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Practical Aspects of Log-ratio Coordinate Representations in Regression with Compositional Response

., Pawlowsky-Glahn, V. (2016). Understanding low cost airline users’ expenditure pattern and volume. Tourism Economics , 22, 269–291. [11] Harville, D.A. (1997). Matrix Algebra From a Statistician’s Perspective . Springer. [12] Hron, K., Filzmoser, P., Thompson, K. (2012). Linear regression with compositional explanatory variables. Journal of Applied Statistics , 39(5), 1115–1128. [13] Johnson, R.A, Wichern, D.W (2007). Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis (6th Edition). Pearson. [14] Kalivodová, A., Hron, K., Filzmoser, P., Najdekr, L

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Access to Waterfront Landscapes for Tourists Living with Disabilities


In this paper an overview on the inclusive spatial design tools providing equal access to waterfront landscapes for tourists living with disabilities will be given. The focus is on close-to-natural areas which are popular because of their recreational potential. These areas present special natural and landscape values, and mostly are ecologically vulnerable. In these important ecological surroundings human presence and landscape values must be harmonized.

Environmental conditions, legal requirements and the economic situation can limit the opportunity for comprehensive access, but keep disability in mind while designing and maintaining these sites is a potential to provide wider access to the waterfront tourist destinations. We are about to present model solutions keeping the environment totally or mostly in its original, natural condition, but allowing recreational activities in the site at the same time.

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Case study: Examples of Wooden Vernacular Architecture - Turkish Houses in Western Anatolia

REFERENCES [1] R. Hughes, «Hatıl Construction in Turkey,» %1 içinde Earthquake-Safe:Lessons To Be Learned From Traditional Construction International Conference On The Seismic Performance Of Traditional Buildings , İstanbul, 2000. [2] S. H. Eldem, Türk Evi I (Turkish House I), İstanbul: TAC Vakfi, 1984. [3] R. Bozer, Kula Evleri (Kula Houses), Ankara: Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı (Ministry of Culture and Tourism), 1988. [4] E. Aladag, Mugla Evi (Mugla House), Mugla: Hamle Yayınevi, 1991. [5] M. M. Gül, “Birgi geleneksel

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Spa Garden in Daruvar – Methods of Renewal and Reconstruction

with the hotel Thermal built in1980, a coordinator of the development of health tourism, recreation and Daruvar’s tourist offer. A hospital ward was opened in 1960, and a health resort became a Hospital for gynecological diseases treatment and medical rehabilitation. Simultaneously with the hotel, a spa complex in the west of the hotel and the sports and recreational center were built. [4] Conservation basis of Daruvar’s spa garden - Julius Park, Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values, Zagreb, 2011. [5

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