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Tourism industry in the new member states. Key countries and destinations

References Attila, A.T. (2016), “The Impact of the Hotel Industry on the Competitiveness of Tourism Destinations in Hungary”, Journal of Competitiveness, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 85 – 104. Bâc, D.P. (2015), “Endogenous Challenges for the Tourism Industry”, Quaestus Multidisciplinar Research Journal, No. 6/April 2015, pp. 231-239. Bodosca, S.L. (2016). “Priorities and strategies of sustainable development in tourism” in: Proceedings of the 10 th International Conference on Business Excellence, Bucharest, Academy of Economic Studies, pp. 207

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Economical – Financial Crisis and the Tourism Trends in the Crisis Period

References Cosmescu I., Tileaga C., Cristescu M., (2013) Tourism perspectives of the romanian economy, Eurostat: Statistical databased Eurostat: Monthly data - nights spent at tourist accommodation establishments, 2008-2011 Eurostat: Occupancy of tourist accommodation establishments (tour

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Motivational factors for educational tourism: marketing insights

References Abubakar, A. M., Shneikat, B.H.T. and Oday, A. (2014), “Motivational factors for educational tourism: A case study in Northern Cyprus”, Tourism Management Perspective s, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 58–62. . Adam, I. (2015), “Backpackers’ risk perceptions and risk reduction strategies in Ghana”, Tourism Management , Vol. 49, No. 1, pp. 99-108. Akareem, H. S. and Hossain, S. S. (2012), “Perception of education quality in private universities of

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The Socioeconomic Impacts of Casino Tourism in Slovenia’s Obalno-Kraška Region

Sustainable Tourism , 20 (5), 737-755. Wu, S. T., & Chen, Y. S. (2015). The social, economic, and environmental impacts of casino gambling on the residents of Macau and Singapore. Tourism Management , 48 , 285-298. Zagoršek, H., & Jaklič, M., (2007). Resort Casino Development and its Linkage to National and International Tourism: A Slovenian Perspective. V Symposium on the economic and social implications of destination resort casino hotels, 24. – 25. september. Nova Gorica. Http://

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The Need to Approach the Management of the Tourist Destination by the Central and Local Public Authorities in Romania

References Baloglu, S., McCleary, K. W., (1999), A model of destination image formation, Annals of Tourism Research, 26(4), pp. 868-897. Chase, L., Manning, R. and Valliere, W., (2014), Agricultural and Culinary Tourism Literature Review: Summary of Findings and Annotated Bibliography Compiled. Vermont: Tourism Data Center, University of Vermont. Gunn C. A., 1994, Tourism Planning: Basics, Concepts and Cases, 3rd Edition, Taylor and Francis Published House, New York Jaini, N., Anuar, A

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Consumer Behaviour in the Tourist Segmentation Process – a Marketing Research

. Teora, Bucureşti Kotler, P., Keller, K.L., (2008) Managementul marketingului, Ediția a V-a, Editura Teora, București Purcărea, T., Raţiu, M., (2007) Comportamentul consumatorului, o abordare de marketing, Ed. Universitara ”Carol Davila”, Bucureşti. Schiffman L., Lazar Kanuk L., (2009) Consumer Behavior - 9th Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall Publishing, New Jersey, 2009, p. 10 - 20; Swarbrooke J., Horner S., (2007) Consumer Behavior in Tourism - 2nd Edition, Oxford: Elsevier Ltd Publishing

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Forecasting Passenger Traffic for a Regional Airport

Passenger Demand: A Study of Antalya International Airport, Conference Proceedings International Antalya Hospitality Tourism and Travel Research Conference held in Antalya from 9-12 December 2014. Pavithra Parthasarathi, David Levinson, (2010). Post-construction evaluation of traffic forecast accuracy, Transport Policy 17 (2010) 428–443. Rafael Bernardo Carmona-Benítez, Maria Rosa Nieto, Danya Miranda, (2016). An Econometric Dynamic Model to estimate passenger demand for air transport industry, Transportation Research Procedia 25 (2017) 17

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Management of Travel and Transport Destinations' Presentation in the Travel Specialized Print Media

References Abdereck, K.L. (2016). Use of a travel magazine as a tourism information source. Tourism Travel and Research Association: Advancing Tourism Research Globally. 39. (2017). Polska podpisała z Chinami umowę o współpracy w dziedzinie turystyki. Retrieved from: Alepod (2018). Gdzie najlepiej wyjechać na ferie? Oto

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Managerial capability for innovation for microfirms: integrating theory with empirical evidence

Introduction This paper considers a recently developed conceptual model of managerial capability for innovation in the microfirm context ( Kearney et al., 2014 ) and applies it to a pilot study in the tourism sector in Ireland. Microfirms are those organisations that employ less than 10 people ( EU, 2010 ), while managerial capability may be defined as the human capability underpinning the competitiveness of the firm ( Barney, 1991 ). This research is focused by the dynamic capabilities view of the firm ( Teece et al., 1997 ; Winter, 2003 ) assuming

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The impact of nation branding campaigns on country image. Case Study: Romania

References 9am, (2007), “Fabulospirit - 5.000.000 de euro”. Retrieved from . Amin, A. and Thrift, N. (1994), Living in the global . Oxford, Oxford University Press. Andrei, A. (2016), “Impact of nation branding campaigns on country image: Germany vs. Brazil”, Cactus Tourism Journal , Vol. 14, No. 2, 2016, pp. 25-32. Anholt, S. (2007). Competitive identity , New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Anholt, S. (2009), “The media and national

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