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The Negative Impact Of Tourism In The Area Of The Bârgău Mountains Onto The Local Environment

Bibliography Barta, A. (2011), Caiet de lucrări practice , Presa Universitară Clujeană, Cluj-Napoca Buckley, R.C. (1996), Sustainable Tourism, Issues and Management Tools, Annals of Tourism Research Dezsi, Şt., Ciangă, N., Rotar, G. (2002), Consideraţii privind impactul turismului asupra mediului înconjurător şi riscurile induse de activităţile turistice , în Vol. I, Riscuri şi Catastrofe , Editor Victor Sorcovschi, Ed. Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă Cluj-Napoca *** (2014), Raportul privind starea factorilor de mediu pe anul 2013

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Opportunities for Achieving Effective Management in Season Tourist Sites


This study presents the specificity of season destinations and how to put into practice traditional and flexible opportunities for managing tourist sites in them. A distinction has been made between “hired” management and “timeshare” in tourism, as two of the main forms of flexible management. An online market survey was conducted to offer new flexible forms of management in the tourism business. Their advantages and disadvantages for the tourist sites are analyzed

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The Role of Computer Systems in the Management of Hotels in Veliko Tarnovo Region, Bulgaria

References [1] Lukanova, G., Problems and Perspectives in the application of software in Bulgarian hospitality, Proceedings on "Technological innovations and tourism of Bulgaria", Publishing House Slavena, Varna, 92-102, 2004. [2] Mancheva-Ali, O., Maya Nikolova, The Role of the Local Hotel Systems in the Management of High-Class Hotels in the Veliko Tarnovo - Arbanassi Destination, Proceedings “Days of Science”, Volume 2, Union of Scientists, Veliko Tarnovo Branch Office, pp. 97-102, 2011. [3] Todoriev, V

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Visuality and Communication in Military English Classes

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Challenges of the Security Environment Before the Correlation “Resources-Cabilities - Effects”

Security Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria, SG, issue 19, 8 March, 2011, pp. 3-5. [5] Nenkov, N.V., Petrova M.M., Yuriy Dyachenko. Intelligence Technologies in Management and Administration of Justice, 3rd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conferences SOCIAL SCIENCES & ARTS SGEM2016, POLITICAL SCIENCES, LAW, FINANCE, ECONOMICS & TOURISM, Conference roceedings, Volume V. pp. 385-392, 2016. ISBN 978-619-7105-76-6, ISSN 2367-5659, DOI 10.5593/segemsocilal 2016B25. [6] Petrova, Mariana. Methods for management and analysis of the

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The Impact of Corruption on the Business in Bulgaria and Romania

., Possibilities for human capital development in the mining and quarrying sector in Bulgaria , E3S Web of Conferences, Vol. 41, 04017 IIMS, Kemerovo, Russian Federation, 2018. [9] Petrova, M., Buzko, I., & Dyachenko, Yu., Cognitive, Intelligence Technologies and Economical Foundations of Teaching of International Economical Relations and Tourism , 17th International Scientific Conference ERDev, Jelgava, Latvia, pp. 1102-1106, 2018. [10] Kyurova, V., Research on the impact of the innovation potential on the competitiveness of furniture enterprises

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An Approach for Survey of the Sustainable Development at Regional Level: Case of Bulgaria

References [1] Brundtland, G., Khalid, M., Agnelli, S. et al. Our Common Future (‘Brundtland report’) . UN. 1987. [2] Cioancă, L.-M. The Negative Impact Of Tourism In The Area Of The Bârgău Mountains Onto The Local Environment , International Conference Knowledge-based organisation, XXI, 1, pp. 170–178, DOI: , 2015. [3] Consolidated versions of the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union . Official Journal C 326, 26/10/2012. pp. 0001–0390. [ http

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Researching The Influence of Online Social Networks on The Students’ Communication – 1St Part

of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 68 - 82. [10] Mangold, W. G., & Faulds, D. J. (2009). Social media: The new hybrid element of the promotion mix. Business Horizons, 52(4), pp. 357-365 in Killian, G., McManus, K., A marketing communications approach for the digital era: Managerial guidelines for social media integration, Business Horizons, 58(2015), pp. 539-549,; [11] Preece, J. and Maloney-Krichmar, D. (2005), “Online communities: design, theory, and practice

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