P. (2006), A Dark Tourism Spectrum: towards a typology of death and macabre related tourist sites, attractions and exhibitions, [in:] Tourism: An Interdisciplinary

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contemporary Estonian critics alike: even though the fi lmmakers succeeded in con- structing cinematic “nation- scapes” despite the absence of a nation-state. This brings in ideas concerning discussions on representations of urban archi- tecture, for example, depictions of Tallinn’s Old Town in various Soviet Estonian audiovisual products of tourism marketing, made to promote Tallinn as one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the “Soviet West” to travelers beyond the Iron Curtain, thus participating in the process of generating an infl ux of hard