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Effects of isoflavones on testicular weight and testosterone secretion in ISA Brown roosters

References Akinola O.B., Akinlolu A.A., Adekeye N.A., Oladosu O.S., Dosumu O.O., Olatunji L.A. (2007). Effect of methanol extract of soy on testicular morphometry and plasma testosterone levels. Pak. J. Pathol., 18: 20-24. Akiyama T., Ishida J., Nakagawa S., Ogawara H., Watanabe S., Itoch N., Shibuya M., Fukami Y. (1987). Genistein, a specific inhibitor of tyrosine-specific protein kinases. J. Biol. Chem., 262: 5592-5595. Ciereszko R., Opałka M., Kami ńska B., Wojtczak M., Okrasa S., Dusza L. (2001

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Immunohistomorphometric Changes of The Pituitary Gonadotropic Cells After Testosterone Application in a Rat Model of the Andropause

, I. (2004). Polymorphisms in androgen and estrogen receptor genes: effects on male aging. Exp Gerontol. 39, 603-611. PMid:15582276 5. Wang, X.J., Stocco, D.M. (2005). The decline in testosterone biosynthesis during male aging: A consequence of multiple alterations. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 238, 1-7. PMid:15939533 6. Bonavera, J.J., Swerdloff, R.S., Leung, A., Lue, Y.H., Baravarian, S., Superlano, L., Sinha-Hikim, A.P., Wang, C. (1997). In the male brown-Norway (BN

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Development of LC-MS/MS confirmatory method for the determination of testosterone in bovine serum

References 1. Angeletti R., Contiero L., Gallina G., Montesissa C.: The urinary ratio of testosterone to epitetosterone: a good marker of illegal treatment also in cattle? Vet Res Comm 2006, 30, 127–131. 2. Antignac J.P., De Wasch K., Monteau F., De Brabander H., Andre F., Le Bizec B.: The ion suppression phenomenon in liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry and its consequences in the field of residue analysis. Anal Chim Acta 2005, 529, 129–136. 3. ARO SOP 475B, Method validation using ResVal®. Validation according to EC/2002/657. National

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Levels of the natural hormones 17β-oestradiol and testosterone in serum of cattle: results from population studies in Poland

References 1. Angeletti R., Contiero L., Gallina G., Montesissa C.: The urinary ratio of testosterone to epitetosterone: a good marker of illegal treatment also in cattle? Vet Res Comm 2006, 30, 127-131. 2. Chen Y., Yazdanpanah M., Hoffman B.R., Diamandis E.P., Wong P-Y.: Rapid determination of serum testosterone by liquid chromatography-isotope dilution tandem mass spectrometry and a split sample comparison with three automated immunoassays. Clin Biochem 2009, 42, 484-490. 3. Council Directive 88/146/EEC. 1988

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Priapism Following hCG Administration In A Cat

gonadotrophin on plasma testosterone and oestrone sulphate concentrations in mature stallions. Equine Vet J 1990, 22:36-38.

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The Effect of Moderate Heat on Rat Pituitary ACTH Cells: Histomorphometric, Immunofluorescent and Hormonal Study

, Milošević V, Nestorović N: Effects of soy phytoestrogens on pituitary-ovarian function in middle-aged female rats. Endocrine 2015, 50:764-776. 17. Ajdžanović V, Jarić I, Živanović J, Filipović B, Ristić N, Miler M, Milošević V: Testosterone application decreases the capacity for ACTH and corticosterone secretion in a rat model of the andropause. Acta Histochem 2015, 117:528-535. 18. Ajdžanović V, Šošić-Jurjević B, Filipović B, Trifunović S, Brkić D, Sekulić M, Milošević V: Genistein affects the morphology of pituitary ACTH cells and

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Concentrations of bone morphogenetic protein-15 (BMP-15) and growth differentiation factor-9 (GDF-9) in follicular cysts, mono - and polyoocyte follicles in gilts

affecting the incidence of cystic ovaries in replacement gilts. Comp Clin Path 2012, 21: 1-7. 15. Ebbert WF, Elsaesser F, Bostedt H: Cystic Degeneration in Porcine Ovaries - Second Communication: Concentrations of Progesterone, Estradiol-17β, and Testosterone in Cystic Fluid and Plasma; Interpretation of the Results. Reprod Dom Anim 1993, 28: 451-463. 16. Safran A, Reubinoff BE, Porat-Katz A, Werner M, Friedler S, Lewin A: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection allows fertilization and development of a chromosomally balanced embryo from a

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Hormones in Food as a Potential Risk for Human Reproductive and Health Disorders

. Environment Health Prevent Med 2010, 15:162–168. 26. Gaiani R, Chiesa F, Mattioli M, Nanneti G, Galeati G: Androstenedione and testosterone concentrations in plasma and milk of cow throughout pregnancy. J Reprod Fertil 1984, 70:55–90. 27. Heap RB, Hamon M: Oestrone sulphate in milk as an indicator of a viable conceptus in cows. Br Vet J, 135:355–363. 28. Malekinejad H, Scherpenisse P, Bergerff AA: Naturaly occurring estrogens in processed milk and in raw milk (from gestated cows). J Agric Food Chem 2006, 54:9785–9791. 29. Pape-Zambito DA, Magliaro AL

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Determination of steroid esters in hair of slaughter animals by liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry

testosterone propionate), Deca-Durabolin (with nandrolone decanoate), Durabolin (with nandrolone phenylpropionate), Boldane, Equipoise, Parenabol, and Vebonol (all with boldenone undecylenate), as well as a wide range of other products. The hormones present in animal tissues may be of endogeneous origin or may have been illegally administered. The concentration of hormones occurring naturally in living organisms differs from animal to animal depending on the species, sex, age, normality of physiological and individual development, and the state of health and acquired

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Effect of Caponisation on Bone Development in Native Male Chickens

Partridge cockerels. Ann. Anim. Sci., 15: 541–553. Charuta A., Dzierzęcka M., Biesiada-Drzazga B. (2012). Evaluation of densitometric and geometric parameters of tibiotarsal bones in turkeys. Bull. Vet. Inst. Pulawy, 56: 379–384. Charuta A., Dzierzęcka M., Komosa M., Kalinowski Ł., Pierzchała M. (2013). Age- and sex-related differences of morphometric, densitometric and geometric parameters of tibiotarsal bone in Ross broiler chickens. Folia Biologica (Krakow), 61: 211–220. Chen K.L., Chi W.T., Chiou P.W.S. (2005). Caponization and testosterone

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