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Urban resident perceptions of the impacts of tourism development in Zimbabwe

References Almeida-García, F. Peláez-Fernández, M.A. Balbuena-Vázquez, A. Cortés-Macias, R. (2016). Residents’ Perceptions of Tourism Development in Benalmádena (Spain). In: Tourism Management , Vol. 54, pp. 259–274. Andereck, K.L. Nyaupane, G. (2011). Exploring the Nature of Tourism and Quality of Life Perceptions Among Residents. In: Journal of Travel Research , Vol. 50(3), pp. 248–260. Andereck, K.L. Valentine, K.M. Vogt, C.A. Knopf, R.C. (2007). A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Tourism and Quality of Life Perceptions. In: Journal of

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Word Heritage Sites as soft tourism destinations – their impacts on international arrivals and tourism receipts

1 Introduction In the system of tourism the demand and supply of services are closely linked to the economic, technological, sociocultural, political and natural environment, and the interrelationship between tourism and its environment is usually very complex. Environmental factors influence tourism, while tourism – services and demand alike – may have various impacts on its environment. Increasing concern is felt nowadays about the conditions of the natural environment and local society, in view of their carrying capacities. In response to these challenges

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Climate change threats to a floral wedding: Threats of shifting phenology to the emerging South African wedding industry

1 Introduction The wedding industry and wedding tourism in South Africa are lucrative, but emerging economic subsectors ( de Witt, 2006 ; Rogerson, Wolfaardt, 2015). The sector incorporates a large number of small enterprises, who fill market niches as they develop ( Booyens, Visser, 2010 ). It is therefore important to predict and mitigate future risks posed to this sector, to protect its sustainability ( de Witt, 2006 ). Due to the vast cultural diversity in wedding practices at the global and local scale, the focus of this study is primarily on ‘white

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Bojkovice: Transformation of a peripheral micro-region at the Czech-Slovak border

, Issue 2, Sage Publications, pp. 177-191. DOI: Kneafsey, M., 2000: Tourism, place identities and social relations in the European rural periphery. In: European Urban and Regional Studies, Vol. 7, Issue 1, Sage Publications, pp. 35-50. DOI: Kovách, I., 2000: LEADER a new social order and the Central- and East-European countries. In: Sociologia Ruralis, Vol. 40, Issue 2, Wiley, pp. 181-189. DOI:

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Geographical mobility among retired US migrants living in the Northwestern region of Mexico bordering California, US

-health-care-for-americans-studied, DoA: 10 December 2015. Hiernaux, D., 2006: Geografía del turismo (Geography of Tourism - in Spanish). In Lindón, A. and Hiernaux, D. directors, Tratado de Geografía Humana. México: Anthropos-Autonomous University of Mexico, pp. 401-432. Hunt, H.D., 2008: ¡Viva Retirement! Looking South of the Border. April, Series Development. Publication 1852, Texas: Real Estate Center A&M University, 5 pp. Available at:, DoA: 23 February 2016. INEGI, 2010: Censo de

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Cultural Clusters as a Local Economic Development Strategy in Rural Small-Town Areas: Sarah Baartman District in South Africa

:// Hadisi, S. and Snowball, J.D. (2017). Employment in the Cultural and Creative Industries in South Africa. Port Elizabeth: South African Cultural Observatory. Halseth, G. Meiklejohn, C. (2009). Indicators of small town tourism development potential: The case of Fouriesburg, South Africa. Urban Forum , 20, 293-317. DOI: Harrison, P. Todes, A. (2015). Spatial transformation in a “loosening state”: South Africa in a comparative perspective. Geoforum , 61, 148-162. DOI: https

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Spatial analysis and urban land use planning emphasising hospital site selection: a case study of Isfahan city

, Issue. Ebrahimzadeh, I. Ahadnejad, M. Ibrahimzadeh, H. Shafie, Y . (2010). Locational-spatial planning and organization of health care centres using GIS: the case of Zanjan. Human Geography Research, No. 37 (Fall), pp. 39-58. Evance, D. (2004). Investigation of active Fire Protection Systems Project 4, building and.research laboratory national institute of standards and technology. U.S department of commerce. Farajzadeh, M . (2008). GIS and its application in tourism planning, Second edition, SAMT, 91. Gheisari, K. Qanadpour, F. Asgari Tehrani

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Regional diversification of cultural sector potential in Poland

include, among others, infrastructure projects, including the construction and revitalisation of cultural sector facilities, purchase of equipment for cultural institutions or computerisation of cultural institutions. All the investments made may have an impact on the creation of new jobs, on the development of complementary sectors indirectly related to culture (e.g. tourism and recreation) and on paying more attention to the need for renovation and revitalisation of post-industrial facilities. All the above features related to the development of the cultural

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Football clubs’ sports performance in the context of their market value and GDP in the European Union regions

not in a certain territory ( Dejonghe, 2004 ). For the overall economic growth of the region, the presence of a professional sports or football club has mostly minimal direct impact. However, a professional sports club makes a town more attractive to tourism; it is able to use the finance from the taxing of the athletes, owners, and even from the club’s business as such ( Siegfried and Zimbalist, 2006 ). Marketing and sponsorship are also very important for a club’s operation. It is the sponsors that really influence the financial capacities of the club. The number

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Bulletin of Geography. Socio-economic Series
The Journal of Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun
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