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Tourism destination: The networking approach

References: ALBRECHT, J. N. (2013): Networking for sustainable tourism – Towards a research agenda. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 21(5): 639–657. AMIN, A., THRIFT, N. (2002): Cities: reimagining the urban. Cambridge, Polity Press. ASHEIM, B., COOKE, P., MARTIN, R. (2008): Clusters and regional development: Critical reflections and explorations. Economic Geography, 84(1): 109–112. BAGGIO, R., SCOTT, N., COOPER, C. (2010a): Improving tourism destination governance: a complexity science approach. Tourism Review 65(4): 51–60. BAGGIO, R

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Gis in Tourism Development Using Spatial Modelling

References [1] ŠMERGELIENĖ, V. - PATACKIENĖ N.: 2004. Paslaugų kokybės vertinimo ypatumai vartotojų požiūriu (Service quality evaluation in terms of consumer). Šiauliai: ŠU. [2] ŽILINSKAS, V. - PETRAVIČIENĖ, L.: 2007. Turizmo verslas: plėtros konceptualizacija ir tendencijos Lietuvoje (Tourism business: development conceptualization and tendencies in Lithuania). Šiauliai University, Economics and Management, pp. 954-968. [3] BALEŽENTIS, T. - KRIŠČIUKAITIENĖ, I. - BALEŽENTIS, A. - GARLAND, R.: 2012. Rural tourism

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Underground quarries their possible use for mining tourism purposes – Slovak perspectives on the example of the underground stone quarry of Veľká Stráň

, M. (ed.): Nerastné bohatstvo v lomoch. Stredné Slovensko. Zborník prednášok zo seminára, Slovenské banské múzeum, Banská Štiavnica, pp. 16 - 18. (in Slovak) Clébrt, J.P., (1972) Guide de la Provence mystérieuse, éd. Tchou, Paris, 1972. (in French) Cole, D. (2004) Exploring the Sustainability of Mining Heritage Tourism. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 2004, vol. 12, nr. 6, 480-494. Conline, M. V. and Jolliffe, L. (2011) Mining Heritage and Tourism: A Global Synthesis. New York: Routledge, 2011. 280 pp

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Air charter leisure traffic and organised tourism in Poland: Are charters passé?

References: BARRETT, S. (2008): The emergence of the low cost carrier sector. In: Graham, A. et al. [eds.]: Aviation and Tourism. Implications for Leisure Travel (pp.103–118). Aldershot-Burlington, VT, Ashgate. BIEGER, T., WITTMER, A. (2006): Air transport and tourism – Perspectives and challenges for destinations, airlines and governments. Journal of Air Transport Management, 12(1): 40–46. BUCK, S., LEI, Z. (2004): Charter airlines: Have they a future? Tourism and Hospitality Research, 5(1): 72–78. Central Register of Tourist Agencies and

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Wind farms and rural tourism: A Portuguese case study of residents’ and visitors’ perceptions and attitudes

-University. AITCHISON, C. (2012): Tourism Impacts of Wind Farms. Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh. AITKEN, M. (2009): Wind power planning controversies and the construction of “expert” and “lay” knowledges. Science as Culture, 18(1): 47–64. ARNSTEIN, S. (1969): A ladder of citizen participation. Journal of the American Institute of Planners, 35(4): 216–224. ASSEMBLEIA MUNICIPAL DO SABUGAL (2010): Acta No. 2, Sessão ordinária realizada no dia 30 de abril. Sabugal, Assembleia Municipal do Sabugal. BARRY, J., ELLIS, G., ROBINSON, C. (2008): Cool rationalities

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Forecasting US Tourists’ inflow to Slovenia by modified Holt-Winters Damped model: A case in the Tourism industry logistics and supply chains

R eferences [1] . (2016). I Feel Slovenia [2] N. Kovačić, D. Topolšek, and D. Dragan, “Tourism sector, Travel agencies, and Transport Suppliers: Comparison of Different Estimators in the Structural Equation Modeling,” Logistics & Sustainable Transport, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 11-24, 2015. [3] R. Hyndman, A. B. Koehler, J. K. Ord, and R. D. Snyder, Forecasting with exponential smoothing: the state space approach . New York: Springer Science & Business Media, 2008. [4] A. Gosar, “Some Characteristics of Tourism in Slovenia

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An integrated AHP and PROMETHEE approach to the evaluation of the attractiveness of European maritime areas for sailing tourism

): A preference ranking organization method, the PROMETHEE method. Management Science, 31: 647–656. BUCHANAN, G. (2009): Shetland Islands Pilot. Imray, Cambridgeshire. BUTOWSKI, L. (2010): Morska turystyka żeglarska w Europie – podstawy metodologiczne analizy jakościowej wybranych elementów popytu i podaży. Folia Turistica, 23: 95–114. BUTOWSKI, L. (2014): Maritime Tourism Space. Turyzm, 24(1): 57–64. BUTTRES, R., DU PORT, A. (2009): Reeds Nautical Almanac 2010. Atlantic Europe from the tip of Denmark to Gibraltar. Adlard Coles Nautical

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The impact of selected planned motorways and expressways on the potential accessibility of the Polish-Slovak borderland with respect to tourism development

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Tourism sector, Travel agencies, and Transport Suppliers: Comparison of Different Estimators in the Structural Equation Modeling

-58, 2006. 8. Y. Yilmaz, and U.S. Bititci, “Performance measurement in tourism: a value chain model”, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, vol. 18, pp 341-349, 2006. 9. F. Alamdari, “Regional development in airlines and travel agents relationship”, Journal of Air Transport Management, vol. 8, pp 339-348, 2002. 10. H. Atkinson, and J.B. Brown, “Rethinking performance measures: assessing progress in UK hotels”, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, vol. 13, pp. 128-136, 2001

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The role of the novel in shaping a city’s imageand its choice as a tourist destination: The case of Łódź

References ADLER, J. (1989): Origins of sightseeing. Annals of Tourism Research, 16(1): 7–29. ANDERSEN, H. C., ROBINSON, M. [eds.] (2002): Literature and tourism – reading and writing tourism texts. London, Continuum. BONDA, K. (2016): Lampiony. Warszawa, Muza. BUSBY, G., KLUG, J. (2001): Movie-induced tourism: The challenge of measurement and other issues. Journal of Vacation Marketing 7(4): 316–332. BUTLER, R. (2000): Literary tourism. In: Jafari, J. [ed.]: Encyclopedia of tourism. London. COSMA, S., POP, C., NEGRUSA, A

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