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Introduction : Sacred Geographies and Identity Claims: The Revival of Sacred Sites in the Post-Soviet Space

References Aslan, Rose. 2014. The Museumification of Rumi’s Tomb: Deconstructing Sacred Space at the Mevlana Museum. – International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage 2 (2): 1–16. Dubuisson, Eva-Marie and Anna Genina. 2012. Claiming an Ancestral Homeland: Kazakh Pilgrimage and Migration in Inner Asia. – Movement, Power and Place in Central Asia and Beyond: Contested Trajectories , edited by Madeleine Reeves. Abingdon: Routledge, 111–127. Lefebvre, Henri. 1974. The Production of Space . Oxford: Blackwell. Meyer, Birgit and

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From ‘Heritage Adepts’ to Historical Reconstructionists: Observations on Contemporary Estonian Male Heritage-Based Artisanry

conference of the project “Promoting Natural Material Know-How” held at Tallinn University, September 14, 2012. Ränk, Gustav. 1934. Peipsi kalastusest . Tartu: Õpetatud Eesti Selts. Shlapentokh, Vladimir. 1989. Public and Private Life of the Soviet People . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Silberman, Neil Asher. 2013. Discourses of Development: Narratives of Cultural Heritage as an Economic Resource. – Heritage and Tourism: Place, Encounter, Engagement , edited by Russell Staiff, Robyn Bushell and Steve Watson. London; New York, NY: Routledge, 213

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“The Narrative is Ambiguous and that Location Isn’t the Right Location”: Presenting and Interpreting Medieval Saints Today in Canterbury, Durham and York

-War England. Doctoral thesis. (accessed May 15, 2019). Curtis, Simon. 2016. English Cathedrals: Events and Spiritual Capital. – International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage 4 (2): 1–11. Davie, Grace. 2012. A Short Afterword: Thinking Spatially About Religion. – Culture and Religion 13 (4): 485–489. DOI: . Dégh, Linda. 2001. Legend and Belief: Dialectics of a Folklore Genre. Bloomington, IN; Indianapolis, IN: Indiana

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Woven Identities: Socioeconomic Change, Women’s Agency, and the Making of a Heritage Art in Jølster, Norway

. Bakke, Heidi Lise. 2014. Ho har ein utryddingstrua hobby . Førde: NRK Sogn og Fjordane. (accessed December 2, 2016). Baron, Robert. 2010. Sins of Objectification? Agency, Mediation, and Community Cultural Self-Determination in Public Folklore and Cultural Tourism Programming. – Journal of American Folklore 123: 63–91. DOI: . Becker, Jane S. 1998. Selling Tradition: Appalachia and the Construction of an American Folk, 1930 – 1940

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