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Clusters of Tourism Consumers in Romania

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Multiculturality and Interculturality in Tourism

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Introduction of Innovations in the Tourism Industry: Experience of Ukraine

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Intellectual Property as a Drive for Sustainable Medical Tourism – The Ana Aslan case

:// Niechajev I. and Frame J. (2012), “A plea to control medical tourism”, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery , no. 36, p. 202-206 Olins W. (2006), Despre Brand (about the brand) , Bucharest, Romania:, p. 67-69 Paula Herlo (2009), Institutul Ana Aslan in prima pagina, (Ana Aslan Institute in the first page) Ziarul Financiar , URL: . Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks, WIPO website http

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Wellness Tourism: What Motivates the Consumer


In this paper one research will be presented, which is focusing on the factors of decision making in the tourism sector. Health and wellness tourism have become a major trend in the past years, since more and more consumer care about their health.

The stressful life, people live nowadays also lead to increased health risk which justifies the growing need for relaxation during the holidays as well. In the study we also present the factors of an analysis and the key motivators when deciding about the destination.

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Aspects of the Evolution of the Romanian Tourists’ Preferences Concerning the Domestic Tourist Destinations

References Andrei, D. R., Gogonea, R-M., Zaharia, M., Andrei, J-V., (2014), Is Romanian Rural Tourism Sustainable? Revealing Particularities , Sustainability, 6, issue 12, p. 1-13. Bernal García, J. J., Martínez M-D., Soledad M., Sánchez García, J. F., (2006), Study of the potentiality of the electronic commerce in the Region of Murcia by means of a model of logistic regression . Estudios de Economía Aplicada, 24, issue, p. 499-529. Brindescu-Olariu, D.,, Golet,I. (2013), Prediction of Corporate Bankruptcy in Romania Through the use of

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Qualitative Research in WoS of the Link between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance

social responsibility on corporate financial performance in tourism-related industries. Tourism Management, 32, 790-804. Keathley – Herring, H and all (2016) Assessing the maturity of a research area: Bibliometric review and proposed framework , Scientometrics, 109, 927-951; Khan, M.T., Khan, N.A., Ahmed, S., and Ali, M. (2012). Corporate social responsibility (CSR)-definition, concepts and scope (A Review) , Universal Journal of Management and Social Sciences, 2: 41-52. Margolis, J.D., Elfenbein, H.A. and

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Electricity Supply and Economic Diversification in Nigeria (1981-2016)

–1530. Ajani, F., Kalu, J. E. (2017) “Economy Diversification: A Potent Tool for Tourism Development in Nigeria” . International Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 6, no. 2: p. 94-114 Anyaehie, M. C., Areji, A. C. (2015) “Economic Diversification for Sustainable Development in Nigeria” . Open Journal of Political Science, vol. 5, no. 1: p. 87-94. CIA World Factbook (2018) Retrieved from . Dimnwobi, S.K., Nwokoye, E.S., Ekesiobi, C.S., Igbanugo C.I. (2018) “Transportation

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Organizational Culture and Scale Development: Methodological Challenges and Future Directions

between industry characteristics and organizational culture: How different can you be? The Academy of Management Journal, 37 (3), 522-553. Chu, K., & Murrmann, S. (2006). Development and validation of the hospitality emotional labor scale. Tourism Management, 27 (6), 1181-1191. doi: 10.1016/j.tourman.2005.12.011 Cooke, R. A., & Rousseau, D. M. (1988). Behavioral norms and expectations. Group & Organization Management, 13 (3), 245. Creswell, J. W. (2014). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches . (4 th ed

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City Placement: A New Element in the Strategy of Integrated Marketing Communication of Cities

product placement. Marketing w Praktyce, 12: 5-8. Dębski, M. and Jakubowicz-Ginalska, A. (eds.) (2014). Komunikacja marketingowa we współczesnych działaniach prowizerunkowych. Przedsiębiorczość i Zarządzanie, XV(4), part I. Getz, D. (2008). Event tourism: definition, evolution and research. Tourism Management, 29(3): 403-428, Gębarowski, M. (2011). Determinanty skutecznego wykorzystania serwisów społecznościowych w działaniach promocyjnych polskich miast, ZN Uniwersytetu

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