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Methods for measuring mammalian personalities: In which animals and how accurately can we quantify it?

common mistake. The Auk , 104 : 116–121. M artin J. G. A. & R éale D., 2008a: Temperament, risk assessment and habituation to novelty in eastern chipmunks, Tamias striatus . Animal Behaviour , 75 : 309–318. M artin J. G. A. & R éale D., 2008b: Animal temperament and human disturbance: Implications for the response of wildlife to tourism. Behavioural Processes , 77 : 66–72. M assen J. J. M. & K oski S. E., 2014: Chimps of a feather sit together: chimpanzee friendships are based on homophily in personality. Evolution and Human Behavior

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The Story of Storyboards from East Sepik, Papua New Guinea

R. Wagner – Jerry K. Jacka. Island Rivers: Fresh Water and Place in Oceania. Canberra : Australian National University. 2005 „Moderate expectations and benign exploitation“, in: ed. John Connell – Barbara Rugendyke. Tourism at the Grassroots. London: Routledge. Tuzin, Donald 1976 The Ilahita Arapesh. Berkeley: University of California Press. Whiting, John 1941 Becoming a Kwoma. Yale: Yale University Press.

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Preliminary Report on the Research of “Activity Centers” in Taidong, Taiwan

Literature Boyiyernu, Basuya 1996 Kuba zhi huo . Taizhong: Chenxing chubanshe. Charmaz, Kathy 2006 Constructing grounded theory . London: Sage. Shih-chung, Hsieh 1994 “Tourism, Formulation of Cultural Tradition, and Ethnicity: A Study of the Daiyan Identity of the Wulai Atayal”, in: Harrell, S. and Huang Ch. (ed.) Cultural Change in Postwar Taiwan . Boulder: Westview Press, pp. 184–202. Jackson, Hu 2012 “Retrieving ancestral power from the landscape: Cultural struggle and Yami ecological memory on Orchid Island”, in: Blundell, D

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A. R. Nykl and Mexico’s Past, Present and Future

Literature Benjamin, Thomas 2000 La Revolución: Mexico’s Great Revolution as Memory, Myth, and History . ustin: University of Texas Press. Berger, Dina 2010 “Goodwill Ambassadors on Holiday: Tourism, Diplomacy, and Mexico-U.S. Relations”, in: Holiday in Mexico: Critical Reflections on Tourism and Tourist Encounters . Durham: Duke University Press, pp. 107–129. Gonzáles, Michael J. 2002 The Mexican Revolution 1910 – 194 0. Albuquerque: UNM Press. Knight, Alan 1986 The Mexican Revolution. Volume 1, Porfirians, liberals and peasants

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Cultural Opposition: Concepts and Approaches

-Network-Theory . Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007. LEGERER, Anton. Tatort: Versohnung: Aktion Suhnezeichen in der BRD und in der DDR und Gedenkdienst in Osterreich . Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 2011. LIGHT, Duncan. An Unwanted Past: Contemporary Tourism and the Heritage of Communism in Romania. International Journal of Heritage Studies, 2000, roč. 6, č. 2, s. 145–160. LIGHT, Duncan. Gazing on Communism: Heritage Tourism and Post-Communist Identities in Germany, Hungary and Romania. Tourism Geographies , 2000, roč. 2, č. 2, s. 157–176. ŁOŚ

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