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Effects of Tourism Seasonality at Local Level

References Allcock, J. B., 1989. Seasonality. In S. F. Witt and L. Moutinho (Eds.), Tourism Marketing and Management Handbook (pp. 387-392). London: Prentice Hall. Arnold, R. A., 2008. Economics. Mason: Cengage Learning. BarOn, R. R. V., 1973. Seasonality in tourism - part II. International Tourism Quarterly, 1, 51-67. BarOn, R. R. V., 1993. Seasonality. In M. A. Khan, O. M. D. and T. Var (Eds.), VNR’s Encyclopedia of Hospitality and Tourism. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. BarOn

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Gastronomic tourism - stages and evolution

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Importance of Tourism Paradox, Tourism Equinox and Tourism Detox for Urban Environments

LITERATURE ANGELEVSKA-NAJDESKA, K. AND RAKICEVIK, G. (2012), “Planning of Sustainable Tourism Development”. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences , 44, pp. 210–220 ARDAHAEY, F. T. (2011), “Economic Impacts of Tourism Industry”. International Journal of Business and Management , 6(8), p. 206 BRUNT, P. AND COURTNEY, P. (1999), “Host Perceptions of Socio-cultural Impacts”. Annals of Tourism Research , 26(3), pp. 493–515 DIEKMANN, A. AND GILLOT, L. (2010), “Heritage and Tourism: A Dialogue of Deaf? The Case of Brussels”. Led Online E

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Tourism development factor of communities

References Aref F, Gill SS, Farshid, A. (2010). Tourism development in local communities: As a community development approach. Journal of American Science, 6, 155 - 161 Ashley, Caroline, Peter de Brine, Amy Lehr, and Hannah Wilde (2007). The Role of the Tourism Sector in Expanding Economic Opportunity. Cambridge: Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Cardenas-Garcí a Pablo Juan, Marcelino Sa nchez-Rivero and Juan Ignacio Pulido-Ferna ndez.(2013): Does tourism growth influence economic development

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Business tourism - a sustainable form to relaunch Romanian tourism

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Cultural tourism: new opportunities for diversifying the tourism industry in Botswana

References Boissevain, J., 2006: Coping with mass cultural tourism: structure and strategies. In: Gazeto Internacia de Antropologio, Vol. 1, pp. 2-12. BTDP (Botswana Tourism Development Program), 1999: Botswana’s market position and development potential: Results of the tour operator survey. Gaborone, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Tourism. BTDP (Botswana Tourism Development Program), 2000: Botswana tourism master plan. Final draft. Gaborone, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of

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Heritage proximity, attitudes to tourism impacts and residents’ support for heritage tourism in Kaole Site, Tanzania

References Andereck, K.L., Valentine, K.M., Knopf, R.C. and Vogt, C.A. , 2005: Residents’ Perceptions of Community Tourism Impacts. In: Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 32, No. 4, pp. 1056-1076. Andereck, K.L. and Nyaupane, G.P., 2011: Exploring the Nature of Tourism and Quality of Life Perceptions Among Residents. In: Journal of Travel Research , Vol. 50, pp. 248-260. Andriotis, K.L., 2005: Community Groups’ Perceptions of and Preferences for Tourism Development: Evidence from Crete. In: Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research , Vol

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Rethinking slum tourism: tourism in South Africa’s rural slumlands

References Allie-Nieftagodien, S., 2013: Pro-Poor Tourism in Alexandra Since 1994: A Case Study of St Michaels Church and SA Jewel. MA Research Report, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Basu, K., 2012: Slum Tourism: For the Poor, By the Poor. In Frenzel, F., Koens, K. and Steinbrink, M., editors, Slum Tourism: Poverty, Power and Ethics, London, Routledge, 66-82. Bialostocka, O., 2013: Liberation Heritage Route: Reminiscent of a Painful Past or a Road to the Future?. Pretoria: Africa Institute Policy

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Empirical Evidence of Contribution to E-Tourism by Application of Personalized Tourism Recommendation System

References [1] Buhalis, D., O'Connor, P., 2005. Information Communication Technology Revolutionizing Tourism . Tourism recreation research , 30(3), pp. 7-16. [2] Buhalis, D., Law, R., 2008. Progress in information technology and tourism management: 20 years on and 10 years after the Internet - the state of eTourism research. Tourism Management . 29, pp. 609-623. [3] Charou, E., Kabassi, K., Martinis, A., Stefouli, M., 2010. Integrating multimedia GIS technologies in a recommendation system for geo-tourism

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Stakeholder Colaboration in Tourism Destination Planning – The Case of Montenegro

LITERATURA Araujo, L. M. and Bramwell, B. (1999). Stakeholder Assessment and Collaborative Tourism Planning: The Case of Brazil’s Costa Dourada Project. Journal of Sustainable Tourism , 7, p. 356-378. Arenas, N. P. (2010). Stakeholder Collaboration for the Development of Sustainable Tourism in Urban Green Spaces: the case of Maungawhau-Mt Eden . Auckland: Wageningen University and Research Centre. Byrd, E. T. (2007). Stakeholders in Sustainable Tourism Development and Their Roles: Applying Stakeholder Theory to Sustainable Tourism Development

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