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The oldest seafloor massive sulfide deposits at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: 230Th/U chronology and composition

63856XE-mineralogy, chemistry and chronology of sul-fide samples. Chemical Geology 177: 341-349, DOI 10.1016/S0009-2541(00)00418-6. Renault J and McKee C, 1995. Method of X-ray Fluorescence Analysis For Environmental Lead, Especially in Household Dust, Using Thin-film Principles. Analyst 120: 1261- 1264, DOI 10.1039/AN9952001261. Shilov V, Bel’tenev V, Ivanov V, Cherkashev G, Rozhdestvenskaya I, Gablina I, Dobretsova I, Narkevskiy E, Gustaitis A and Kuznetsov V, 2012. New hydrothermal ore fields in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Zenith

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Low to middle Pleistocene paleoclimatic record from the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland (Poland) based on isotopic and calcite fabrics analyses

in the profile is columnar compact with laminae, (Cl) – 2, which often alternates with columnar compact fabrics; its occurrence is probably associated with seasonal changes in local environmental conditions. During the dry seasons, a smaller amount of detrital material is available, and the crystallization of pure calcite occurs, while during the wet seasons, an increase in meteoric water flow causes a higher clay material content. The observed flat terminations of the crystals formed from a very thin film of water. The flat terminations of the crystals facilitate

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Durability of crystalline phase in concrete microstructure modified by the mineral powders: evaluation by nanoindentation tests

understanding and refinements to methodology , Journal of Materials Research, 19(01), 3–20. P harr G.M., O liver W.C., 1992, Measurement of thin film mechanical properties using nanoindentation , Mrs Bulletin, 17(07), 28–33. R ho J.Y., T sui T.Y., P harr G.M., 1997, Elastic properties of human cortical and trabecular lamellar bone measured by nanoindentation , Biomaterials, 18(20), 1325–1330. R ho J.Y., Z ioupos P., C urrey J.D., P harr G.M., 2002, Microstructural elasticity and regional heterogeneity in human femoral bone of various ages

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