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Quality of Video Games: Introduction to a Complex Issue

, TQM & Business Excellence, 14, 959–967. Kao Y.-F., Huang L.-S., Wu C.-H., 2008. Effects of theatrical elements on experiential quality and loyalty intentions for theme parks , Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 13(2), 163–174. Lagari K. u.R., Crespi N., 2012. Toward Total Quality of Experience: A QoE Model in a Communication Ecosystem , IEEE Communications Magazine 50(4), 58-65. Murphy-Hill E., Zimmermann T., Nagappan N., 2014. Cowboys, Ankle Sprains, and Keepers of Quality: How Is Video Game Development Different from Software

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The Relations Between Safety Culture and Quality Culture

Hospitality and Tourism Themes , 3, 284-296, . Mitroussi, K. 2003. The evolution of the safety culture of IMO: a case of organisational culture change . Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal, 1, 16-23, . Molenda, M. 2012. Znaczenie wartości organizacyjnych w rozwoju kultury jakości . Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej. Seria Organizacja i Zarządzanie, 63a, 209-219. Pacana, A., Stadnicka, D. 2017. Nowoczesne systemy zarządzania jakością

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Food Safety in Quality Mark Aspect

REFERENCE Anonim, 2006. Rozumienie znakowania żywności przez konsumentów europejskich . . Becker, T., 2000. Consumer perception of fresh meat quality: a framework for analysis . British Food Journal, 102(3), 158-176. Bendegulo, A., Alikoseoglu, M., Forest M., 2018. Food and gastronomy research in tourism and hospitality: a bibliometric analysis, food and gastronomy research in tourism and hospitality: a bibliometric analysis, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Volume 73, July 2018, 64

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Identification of the Needs and Expectations of University Students from Engineering Courses on the Example of a University in Poland

Performance-Based and Perceptions-Minus-Expectations Measurement of Service Quality. Journal of Marketing, 58(1), 125-131. Czajkowska, A., Ciuk, W., 2006. Estimation the quality level of services provided by a Housing Association . In Čorejowă, T., Borkowski, S., Quality Management of Services . Žilińskă Univerzita, Žilina, Slovakia, 76-81. Goranczewski, B., Puciato, D., 2011. Application of SERVQUAL questionnaire in the measurement of quality of hotel services. Pol. J. Sport Tourism, 18, 166-171. Ingaldi M., Kotus M., 2018. Assessment of customer

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Environmental Management in the Context of Corporate Sustainability Concept

.10.2015). Moldan, B., 2001. Ekologická dimenze udržitelného rozvoje . Praha, Karolinum, 102 s. Molina-Azorín, J.F., Tarí, J.J., Pereira-Moliner, J. López-Gamero, M.D., Pertusa-Ortega, E.M., 2015. The effects of quality and environmental management on competitive advantage: A mixed methods study in the hotel industry . Tourism Management, 50, 41-54, DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2015.01.008. Národná stratégia trvalo udržateľného rozvoja. 2001. Available online:árodná stratégia trvalo udržateľného rozvoja (accessed on 20

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A Model of Lean Management for Organizational Innovation: Cases in Visegrád and AFTA

Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Italy . Procedia CIRP. 60, 362–367, doi: 10.1016/j.procir.2017.01.031. Svobodová, L., Hedvičáková, M., 2015. Doing Business in the Countries of Visegrad Group . Procedia Economics and Finance, 34(15), 453–460, doi: 10.1016/S2212-5671(15)01654-8. Tran, T. et al., 2016. Lean manufacturing implementation in Vietnam: A flexible approach . Maritime Science and Technology Magazine, 48, 73–77. Vlachos, I., Bogdanovic, A., 2013. Lean thinking in the European hotel industry , Tourism Management, 36, 354–363, doi: 10

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