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Interrogating spaces of and for the dead as ‘alternative space’: cemeteries, corpses and sites of Dark Tourism.

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Making Borobudur a Buddhist Religious Tourist Destination: an Effort to Preserve Buddhist Temples in Indonesia

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Leisurely consumption, the legacy of European cafes

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Interpretation for Odisha’s ‘Buddhist Diamond’

World Heritage? ed. GJR Mevissen & A Banerji Prajnadhara: essays on Asian art history, epigraphy and culture , 441-52 New Delhi: Kaveri James, N 2015 The lives of monuments, ed. A Banerji Ratnasri: gleanings from Indian archaeology, art history and indology , 157-75 New Delhi: Kaveri James, N 2017 Interpretive presentation for the Buddhist Diamond, in Pattnayak, 1-6 Mishra, B 2017 Promoting Odisha’s Buddhist tourism, in Pattnayak, 77-82 Odisha 2016 Government of Odisha Department of Tourism & Culture (Tourism) Statistical Bulletin 2015

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The Unbearable Likeness of Being a Tourist: Expats, Travel and Imaginaries in the Neo-colonial Orient

References Abram, S. and J. Waldren. 1997. ‘Introduction: Identifying with People and Places’, in S. Abram, J. Waldren and D.V.L. Macleod (eds), Tourists and Tourism: Identifying with People and Places . Oxford: Berg, pp. 1–11. Abram, S., J. Waldren and D. Macleod (eds). 1997. Tourists and Tourism: Identifying with People and Places . Oxford: Berg. Alexander, P. (forthcoming) ‘Learning to Act Your Age: ‘Age imaginaries’ and media consumption in an English secondary school’. In Buckingham, D., M. J. Kehily and S. Bragg (ed.) Youth Cultures in

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Orange or Pink? Colours, Houses and Modernity in Rural Romania

References Augé, M. (1997 [1995]). Non-places. Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity. London. New York: Verso. Barrico, A. (2010 [2006]). Barbarii. Eseu despre mutaţie [Barbarians. Essay on Mutation]. Bucharest. Humanitas. Benthall, J. (1988). The Anthropology of Tourism. Anthropology Today , 4(3): 20-22. Buckley, R., Ollenburg, C. and Zhong, L. (2008). Cultural Landscape in Mongolian Tourism. Annals of tourism research , 35(1): 47-61. Cawley, M. and Gillmor, D. A. (2008). Integrated Rural Tourism: Concepts and

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The Romanian Migrants in Spain. An Exceptional Migratory Flow


The Romanian population is the most important foreign population in Spain. Romanian migrants are characterized by their large number (about 800.000 residents and 268.000 contract workers) and their rapid growth. The economic and labour motivation for migration determines their geographical distribution, with high numbers of Romanian migrants in cities and in areas of agricultural, industrial and tourist industries. However, a high proportion of Romanian migrants also live in small towns and rural areas. Most of them were already illegal migrants when Romania entered the EU and they became EU citizens. From January 1st 2009, these once illegal migrants now have full freedom of employment in Spain. They adapt to circumstances of each period of time, in order to enter or to remain in the Spanish labour market. Most work in construction and agriculture as well as domestic services, trade, tourism and industries. The current economic crisis and the resulting unemployment have raised the issue of return migration to Romania.

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Lifestyle Migration in South Sinai, Egypt: Nationalisation, Privileged Citizenship and Indigenous Rights

, J. (1996) Leisure Migration: A Sociological Study on Tourism . Oxford: Pergamon Press. Castles, S. and A. Davidson (2000) Citizenship and Migration: Globalizations and the Politics of Belonging . New York: Palgrave. Chatterjee, P. (2004) The Politics of the Governed: Reflections on Popular Politics in Most of the World . New York: Columbia University Press. Cole, D. and S. Altorki (1998) Bedouin, Settlers, and Holiday-Makers: Egypt’s Changing Northwest Coast . Cairo: The American University in Cairo Press. Croucher, S. (2012

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Introduction: Limitations to Temporary Mobility

References Amit, V. (2012) ‘Community and Disjunction: The Creativity and Uncertainty of Everyday Engagement’ In Amit V. and Rapport N. Community, Cosmopolitanism and the Problem of Human Commonality . London: Pluto Press. 1-68. Bell, M. and Ward, G. (2000) ‘Comparing Temporary Mobility with Permanent Migration’. Tourism Geographies, 2(1): 87-107. Benson, M. (2012) The British in rural France. Lifestyle migration and the ongoing quest for a better way of life . Manchester: Manchester University Press. Brah, A. (1996) Cartographies of

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Lifestyle Migration to Bocas del Toro, Panama: Exploring Migration Strategies and Introducing Local Implications of the Search for Paradise

References Arden & Price Consulting/University of Miami (AP/UM) (2008) Perfiles de la Zona Marino-Costera de Bocas del Toro . Programa Multifase de Desarrollo Sostenible de Bocas del Toro. Panamá. Autoridad de Turismo de Panamá (ATP) (2010) Sitios con Potencial Turistico: Provincia de Bocas del Toro . Website accessed September 29, 2010: . Barrantes-Reynolds, M.P. (2011) The expansion of ‘real estate tourism’ in coastal areas: Its behaviour and implications. Recreation and Society in

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