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A model of the analysis of the dynamics and structure of socio-economic development (an example of the set of the largest Polish cities in the years 1998–2015)

miast M. Gaczek W. Dynamiki, cele i polityka zintegrowanego rozwoju regionów. Aspekty teoretyczne i zarządzanie w przestrzeni Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe Poznan 79 94 [in Polish] Parysek, J. & Mierzejewska, L. (2005) Two stages in postwar urbanisation in Poland: From socialist to postmodern urbanization , [in:] Y. Murajama, G. Du, eds., Cities in global perspective: Diversity and transition , College of Tourism, Rikkyo University with IGU Urban Commision, Tokyo, 72–82. Parysek J. & Mierzejewska L. 2005 Two stages in postwar urbanisation

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Investigating factors affecting the mode choices of commuters in Kuwait city & surrounding urban areas: Strategies for a higher quality and more sustainable public transport system

Engineering Mechanics, Urban & Naval Transportation and Tourism, 85–90. Hajeeh M. 2012 Analysis of traffic problems in Kuwait Recent Researches in Engineering Mechanics Urban & Naval Transportation and Tourism 85 90 Hay, I. (2010) Qualitative research methods in human geography Oxford University Press, Canada. Hay I. 2010 Qualitative research methods in human geography Oxford University Press Canada Holden, J. (2013) Assessing the reliability of the M5–120 on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Computers in human behavior journal, 29(4), 1749

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The Smart City of Medellín, its achievements and potential risks

definitive war against the leftist guerrillas and better coordination in the territorial control of criminal organisations ( Moncada 2016 ). At the same time, and in large part fuelled by private sector resources, Medellín has become the subject of a broad social and spatial policy aimed at improving the living conditions of its inhabitants, and achieving political stability. It is not without significance that the private sector, wanting to attract foreign investment and attract tourism, launched a broad campaign at the turn of the 20th and 21st century to improve its

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Measuring citizen participation in urban regeneration: a reflection on the construction of the participation index for the Bip/Zip programme in Lisbon

is today taken as an example of successful exit from the crisis, although commenters do not agree on a common version of this story and what actually led Portugal to recover over recent years. Was it austerity? Was it the expansionary economic agenda of the new government? Consistent answers to these questions should be critically considered according to the classification of priority areas. In fact, the impact of the crisis and the recent boom of the tourism industry is not the same everywhere, as it rather reflects the distribution of incoming financial capital

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City-region governance in transitional contexts: the case of the BRICS

Mayors of the cities in the YRD together on an annual basis, which catalysed a process of gradually deepening integration ( Zhang & Fu 2009 ; Ding & Li 2015 ). While the Annual Meeting of Mayors dealt initially with quite simple matters of coordination such as joint tourism routes and infrastructure planning, it now deals with more vexing questions such as social protection and industrial upgrading ( Na 2014 ). This annual event, supported by coordination offices within each city, represents the success of regional initiative and emergent practices, but it does

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Accessibility of Brzozów by public transport on a local, regional and national scale

these cities. This relationship is also confirmed by the weekly timetables. The number of long-distance connections does not decrease over the weekend as clearly as in the case of local connections. This is linked with, among other factors, those undertaking full-time and weekend studies, as well as tourism. One can distinguish the trips heading for the tourist region of the Bieszczady Mountains among the network of connections. Figure 9 Number of connections from Brzozów to cities in Poland located outside of Brzozów District (without Rzeszów, Strzyżów

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The foodservice business in big Polish cities

have taken place in recent decades in Poland ( Dąbrowska 2008 ; Gheribi 2013a ). Stable economic conditions, labor market development, and accelerating the pace of life will further boost this sector ( Gheribi 2013b ). The foodservice business is an important part of the tourism economy. In recent decades tourism has become one of the most important service industries in the global economy and the development of foodservice services and tourism are closely linked. There is a feedback loop ( Kwiatkowska 2009 ) between the foodservice industry and tourism. Local and

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Living memorial and frozen monuments: the role of social practice in memorial sites

year-can be declared a vivid monument transcending the grandeur of the nation and which are successful in engaging with people at the same time. However, there are monuments less appreciated, neglected, or even disdained by the public, or mistreated by a political regime. Such monuments can be considered as failures from the perspective of the power that installed them in order to advertise its narrative of the chosen event/ person. However, an unsuccessful monument might also be an overlooked chance in tourism ( Boros 2017 ; Rátz, Smith & Michalkó 2008 ) or urban

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Craft breweries, adaptive reuse, and neighborhood revitalization

rooms, including on foot or by bike. That is a great advantage for breweries hoping to lure new customers, but it also means there is no room to hide if the beer doesn’t measure up. Breweries need to be on their game because customers have options’ ( Gorski 2015 ). The geographic clustering of craft breweries in specific urban neighborhoods has important implications for the increasingly popular phenomenon of beer tourism ( Kraftchick et al. 2014 ). Geographic clustering of breweries is beneficial to both the beer tourist and the city. From the tourist’s perspective

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”Katowice effect”? Regeneration of the site of the former Katowice coal mine through prestige cultural projects

through cultural innovation . Paper presented at SITCON 2015 – Singidunum International Tourism Conference. 10.15308/sitcon-2015-248-251 . Borina E. Paunović I. 2015 The case of louvre-lens: regional regeneration through cultural innovation Paper presented at SITCON 2015 – Singidunum International Tourism Conference 10.15308/sitcon-2015-248-251 Carley, M., Chapman, M., Hastings, A., Kirk, K. & Young, R. (2000) Urban regeneration through partnership: A critical appraisal , The Policy Press, Bristol. Carley M. Chapman M. Hastings A. Kirk K. Young R. 2000 Urban

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