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Transnationalism in the Pacific Region as a Concept of State Identity

national identity, such as culture and heritage, residents and migration, government, tourism, investment, and exports) ( Anholt 1998 , 395–406). Smith, as one of the most important authors who drafted the concept of national identity ( Smith 1991 ), stated in the National Identity that national identity is a set of substantive requirements of the political community (as an area bounded by boundaries) and spiritual, intangible preconditions, as a set of rights and obligations meant as a social space which the members of this community identify with, i.e., it

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Between Language Revitalization and Assimilation: On the Language Situation of the German Minority in the Czech Republic

emphasizing the economic and cultural advantages of speaking the language in the Czech context. It responds to the Czech Republic’s economic integration with Germany and demonstrates the benefits of bilingualism in professional life ( Goethe-Institut 2016 ). After 1989, new job positions opened in German companies, commerce, and tourism, contributing to the demand for knowledge of standard German. This poses a great potential for revitalization of German as a minority language ( Kreisslová 2018 : 66). The media plays a fundamental role in the vitality of a language

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US–Kenya Economic Relations under Obama and Their Image in the Kenyan News Discourse

trade and tourism. These flights will be operated by the Kenya Airways, starting in October 2018. Narratives on the US–Kenya Economic Relations This article focuses on US–Kenyan economic relations and covers the period between January 2012 and September 2015. It is part of a wider research focusing on the image of Kenya’s external economic relations in the local news discourse. The 2012/2015 period covers several milestones related to Kenya’s economic relations with the US, the EU and China and within the East Africa Community (EAC), providing a researcher with

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