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Sentiment Analysis of Japanese Tourism Online Reviews

1 Introduction In recent years, tourism, as an activity enriching life and widening sight, has not only promoted rapid economic development but also facilitated communication between various regions. Inbound tourism for a nation brings considerable foreign-currency revenue and is an important way to improve the national image. With the rapid development of the Internet, the advent of “Internet + travel” patterns has improved the efficiency of the traditional tourism industry. In 2017, in terms of Chinese outbound tourism report, the total number of visitors

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A Case Study of Question Answering in Automatic Tourism Service Packaging


While Web Question Answering System (WQAS) has made great progress in Internet currently, a major limitation of the information sources that current WQASs are using is limited to static page texts. Content information that many users-are interested in, is provided dynamically to Web through programs. Web services are becoming the dominant forms of such sorts of programs. In this paper, a novel model is proposed to address the problem of natural language answering based Web services. The expansions of OWL-S are used to describe the services, and predicate tuples retrieved from questions are matched to the services by PROLOG reasoning. To plan the services, SHOP2 planner is introduced in our architecture, which adopts a semantic Web for content modeling, logic grammar for question parsing, and Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) for user query problem solving. A case study in e-Tourism domain is investigated, which implements dynamic packaging for tourism products.

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A Context-Awareness Personalized Tourist Attraction Recommendation Algorithm

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A Report on Multilinear PCA Plus GTDA to Deal With Face Image

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Bridging the Gap between Digital Libraries and e-Learning

. Transforming the World with Culture: Next Steps on Increasing the use of Digital Cultural Heritage in Research, Education, Tourism and the Creative Industries. Europeana Foundation, The Hague, 2015. 31 p. 28. Documentation of History Pilot. Europeana, The Hague, 2014. 7 p. 29. D3.2 - Documentation of Business Model

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Data Analytics in CRM Processes: A Literature Review

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Digitizing Dunhuang Cultural Heritage: A User Evaluation of Mogao Cave Panorama Digital Library

: Springer-Verlag. Hampson C. Agosti M. Orio N. Bailey E. Lawless S. Conlan O. Wade V. 2012, October The CULTURA project: Supporting next generation interaction with digital cultural heritage collections Ioannides M. Progress in Cultural Heritage Preservation. EuroMed 2012. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7616 668 675 Berlin Springer-Verlag Herbert, D.T. (1995). Heritage places, leisure and tourism. In D.T. Herbet (Ed.), Heritage, Tourism and Society (pp. 1–20). London: Mansell Publishing. Herbert D.T. 1995 Heritage places, leisure and tourism

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The Effects of B2C Interaction on Customer Loyalty

assessment tool for user perceived interactivity from ACG website interactivity on imagination Communications in Computer and Information Science 713 57 65 Levy, S.E., Getz, D., & Hudson, S. (2011). A field experimental investigation of managerially facilitated consumer-to-consumer interaction. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 28(6), 656–674. 10.1080/10548408.2011.603633 Levy S.E. Getz D. Hudson S. 2011 A field experimental investigation of managerially facilitated consumer-to-consumer interaction Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing 28 6 656 674 Liang, H

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Air passengers forecasting for Australian airline based on hybrid rough set approach

at: (accessed 10 November 2014). Apergis N A, Mervar A and Payne JE (2017). Forecasting disaggregated tourist arrivals in Croatia: Evidence from seasonal univariate time series models. Tourism Economics 23(1): 78-98. Chen, M,-Y., Chen, B,-T. (2014). Online fuzzy time series analysis based on entropy discretization and a Fast Fourier Transform, Applied Soft Computing. 14(B), 156-166 Cho V (2003). A comparison of three different approaches to tourist arrival forecasting. Tourism Management 24(3): 323-330. Coshall J

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Scenarios for Evaluating a Semantic Project Management Approach

Desktop 2.0: The Gnowsis Experience. In: Proceedings of the ISWC Conference , Springer (2006) Uschold, M., King, M. Towards a Methodology for Building Ontologies. In: Workshop on Basic Ontological Issues in Knowledge Sharing , held in conjunction with IJCAI-95. (1995) Uschold, M., King, M., Moralee, S., Zorgios, Y. The Enterprise Ontology. In: The Knowledge Engineering Review , Volume 13, Issue 1. (1998) Veal, A. J. Research Methods for Leisure and Tourism: a Practical Guide. In

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