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Importance of Tourism Paradox, Tourism Equinox and Tourism Detox for Urban Environments

LITERATURE ANGELEVSKA-NAJDESKA, K. AND RAKICEVIK, G. (2012), “Planning of Sustainable Tourism Development”. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences , 44, pp. 210–220 ARDAHAEY, F. T. (2011), “Economic Impacts of Tourism Industry”. International Journal of Business and Management , 6(8), p. 206 BRUNT, P. AND COURTNEY, P. (1999), “Host Perceptions of Socio-cultural Impacts”. Annals of Tourism Research , 26(3), pp. 493–515 DIEKMANN, A. AND GILLOT, L. (2010), “Heritage and Tourism: A Dialogue of Deaf? The Case of Brussels”. Led Online E

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Stakeholder Colaboration in Tourism Destination Planning – The Case of Montenegro

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Sustainable Development of Tourism – EU Ecolabel Standards Illustrated Using the Example of Poland

/578/WE, ustalająca ekologiczne kryteria przyznawania wspólnotowego oznakowania ekologicznego usługom zakwaterowania turystycznego. Ministerstwo Sportu i Turystyki RP, Wspólnotowe oznakowanie ekologiczne – ecolabelling, (2014). Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji S.A. , (2015). Światowa Organizacja Turystyczna UNWTO, Przyszłość Turystyki 2020, (2015). Światowa Organizacja Turystyczna UNWTO. International Tourism: First results of 2011 confirm consolidation of growth, (2015

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The Effects of Selected Macroeconomic Variables on Tourism Demand for the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic from Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia

References Asemota, O.J., Bala, D.A. (2012), Modelling Tourism Demand in Japan using Cointegration and Error Correction Model , “International Review of Business Research Papers”, Vol. 8, No. 2. Babecká, O. (2013), Competitiveness and determinants of tourism , [in:] L. Komárek (ed.), Global economic outlook-July, (accessed: 28.09.2018). Barros, C.P., Machado, L.P. (2010), The length of stay in tourism , “Annals of Tourism Research”, Vol

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Interaction and Conditionality of Hotel Business and Maritime Tourism, as a Significant Factor in Increasing Revenues in Tourism

REFERENCES [1] Brčić I. (2009), Belgrade Model of Survey of Traffic Conditions for Construction of Marinas for Maritime Tourism. Master’s Thesis, The Faculty of Traffic [2] Brčić I., Orlandić R. (2010). Maritime Tourism, Bar,, Pospam [3] Krstić B. (2010). Basics of Business Financials, Bar, The Faculty for Business Management [4 ]Monstat. (2017), Podgorica,, The Statistical office of Montenegro (Announcement – No. 43) [5] Monstat, (2018), Podgorica, The Statistical office of Montenegro (Announcement – No. 48/02) [6

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Relations of Tourism and Hotel Management with Respect to GDP Growth of Republic of Srpska

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Social Tourism as a Social and Economic Category – Some Elements of Development

LITERATURA / LITERATURE ANIĆ, V. (1998), Rječnik hrvatskoga jezika . Zagreb: Novi Liber ANCV (2010), “L’Agence Nationale pour les Chèques-Vacances” (ANCV). Preuzeto 23. 1. 2011. iz L’Agence Nationale pour les Chèques-Vacances (ANCV): BARROS, C. P., BOTTI, L., PEYPOCH, N., ROBINOT, E., SOLONANDRASANA, B., ASSAF, G. A. (2011), “Performance of French destinations: Tourism attraction perspectives”. Tourism Management , 32 (11), str. 141-146 BIZJAK, B., BENČIČ, M., GRABAR, M. (2008), “Funkcionalno izobraževanje

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Tourism and Economic Growth in Mediterranean Region: Dynamic Panel Data Approach

LITERATURA / LITERATURE ADAMOU, A. & S. CLERIDES (2010), ‘’Prospects and limits of tourism-led growth: The international evidence’’. Review of Economic Analysis , 3, pp. 287-303 AHMED, Y. A. (2015), ‘’Analytical Review of Tourism Demand Studies from 1960 to 2014’’. International Journal of Science and Research , 4(1), pp. 2421–2427 ANTONAKAKIS, N., DRAGOUNI, M. & G. FILIS (2013), “Time-Varying Interdependencies of Tourism and Economic Growth: Evidence from European Countries”. MPRA Munich Personal Repec Archive , 4875, pp. 1-34 ARCHER

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Gis in Tourism Development Using Spatial Modelling

References [1] ŠMERGELIENĖ, V. - PATACKIENĖ N.: 2004. Paslaugų kokybės vertinimo ypatumai vartotojų požiūriu (Service quality evaluation in terms of consumer). Šiauliai: ŠU. [2] ŽILINSKAS, V. - PETRAVIČIENĖ, L.: 2007. Turizmo verslas: plėtros konceptualizacija ir tendencijos Lietuvoje (Tourism business: development conceptualization and tendencies in Lithuania). Šiauliai University, Economics and Management, pp. 954-968. [3] BALEŽENTIS, T. - KRIŠČIUKAITIENĖ, I. - BALEŽENTIS, A. - GARLAND, R.: 2012. Rural tourism

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Ecological Development Impact on Tourism in Pavlodar Region

REFERENCES ARYNOVA, Z. A. The priority directions of development of the Pavlodar area till 2015. In North - East Asia Academic Forum Pavlodar: Kainar University Press, 2012. BALABANOV I.T., and A.I.BALABANOV. Tourism Economics Moscow: Finance and Statistics, 2003. BALATSKY, O. F. Economics and quality of the environment. Leningrad: Hydrometeo Press, 1984. BALATSKY, O. F., and V. T. KHALDEEV. Choice of the systemic factor in the correlation analysis of the urban citizens. Moscow: IOKG, 1973. BEKNIYAZOVA, D. S., A. AKISHEV, I

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