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Indoor air pollution and the contribution of biosensors

resonance frequency due to mass loading, has shown high sensitivity for chemicals and has potential application related to artificial noses ( 75 ). For example, piezoelectric substrate modified with SnO2 thin films was used for development hydrogen gas surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors ( 76 ). In this study, enhancement of the sensor performance was proceed by creating bi-layer sensing film made from SnO2 and highly dispersed palladium nanoparticle layers. Also, SAW based sensors were used to monitor methanol, diesels and benzenes ( 77 ), nitrogen dioxides ( 78

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Corrosion inhibition of iron surfaces with phosphatidic acid

for layer thickness was conducted in Thin Film Companion (TFC) software (Semiconsoft). Results Benchmarking the acidic corrosion of the iron surface To establish a reference, corrosion of iron in acetic acid was monitored using QCM. Experiments were performed with 0.1M and 0.01M acetic acid at 25 °C, and the rates of iron dissolution were established. Fig. 1 . shows and example of the experimental results, the effect of 10 mM acetic acid on the iron surface at 25 °C. After an initial period (~8 min) linear increase of the frequency from zero to 2.3 kHz is

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Presence of Trypanosome Species and Anemic Status of Dogs in Zuru, Nigeria


The aim of this research is to study the presence and prevalence of trypanosome species in local dogs between January and July, 2010 in the Zuru area of Kebbi State, Nigeria.Standard trypanosome detection methods comprising of wet blood films, thin films and microhaematocrit centrifugation technique were used to detect trypanosomes; while the degree of anemia was determined through the use of FAMACHA® eye colour chart and packed cell volume values. A total of 567 dogs were enumerated in fourteen locations within the study area out of which 192 (33.7%) were randomly examined and 4 (2.08%) were positive for the presence of trypanosomes. All positive samples morphologically belong to the Trypanosoma brucei group. The obtained PCV values showed that 50 (26.04%) dogs were anemic, while the FAMACHA® detected anemia status of varying degrees in 104 (77%) sampled dogs.These findings are significant as this is the first time that the trypanosome infection will be reported in dogs from the study area. This study establishes the presence of Trypanosoma brucei group in the study area, which is of zoonotic and economic importance.

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A new system for measuring electrical conductivity of water as a function of admittance

Capillary Electrophoresis Devices. Anal. Chem. 2003; 75, 306-312. 12553766 10.1021/ac0157371 Laugere Frederic M. Guijt Rosanne Bastemeijer Jeroen van der Steen Gert Berthold Axel Baltussen Erik Sarro Pascalina W. K. van Dedem Gijs Vellekoop Michiel Bossche Andre On-Chip Contactless Four-Electrode Conductivity Detection for Capillary Electrophoresis Devices Anal. Chem 2003 75 306 312 9 Jinsong Yu and Chung-Chiun Liu, Microfabricated Thin Film Impedance Sensor

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Transient bioimpedance monitoring of mechanotransduction in artificial tissue during indentation

includes the microfluidic system and support, can be given as: (20) R s u b = ρ s u b L K k h s K k ′ h s $${{R}_{sub}}=\frac{{{\rho }_{sub}}}{L}\frac{K\left( {{k}_{hs}} \right)}{K\left( {{{{k}'}}_{hs}} \right)}$$ In a similar manner the geometry of the thin film of the conductive medium can be mapped onto the parallel plate geometry [ 36 ]. In this instance: (21) k t f = tanh π g 2 h tanh π s + g 2 h $${{k}_{tf}}=\frac{\tanh \left( \frac{\pi g}{2h} \right)}{\tanh \left( \frac{\pi \left( s+g \right)}{2h} \right)}$$ and: (22

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Electrical Impedance Spectroscopic Studies on Broiler Chicken Tissue Suitable for the Development of Practical Phantoms in Multifrequency EIT

. Hsu, and Lee M., High frequency impedance spectroscopy on ZnO nanorod arrays, Journal of Applied Physics. 2010; 107: 064312. 10.1063/1.3319555 10.1063/1.3319555 Scrymgeour D. A. Highstrete C. Lee Y. J. Julia W. P. Hsu Lee M. High frequency impedance spectroscopy on ZnO nanorod arrays Journal of Applied Physics 2010 107 064312 10.1063/1.3319555 37 Nielsen J, Jacobsen T, Current distribution effects in AC impedance spectroscopy of electroceramic point contact and thin film model electrodes, Electrochimica Acta. 2010; 55(21): 6248

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Applications of bioimpedance measurement techniques in tissue engineering

example, impedance measurements have been used for continuous monitoring of tissue spheroids ( 62 , 84 , 85 ), as well as estimating the cell size ( 84 , 85 ), proliferation ( 62 ), evaluation of cell concentration ( 86 ) and cell viability ( 87 , 88 ). In addition, this method has been used for monitoring cells behavior by application of bulk ( 89 ) or thin film electrodes ( 90 ), on cells attached to a substrate ( 91 ), on cells in suspension ( 92 ) or on trapped single cell ( 93 ). Microsystems can provide an environment for cell cultures where noninvasive

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A short tutorial contribution to impedance and AC-electrokinetic characterization and manipulation of cells and media: Are electric methods more versatile than acoustic and laser methods?

multi-sensor chip. The chip has been developed for the monitoring of cell-physiological parameters and cell-proliferation behaviour. Glass-wafer technology ensured the microscopic observability of the on-chip cell culture. A mouse-osteoblast precursor-cell line (MC3T3-E1) was used as a model system (manuscript in preparation). The chip has been combined with a microfluidic channel grid, which was imprinted in poly-dimethyl-siloxane. The glass substrate bore thin-film platinum structures which were covered by 1 μm Si 3 N 4 in most chip areas. Bare platinum structures

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