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Effects of recreational activity on Acorn Barnacle (Tetraclita squamosa rufotincta) in the Red Sea

fishes in a marine reserve in northeastern New Zealand. Biol. Conser. 70, 93–99. Da Siva, E. T., Klumpp D., and Ridd, M. (2009). The barnacle Balanus amphitrite as a bioindicator for Cd: Development and application of a simulation model. Estuar. Coast. Shelf S. 82, 171–179. Davenport, J., and Davenport, J. L. (2006). The impact of tourism and personal leisure transport on coastal environments: a review. Estuar. Coast. Shelf S. 67, 280–292. Francis, R. A., and Chadwick, M. A. (2011). What makes a species synurbic? Appl. Geogr. 32, 514

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Trends of phanerophyte encroacher species along an aridity gradient on Kalahari sands, central Namibia

. Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Directorate of Environmental Affairs. Dirkx, E., Hager, C., Tadross, M., Bethune, S., and Curtis, B., 2008. Climate Change Vulnerability & Adaptation Assessment for Namibia. Final Report. March. Ernst, W.H.O., Decelle, J.E., and Tolsma, D.J., 1990. Predispersal seed predation in native leguminous shrubs and trees in savannas of southern Botswana. African Journal of Ecology, 28 (1), 45-54. Esten, M.M., 1932. A statistical study of a beech-maple association at Turkey Run State Park, Parke

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Diet of Bengal Tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

-210. Seidensticker, J. (1976b) On the Ecological Separation between Tigers and Leopards. Biotropica, 8, 225-234. Sekhar, N.U. (2003) Local people’s attitudes towards conservation and wildlife tourism around Sariska Tiger Reserve, India. Journal of Environmental Management, 69, 339-347. Smith, J.L.D., Ahearn, S.C. & McDougal, C. (1998) Landscape analysis of tiger distribution and habitat quality in Nepal. Conservation Biology, 12, 1338-1346. Sharma, S., Jhala, Y. & Sawarkar, V.B. (2005) Identification of individual tigers (Panthera

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