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Methods for measuring mammalian personalities: In which animals and how accurately can we quantify it?

common mistake. The Auk , 104 : 116–121. M artin J. G. A. & R éale D., 2008a: Temperament, risk assessment and habituation to novelty in eastern chipmunks, Tamias striatus . Animal Behaviour , 75 : 309–318. M artin J. G. A. & R éale D., 2008b: Animal temperament and human disturbance: Implications for the response of wildlife to tourism. Behavioural Processes , 77 : 66–72. M assen J. J. M. & K oski S. E., 2014: Chimps of a feather sit together: chimpanzee friendships are based on homophily in personality. Evolution and Human Behavior

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