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Four Styles of Quali-Quantitative Analysis
Making sense of the new Nordic food movement on the web

-anthropology and the digital natives. In L. Botin & T. Børsen (eds), What is techno-anthropology (pp. 287-310). Munk, A. K. & Ellern, A. B. (2015). Mapping the New Nordic issuescape: How to navigate a diffuse controversy with digital methods. In G. T. Jóhannesson, R. v d Duim & C. Ren, (eds.), Tourism encounters and controversies: Ontological politics of tourism development (pp.xx). Aalborg University Press Munk, A. K. & Jensen, T. E. (2015). Revisiting the histories of mapping, Ethnologia Europaea, Special issue: European Ethnology Revisited , 44(2): 31

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Viable, Sustainable or Resilient?
Understanding the hyperlocal business ecosystem

tourism organisations, non-journalism projects with civic value Other publishers Distribution deals, syndication, resource sharing Exposure through parent, sister or incumbent local print publications, editorial partnerships, content sharing, data sharing, shared sales management, non-exclusive court reporting deals with public service broadcaster, advertising partnerships with regional publishers Advertisers Advertising deals, advertorial, native advertising, sponsored articles, an event feature, home page takeovers, classified or listings Discounts for

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Logic of an Effectuating Hyperlocal
Entrepreneurial processes and passions of online news start-ups

Formerly employed but not trained journalist (2001) Rural municipality with tourism industry Limited company Office: 2 partners + freelance journalists < 1,000 10,000/week Web developer (now (2012) Medium-sized town Limited company Office: entrepreneur + 4 employees (some part-time) < 5,000 55,000/week Communicator, entrepreneur, digital manager Comments : Description of location follows the Classification of Swedish Municipalities 2017 by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and

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Local Journalism when the Journalists Leave Town
Probing the news gap that hyperlocal media are supposed to fill

the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions in order to acquire the number of inhabitants and what types of municipalities these were (e.g. commuting, tourism, rural, etc.). The third step was to find municipalities of a similar size and character in order to have functionally equivalent points of comparison. We were then able to match six municipalities without editorial offices (Munkfors, Ljusnarsberg, Överkalix, Hofors, Ovanåker and Ragunda) with six municipalities that had an editorial office (Malå, Norsjö, Övertorneå, Gnosjö, Tranemo and Vindeln

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The tourist gaze in English, Italian and German travel articles about Puglia: A corpus-based study

References Cohen, Erik. 1972. Towards a sociology of international tourism. Social Research 39 (1): 164-182. Collins COBUILD advanced dictionary of English. 2012. (Seventh edition). Boston: Heinle and Heinle Publishers. Crowston, Kevin and Marie Williams. 2000. Reproduced and emergent genres of communication on the World Wide Web. Information Society 16 (3): 201-215. Dann, Graham M. S. 1996. The language of tourism: A sociolinguistic perspective. Wallingford, U.K.: Cab International

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The Relations Between Safety Culture and Quality Culture

Hospitality and Tourism Themes , 3, 284-296, . Mitroussi, K. 2003. The evolution of the safety culture of IMO: a case of organisational culture change . Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal, 1, 16-23, . Molenda, M. 2012. Znaczenie wartości organizacyjnych w rozwoju kultury jakości . Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej. Seria Organizacja i Zarządzanie, 63a, 209-219. Pacana, A., Stadnicka, D. 2017. Nowoczesne systemy zarządzania jakością

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Food Safety in Quality Mark Aspect

REFERENCE Anonim, 2006. Rozumienie znakowania żywności przez konsumentów europejskich . . Becker, T., 2000. Consumer perception of fresh meat quality: a framework for analysis . British Food Journal, 102(3), 158-176. Bendegulo, A., Alikoseoglu, M., Forest M., 2018. Food and gastronomy research in tourism and hospitality: a bibliometric analysis, food and gastronomy research in tourism and hospitality: a bibliometric analysis, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Volume 73, July 2018, 64

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Necromarketing in the Media and Marketing Communications

, vol. 48, no. 3. STONE P. (2006), A Dark Tourism Spectrum: towards a typology of death and macabre related tourist sites, attractions and exhibitions, [in:] Tourism: An Interdisciplinary International Journal , vol. 54, n. 2, pp. 145-160, (11.05.2015). THOMAS L.–V. (1991), Trup. Od biologii do antropologii , Łódź, Wydawnictwo Lodzkie. TOSCANI O. (1996), Reklama je navoňaná zdochlina , Bratislava, Slovart. UNKNOWN AUTHOR. If I

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Identification of the Needs and Expectations of University Students from Engineering Courses on the Example of a University in Poland

Performance-Based and Perceptions-Minus-Expectations Measurement of Service Quality. Journal of Marketing, 58(1), 125-131. Czajkowska, A., Ciuk, W., 2006. Estimation the quality level of services provided by a Housing Association . In Čorejowă, T., Borkowski, S., Quality Management of Services . Žilińskă Univerzita, Žilina, Slovakia, 76-81. Goranczewski, B., Puciato, D., 2011. Application of SERVQUAL questionnaire in the measurement of quality of hotel services. Pol. J. Sport Tourism, 18, 166-171. Ingaldi M., Kotus M., 2018. Assessment of customer

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Environmental Management in the Context of Corporate Sustainability Concept

.10.2015). Moldan, B., 2001. Ekologická dimenze udržitelného rozvoje . Praha, Karolinum, 102 s. Molina-Azorín, J.F., Tarí, J.J., Pereira-Moliner, J. López-Gamero, M.D., Pertusa-Ortega, E.M., 2015. The effects of quality and environmental management on competitive advantage: A mixed methods study in the hotel industry . Tourism Management, 50, 41-54, DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2015.01.008. Národná stratégia trvalo udržateľného rozvoja. 2001. Available online:árodná stratégia trvalo udržateľného rozvoja (accessed on 20

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