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References Central Statistical Office. 2009. Report about the performance of tourism in 2009, on-line publication, Budapest Getz, D. 1991. Festivals, Special Events and Tourism, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York. Hungarian Tourism Plc. surveys Hungarian Festival Association. 2008. General meeting and conference, Pécs Hunyadi , Zs et al. 2006. Festival world, Kultúrpont Office Káposzta , J. - Nagy , H. - Villányi, L. 2008.Enlargement processes in the

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Is Rural Tourism a Perspective Driver of Development of Rural Municipalities? – The Case of Slovak Republic

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References Lengyel, M. (edited). 2008. TDM Operational Handbook. Budapest : Heller Farkas, Budapest, 2008. Nyirádi, Á. - Semsei, S. (edited). 2007. Balaton TDM booklets. Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency, Siófok, 2007. Víg, T. 2010. The creation of Tourism Destination Management (TDM) system in Hungary. In: Turizmus Bulletin, 2010. p. 1-2. The Hungarian-Slovak Cross-Border Tourism Destination Project website. Available from: (2013

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Sustainable Rural Development in Russia Through Diversification: The Case of the Stavropol Region

References Bondarenko , L. 2011. Employment in Rural Areas and Diversification of Rural Economics. In: Economics of Agriculture of Russia, 2011. no. 1, p. 71-76. Erokhin, V. - Ivolga , A. 2012. How to Ensure Sustainable Development of Agribusiness in the Conditions of Trade Integration: Russian Approach. In. International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (IJSEM), vol. 2, 2012. no. 1, p. 12-23. Erokhin, V. - Ivolga , A. 2013. Tourism as an Approach to Sustainable Rural Development: Case of Southern

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Sustainable Garden Tourism in the United Kingdom or What’s Behind the Fence?

Nature: Motivations for Gardening and Perceptions of Environmental Impact. In Journal of Environmental Psychology, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 216–224. CONNELL, J. 2002. A critical analysis of gardens as a resource for tourism and recreation in the UK. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Plymouth : University of Plymouth. CONNELL, J. 2004a. The purest of human pleasures: The characteristics and motivations of garden visitors in Great Britain. In Tourism Management, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 229–247.

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Contribution of Garden Architecture to the Regional Development


Creative garden architecture currently afects regional development in two ways. Firstly, it results in landscape architecture outputs, horticulture arrangements, and garden projects. Secondly, it constitutes an environment for the development of certain business activities, namely tourism and horticulture. Garden architecture is able to secure the development of land-based economy, replacing the decreased production of agricultural commodities, and thus contributing to regional development. Garden architecture businesses in the Nitra region are currently limited by the lack of their potential clients’ fnancial resources as well as the barriers to entrepreneurship created in the Slovak Republic. The number of the businesses in the region enables them to develop mutual cooperation without the need for strong competition. on the contrary, it encourages the diversifcation of business activities, various levels of their specialization and potential development of partnerships in a region.

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Network Farming Co-operation Concept for Sustainable Agribusiness

, pp. 33–39. GÓDOR, A. – KÁPOSZTA, J. Térhasználat Összefüggései a területfejlesztésben. In Takácsné György Katalin (szerk.) In Innovációs Kihívások És Lehetőségek 2014–2020 között: XV. Nemzetközi Tudományos Napok. 1704 p. KÁPOSZTA, J. – NAGY, A. – NAGY, H. 2013. Tourism infrastructure index and the distribution of development funds in statistical regions of Hungary Agrarnyi Vestnik Urala. In Agrarian Bullettin of the Urals, 2013, no. 12, pp. 80–83. HUNGARIAN Central Statistical Office: KSH. 2014. A mezőgazdaság szerepe a nemzetgazdaságban

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Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle Analysis Among High School and University Students in a Hungarian Rural Town of the Heves County

. - Káposzta , J. - Nagy , H. 2017. Zöldturizmus a jövő stratégiai iránya? (Green tourism as the future strategic direction?). In Studia Mundi - Economica, vol. 4, 2017, no. 1, pp. 94-102.

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The Main Correlations of the Hungarian’s Health Status and Food Consumption

:// Nagy, A. - Káposzta , J. - Nag y, H. 2016. The role of Szamos marzipan in the hungarian tourism and gastronomy. In Agricultural Bulletin of Stavropol Region, vol. 21, 2016, no. 1, pp. 47-50. Nagy, H. - Káposzta , J. - Kollár, K. - Nag y, A. 2011. The development prospects of rural areas in the least-developed regions of Hungary. In Annals of the Polish Association of Agricultural and Agribusiness Economists, vol. 13, 2011, no. 6, pp. 152-156. Sajtos , L. - Mitev , A. 2007. SPSS kutatási és adatelemzési kézikönyv. Budapest : Alinea

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Trends in Organic Farming Development in Bulgaria: Applying Circular Economy Principles to Sustainable Rural Development

tourism. III International scientific conference Climate change, economic development, environment and people (CCEDEP). School of Food Technology, Food Safety and Ecology, University Donja Gorica, Montenegro. Alliance of Central Eastern European Universities. December, 2013, pp. 89-108. Enhancing the contribution of agriculture and forestry to the circular economy. Copa - Cogeca. Guidelines for the production , processing, labelling and marketing of organically produced foods adopted by the 23rd Session of the Codex Alimentarius

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