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The Role of the Piechcin Centre in the Development of Specialised Tourism With a View to Diver Preparation for Penetration of the Baltic Sea

References 1. Mokras-Grabowska J: The variety of theoretical methods and approaches to active tourism; (ed.) B. Włodarczyk, Research on tourism. One goal, different approaches; Warsztaty z Geografii Turyzmu, vol. 6 2015, pp. 117-129, ISBN 978-83-7968-831-8; 2.; 3. Majgier L., Badera J. Rahmonov O: Quarries in the Silesia Voivodeship as touristic-recreational facilities in industrial areas; Reacreational landscapes-shaping, use, transformation. Problemy Ekologii Krajobrazu vol. XXVII 2010, pp

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The International Diffusion Of European Alcohol Research / Mednarodna Razpršenost Evropskih Raziskav O Alkoholu

References 1. World Health Organization. Global health risks: mortality and burden of disease attributable to selected major risks. Geneva: WHO Press, 2009. 2. Eurostat. Eurostat pocketbooks: Tourism statistics. Luxembourg: European Communities, 2008. 3. Anderson P, Baumberg B. Alcohol in Europe. London: Institute of Alcohol Studies, 2005. 4. Norström T, editor. Alcohol in postwar Europe: consumption, drinking patterns, consequences and policy responses in 15 European countries. Stockholm

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Nursing knowledge as a response to societal needs: a framework for promoting nursing as a profession

References Allan H, Tschudin V, Horton K. The devaluation of nursing: a position statement. Nurs Ethics 2008; 15: 549-56. Lohmann M. New demand factors in tourism. Pridobljeno 03. 01. 2011 s spletne strani: Our diversity is our strength - a conversation with David Benton. Int Nurs Rev 2009; 56: 404-6. Colardyn D, Bjornavold J. Validation of non formal and informal learning: policy

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Evaluation of national food and nutrition policy in Albania

to lack of funds, political commitment and coordination. Hence, more support should be given to the implementation and evaluation of policies, and a shift towards stronger environmental approaches is needed ( 7 ). Following the endorsement of the First Action Plan for Food and Nutrition Policy for the WHO European Region 2000–2005 ( 3 ), an intersectoral working group with representatives from health, agriculture, tourism, education, environment, economy, labour and social affairs, finance, as well as other governmental institutions, developed the Albanian Action

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Empirical evaluation of a conceptual model for the perceived value of health services

, such as in the health sector. Suppliers require a closer understanding of the concept of perceived service value, which represents one of the key and basic concepts, not only in marketing ( 3 , 4 ), but also in the business of any organisation in the market. Using insights from other services, such as Hospitality ( 5 ), Internet Banking ( 4 , 6 ), Banking ( 7 ), and Tourism ( 8 ), in which the concept of perceived service value has been explored thoroughly and tested empirically, we have transferred this concept to the field of Healthcare Services and defined its

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The problem of experiencing anxiety among divers. Experiment in hyperbaric exposure conditions

Med. 1970; 41(11): 1289–1291; 8. Van Wijk C, Meintjes WAJ. Mental Health and Personality Functioning of Naval Specialists Working in Extreme Environments. Military Psychology. 2018; 29(6): 601–614, doi: 10.1037/mil0000185 accessed on 10.01.2019; 9. Musa G, Seng W, Thirumoorthi T, et al. The Influence of Scuba Divers’ Personality, Experience, and Demographic Profile on their Underwater Behavior. Tourism in Marine Environments. 2011; 7(1): 1–14, doi: 10.3727/154427310x12826772784757. Accessed on 13.01.2019; 10. Van Wijk CH. The use of Spielberger

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Risk Management in Kitesurfing as a Basic Condition of Effective Learning and Safe Swimming

REFERENCES 1. Education for safety. Core curriculum. (Zał. nr 4, Rozp. Min. Eduk. Narod., z dn. 23 12 2008, ); 2. Goszczyńska M. Man in the face of threats. Conditions for risk assessment and acceptance, Żak Warszawa 1997; 3. Kaczmarek T.T. (2008) Risk and risk management, Wydawnictwo Difin, Warszawa; 4. Kunysz P. (2012) Kitesurfing – a safe, easy and modern form of sailing. W: New directions of sailing and water tourism development: monograph / red. Nauk. Antoni F.Komorowski, Tomasz Chamera, Gdańsk, Akademia

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