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Aesthetics-based classification of geological structures in outcrops for geotourism purposes: a tentative proposal

. Geoheritage 4, 7–24. Hose, T.A., 2016. Three centuries (1670–1970) of appreciating physical landscapes. Geological Society Special Publication 417, 1–22. Hudson, B.J., 2002. Best after rain: Waterfall discharge and the tourist experience. Tourism Geographies 4, 440–456. Hudson, B.J., 2013. Waterfalls, science and aesthetics. Journal of Cultural Geography 30, 356–379. Jorgenson, J. & Nickerson, N., 2016. Geotourism and sustainability as a business mindset. Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management 25, 270–290. Kantha, L.H., 1981

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Megaclasts in geoconservation: sedimentological questions, anthropogenic influence, and geotourism potential

heritage conservation. Geological Society, London, 207-228. Hose, T.A., 2000. European ‘geotourism’ - geological interpretation and conservation promotion for tourists. [In:] D. Barettino, W.A.P. Wimbledon & E. Gallego (Eds): Geological heritage: its conservation and management. ITGE, Madrid, 127-146. Hose, T.A. & Wickens, E., 2004. Typologies, tourism locations and images: meeting the real needs of real tourists. [In:] S. Weber, R. Tomljenović (Eds): Reinventing a tourism destination: facing the challenge. Institute for Tourism, Zagreb

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