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Economical – Financial Crisis and the Tourism Trends in the Crisis Period

References Cosmescu I., Tileaga C., Cristescu M., (2013) Tourism perspectives of the romanian economy, Eurostat: Statistical databased Eurostat: Monthly data - nights spent at tourist accommodation establishments, 2008-2011 Eurostat: Occupancy of tourist accommodation establishments (tour

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The Socioeconomic Impacts of Casino Tourism in Slovenia’s Obalno-Kraška Region

Sustainable Tourism , 20 (5), 737-755. Wu, S. T., & Chen, Y. S. (2015). The social, economic, and environmental impacts of casino gambling on the residents of Macau and Singapore. Tourism Management , 48 , 285-298. Zagoršek, H., & Jaklič, M., (2007). Resort Casino Development and its Linkage to National and International Tourism: A Slovenian Perspective. V Symposium on the economic and social implications of destination resort casino hotels, 24. – 25. september. Nova Gorica. Http://

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Forecasting Passenger Traffic for a Regional Airport

Passenger Demand: A Study of Antalya International Airport, Conference Proceedings International Antalya Hospitality Tourism and Travel Research Conference held in Antalya from 9-12 December 2014. Pavithra Parthasarathi, David Levinson, (2010). Post-construction evaluation of traffic forecast accuracy, Transport Policy 17 (2010) 428–443. Rafael Bernardo Carmona-Benítez, Maria Rosa Nieto, Danya Miranda, (2016). An Econometric Dynamic Model to estimate passenger demand for air transport industry, Transportation Research Procedia 25 (2017) 17

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The Need to Approach the Management of the Tourist Destination by the Central and Local Public Authorities in Romania

References Baloglu, S., McCleary, K. W., (1999), A model of destination image formation, Annals of Tourism Research, 26(4), pp. 868-897. Chase, L., Manning, R. and Valliere, W., (2014), Agricultural and Culinary Tourism Literature Review: Summary of Findings and Annotated Bibliography Compiled. Vermont: Tourism Data Center, University of Vermont. Gunn C. A., 1994, Tourism Planning: Basics, Concepts and Cases, 3rd Edition, Taylor and Francis Published House, New York Jaini, N., Anuar, A

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Consumer Behaviour in the Tourist Segmentation Process – a Marketing Research

. Teora, Bucureşti Kotler, P., Keller, K.L., (2008) Managementul marketingului, Ediția a V-a, Editura Teora, București Purcărea, T., Raţiu, M., (2007) Comportamentul consumatorului, o abordare de marketing, Ed. Universitara ”Carol Davila”, Bucureşti. Schiffman L., Lazar Kanuk L., (2009) Consumer Behavior - 9th Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall Publishing, New Jersey, 2009, p. 10 - 20; Swarbrooke J., Horner S., (2007) Consumer Behavior in Tourism - 2nd Edition, Oxford: Elsevier Ltd Publishing

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Development Of An Econometric Model Case Study: Romanian Classification System

Oficial nr. 394 din 28.05.2014. Ministerul Agriculturii si Dezvoltarii Rurale (2014), Ordinul nr. 1972 privind modificarea anexei la Ordinul nr. 839/2014 pentru aprobarea Normelor tehnice de clasificare a carcaselor de porci, Monitorul Oficial nr. 15 din 8.01.2015. Savescu, R., Rotaru, M. (2014), Testing the Assumption of a Linear Regression Model. Case Study: SEUROP Pig Carcass Classification System in Romania, Conference Proceeding, SGEM Conference on Political Sciences, Law, Finance, Economics and Tourism, Volume: 4, Albena, Bulgaria

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Clashing Perspectives on Sustainable Development

, pp. 10-21. Pearce, D. (1989): Tourism Development , Harlow, London. Redclift, M., (2006), Sustainable development (1987-2005)-an oxymoron comes of age, Horizontes Antrolopogicos, Vol. 12, no. 25, pp. 65-84. Sartori, S., Campos, L., Latrônico, F., (2014), Sustainability and sustainable development: A taxonomy in the filed of literature , Ambiente & Sociedade, Vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 1-20. Slimane, M., (2012), Role and relationship between leadership and sustainable development to release social, human, and cultural dimension , Social and

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Uncovering Market Positioning Coordinates Using In-Depth Interviews. Evidence from the Romanian Modern Retail

Dumitrescu, L., Cetina, I, Pentescu, A., (2014), Positioning Romania As A Tourism Destination Based On The Information From Online Travel Guides , Studies in Business and Economics, Vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 59-65 Dumitrescu, L., Fuciu, M., (2015), Consumer Behaviour In The Tourist Segmentation Process – A Marketing Research , Studies in Business and Economics, Vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 66-76 Edu, T. (2013): Marketing strategic , ed. Pro Universitaria, Bucuresti Edu, T., Negricea I. C., (2012), Brand Positioning – A Marketing Resource and an Effective Tool for

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Determining Mission Statement Effectiveness from a Fit Perspective

squares approach to strategic equation modeling. Modern Methods for Business Research, 295(2), 295-336. Chow, I. H.-S., & Shan, S. L. (2007). Business strategy, organizational culture, and performance outcomes in China’s technology industry. People and Strategy, 30(2), 47. Chu, R. K. S., & Choi, T. (2000). An importance-performance analysis of hotel selection factors in the Hong Kong hotel industry: A comparison of business and leisure travellers. Tourism Management, 21(4), 363-377. Cohen, J. (1988). Statistical power for

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Analysis of the Determinant Factors of the Historical Development of Air Transport: An Empirical Application to Turkey

competition? Lessons from the European case. Transport Policy, 16(1), 29-39. Dobruszkes, F., & Van Hamme, G. (2011). The impact of the current economic crisis on the geography of air traffic volumes: an empirical analysis. Journal of transport geography, 19(6), 1387-1398. Dobruszkes, F., & Mondou, V. (2013). Aviation liberalization as a means to promote international tourism The EU Morocco case. Journal of air transport management, 29, 23-34. D JT. (2001). Sekizinci Beş Yıllık Kalkınma Planı. Ankara: Devlel Planlama Teşkilatı

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